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Bultir Result

By Ritajaya Banerjee
A small town girl, Bulti scores the highest marks in the secondary board exam. This creates a roaring buzz in media. What happens next, is the story.

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By Gabriel Daniel
Conflicting is Gabriel Daniel's debut album (alternative rock genre with myriad influences) and he's raising a section of the funds needed for studio expenses.

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By Terence Fernandes
"The universe is very big and I am very small," a comet would think every time she would pass by earth. What happens when this comet gets to visit the planet?

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Woodium Eyewear

By Abzal
Woodium Eyewear is a collection of handcrafted sunglasses and optical frames made of 100% wood, sourced from well-managed and sustainable forests.

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By Jennifer Alphonsse
A documentary about one of India's ancient nomadic tribes called Gonds and their ancestral dance form called Gusadi, which is on the verge of extinction.


By Krishna MV
This is a one-of-a-kind, emotional comeback film of a teenage kid who overcomes an ocean of hardships to inspire over 1 lakh underprivileged children globally.


By Supratik Mukherjee
Tripwithme is a travel-based series created for the digital platform, chronicling Shubh Mukherjee's non-stop travel across India for 30 days.

Midnight at Two

By Stanley Hector
A heartbreaking day in the life of two strangers Prakhar and Megha who unknowingly share a moment of profound silence without even realising it.

Iravu Mudiyum Munne - Night is Burning

By Nanbens Dream Motion
This is a film about impotent rage in the face of rampant injustice. What happens when one man decides to extract revenge instead of remaining a mute spectator.


By baramdeo
This film, challenging prevalent traditions, is about a couple that enters matrimony, but has one final hurdle to cross — obtaining a marriage certificate.

Rainbow Fields

By Harish K R
Set in the turbulent Assam of the '80s, this Assamese feature film explores the effect of violence and brutality on the young impressionable minds of children.

NAAGALI (The Plough)

By Sunitha Krishnan
Every 38 minutes a farmer commits suicide in India. Naagali is a film highlighting the plight of our country's agricultural sector, and its tragic consequences.

Shakespeares Hamlet in Marathi

By Mandar Bhanage
Kolhapur's theatre troupe wants to present Hamlet in Marathi and tour with the play across Mumbai, Goa, Pune and then abroad!

Expedition to Antarctica for Sustainable Change

By Vishal Ajmera
The purpose of this 14-day Antarctica expedition is to inspire and build a movement of Climate Leaders and Energy Champions.


By Karan Rathore
Featuring actor Jackie Shroff, this short film is a noble attempt at portraying the power of women and how a woman can rise to the 'occasion' if need be.

Swaratma India Offers Naada Dheenam, Jagat Sarvam

Swaratma India seeks to promote, preserve and protect the purity and sanctity Indian classical music through Swaratmik musical performances on October 14, 2017.

The Door - Short Film

By Kashyap Shangari
This is Dev and Radhika's story. Brought together by meddling families and perhaps, cruel fate, they fight against odds and shatter established norms as well.


By TransVision
TransVision aims to become India's first YouTube channel that produces content created entirely by transgender people to dispel myths around the community.

The Manganiyar Mahabharata

By Dinesh Yadav
A musical based on selected episodes of Mahabharata incorporating Manganiyar, Meo and Jogi music from Rajasthan.

Aas- Every Life has some Value

By Rahul Singh Bora
Aas is a children's film about a boy and his beloved goat. It is also about animal sacrifice and how this threatens the special bond that the two share.

Successful Projects


By Payal Sethi
Fund a film based in the chaotic old city of Hyderabad, where a 16-yr old girl searches for an old wive's remedy that will make her a virgin again.

Rs 9,51,901 Pledged
Funded on
14 Aug, 2014


By Bhaskar Hazarika
Dark, unorthodox tales of motherhood right out of popular Assamese fables! Kothanodi brings the stories of four mothers in one film.

Rs 21,55,000 Pledged
Funded on
3 Oct, 2014

Punyakoti - A Crowdsourced Sanskrit Animated Movie

By Ravi Shankar
Based on a legend that inspires people to walk on the path of truth under all circumstances; Punyakoti is India’s first-ever animated film in Sanskrit.

Rs 40,95,210 Pledged
Funded on
30 Aug, 2015