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Thakita Thath Jham

By Dayasagari
Thakita Thath Jham is a production conceived with the aim to research and present the intricacies of rhythm and dance.

33% Pledged
Rs 40,000 Pledged
Days left


By Prajwal M R
AeroJC, the aeromodelling team of SJCE, Mysore is participating in SAE Aero Design West 2018 to be held in Los Angeles in April 2018.

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Rs 8,200 Pledged
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Traxion Racing

By Jagan SV
Team of 25 enthusiasts working together to design and fabricate a formula car, competing against the country's best teams in the Formula Student Event.

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Rs 17,900 Pledged
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Before the Plunge

Fresh sounds, meaningful lyrics and hum-worthy tunes - it's the debut album of K&UI with 5 songs across genre such as blues, pop and rock.

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Rs 1,06,001 Pledged
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By Ravi Anand
The Title says it all. This web series is a satire on the current happenings in our country, shown through the eyes of two lazy but jugadu millennials.

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Rs 6,000 Pledged
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NITB Racing

By Waquas Alam
Atulya is an off-road vehicle designed to withstand the harshest conditions of environment keeping in mind the comfort and safety of the driver.

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Rs 84,011 Pledged
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Climate Force Expedition to Antarctica

By Sona Jain
I will be venturing on an expedition to Antarctica under the leadership of Sir Rober Swan to fight climate change and promote a sustainable future.

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Rs 92,204 Pledged
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Team Jaabaz

By Tuhin Sharma
Team Jaabaz is an International Baja SAE Team that designs, fabricates and manufactures an All Terrain Vehicle and participates in official SAE Events.n

80% Pledged
Rs 2,78,712 Pledged
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Extreme Nation

By Roy Dipankar
Extreme Nation chronicles one of the darkest, most explicit and mysterious forms of a subculture spawned over years of metal music in the Indian subcontinent.

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Rs 1,43,368 Pledged
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Pehli Pehel

By Zubaan
A collection of 10 video songs by 10 independent artists from different corners of India, each a product of musical collaborations as part of Zubaan.

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Rs 2,54,483 Pledged
Days left

Chor Police- a 3-in-1 Board & Card Game for Children and Adults!

By Amitha Singh
Chor Police is the 2nd game to come out of the think tank, Ideas 'R Us which aims to bring back childhood games to every living room in India!

102% Pledged
Rs 4,60,006 Pledged
Days left

Team Force Ikshvaku

By Adarsh Savant
A team of undergraduate students together wants to build a formula student car to compete in Formula Bharat 2018.

84% Pledged
Rs 1,04,900 Pledged
Days left

Where's Vibhuti - In The Midst Of Hussshh..

By Navneet Sandhu
A found footage film about a teenage YouTuber who uploads a film online which turns out to be a gripping saga of brutal crime, misery and internet revolution!

9% Pledged
Rs 26,702 Pledged
Days left

Out Of Time

By Arijit Lahiri
Exploring the unexplored genre of Horror/Mystery/Sci-fi in India, Out Of Time is an independent Hindi feature film based on the concept of time loop.

65% Pledged
Rs 19,36,101 Pledged
Days left

Jogiyar Mahabharata

By Dinesh Yadav
Jogiyar Mahabharata is a musical narrative performance on select episodes from the epic The Mahabharata incorporating Rajasthani folk music.

46% Pledged
Rs 2,77,032 Pledged
Hours left

Follow Upcoming Projects

Water - Dimensions of Purity

By Sagar Minde
Water is a non-narrative film with only visuals of practices and rituals in India, where water has a central place in these beliefs of many cultures.

Special Envoy

By Nalini Elvino de Sousa
Special Envoy is a quest to bring to light the inspiring yet unknown mission of an Indian whose life is cut short in the Mozambican presidential plane crash.

The Folk Rang Series

By Meghdhanush
With this new EP, Meghdhanush stays true to its roots in the Heritage City. It is a 4-track series of Gujarati Folk tunes arranged in Fusion-Rock style.

Team ADVAITAs ATV project

By Yash Dumbhare
We Team ADVAITA, group of 25 under graduating students trying to build the fastest/ Most durable ATV for National championships held in overall INDIA.

Vale of Tears

By Karan Sharma
This is a short film based on real life stories of women and their battles with patriarchy, violence and trauma in their homes.

Five - A War Within

By kuldeep damor
This film is religion based drama of 4 boys Shiva, Arjun, Kabir & Bilal. All 4 of them belong to different religion and different frame of mind.

The Koniac Net

By David Abraham
This album will showcase songs with electro (new funk) & hip hop elements with guest musicians to promote the independent talent that exists here in India.

Saving Antarctica - My expedition documenting climate change

By Ali Hasan Siddiqui
Ali has been selected to take part in 2041's Climate Force Expedition to learn from more than 80 current and future climate change leaders in the world.

Maximus 52

By Maanil Dodani
Maximus 52 is a card deck featuring cats from Cat Cafe Studio, Mumbai, a cafe primarily aimed towards rescue operations for street cats.

Kashmir- A Valley Of Broken Dreams

By Prerna Jain
Kashmir- the valley of broken dreams is about the human rights violations and current political situation in Kashmir, It is a documentary that unveils the truth

Gaan Abohomaan

By Prashmita Paul
Gaan Abohomaan is an annual concert where musicians from across different genres come together to take the audience through a brief history of Bengali music.

Successful Projects


By Payal Sethi
Fund a film based in the chaotic old city of Hyderabad, where a 16-yr old girl searches for an old wive's remedy that will make her a virgin again.

Rs 9,51,901 Pledged
Funded on
14 Aug, 2014


By Bhaskar Hazarika
Dark, unorthodox tales of motherhood right out of popular Assamese fables! Kothanodi brings the stories of four mothers in one film.

Rs 21,55,000 Pledged
Funded on
3 Oct, 2014

Punyakoti - A Crowdsourced Sanskrit Animated Movie

By Ravi Shankar
Based on a legend that inspires people to walk on the path of truth under all circumstances; Punyakoti is India’s first-ever animated film in Sanskrit.

Rs 40,95,210 Pledged
Funded on
30 Aug, 2015