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No Monkey Business

By Amit Kar
No Monkey Business is an educational game for kids, that explains children why the ecosystem needs to be safeguarded & how small acts can help save the planet!

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Jogiyar Mahabharata

By Dinesh Yadav
Jogiyar Mahabharata is a musical narrative performance on select episodes from the epic The Mahabharata incorporating Rajasthani folk music.

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Team Eklavya

By Hritik Kothari
Team Eklavya takes part annually in NCCC (National Concrete Canoe Competition and NSSBC (National Student Steel Bridge Competition) conducted by ASCE in USA.

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Rainbow Fields

By Harish K R
Set in the turbulent Assam of the '80s, this Assamese feature film explores the effect of violence and brutality on the young impressionable minds of children.

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#Tripwithme - India in 30 Days

By Supratik Mukherjee
Tripwithme is a travel documentary series, chronicling Shubh Mukherjee's non-stop journey exploring unheard villages, towns & stories across India in 30 days.

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The Ghantas Awards 2017

By Gagan Takyar
The Ghanta Awards honours the Worst of Bollywood every year. It is loosely based on the Razzies (Hollywood) and nominated and voted for by the online audience.

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By Jennifer Alphonsse
This is a documentary about one of India's ancient nomadic tribes called Gonds and their ancestral dance form, Gusadi, which is on the verge of extinction.

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Where's Vibhuti - In The Midst Of Hussshh..

By Navneet Sandhu
A found footage film about a teenage YouTuber who uploads a film online which turns out to be a gripping saga of brutal crime, misery and internet revolution!

The Lost Cause

By Dhruv Visvanath
In 2016 Dhruv travelled across India to find himself by revisiting places that his family grew up in. This album walks you through his experience.

The Relapse - A film

By Naren Singh Nayak
Naren’s directorial debut, this is a psychological thriller about four addicts where each is dealing with a relapse into an addiction.

Out Of Time

By Arijit Lahiri
Exploring the unexplored genre of Horror/Mystery/Sci-fi in India, Out Of Time is an independent Hindi feature film based on the concept of time loop.


By Romain Timmers
A multi disciplinary performance which sets a landmark for contemporary circus to evolve in India.

Before the Plunge

Fresh sounds, meaningful lyrics and hum-worthy tunes - it's the debut album of K&UI with 5 songs across genre such as blues, pop and rock.

Team Force Ikshvaku

By Adarsh Savant
A team of undergraduate students together wants to build a formula student car to compete in Formula Bharat 2018.


By priyanka singh
A 15 mins short film based on the issue of Child Sexual Abuse and the inability of our society to address the issue appropriately.

NITKRacing - Student Formula Car

By NITKRacing
A team of undergraduate students from NITK attempting to build a formula Student Car and race at National and International Events.


By Ravi Anand
The Title says it all. This web series is a satire on the current happenings in our country, shown through the eyes of two lazy but jugadu millennials.


By Thanush Shetty
A team of undergraduate students together want to design and create an All Terrain vehicle (ATV) to participate in BAJA SAE India.

Chor Police- a Board and Card Game for Children and Adults!

By Amitha Singh
Chor Police is the 2nd game to come out of the think tank, Ideas 'R Us which aims to bring back childhood games to every living room in India!

Pehli Pehel by Zubaan

By Neha Arora
A collection of 10 video songs by 10 independent artists from different corners of India, each a product of musical collaborations as part of Zubaan.

Extreme Nation

By Roy Dipankar
Extreme Nation chronicles one of the darkest, most explicit and mysterious forms of a subculture spawned over years of metal music in the Indian subcontinent.

Gaan Abohomaan

By Prashmita Paul
Gaan Abohomaan is an annual concert where musicians from across different genres come together to take the audience through a brief history of Bengali music.

NAAGALI (The Plough)

By Sunitha Krishnan
Every 38 minutes a farmer commits suicide in India. Naagali is a film highlighting the plight of our countries agricultural sector, and its tragic consequences.

Successful Projects


By Payal Sethi
Fund a film based in the chaotic old city of Hyderabad, where a 16-yr old girl searches for an old wive's remedy that will make her a virgin again.

Rs 9,51,901 Pledged
Funded on
14 Aug, 2014


By Bhaskar Hazarika
Dark, unorthodox tales of motherhood right out of popular Assamese fables! Kothanodi brings the stories of four mothers in one film.

Rs 21,55,000 Pledged
Funded on
3 Oct, 2014

Punyakoti - A Crowdsourced Sanskrit Animated Movie

By Ravi Shankar
Based on a legend that inspires people to walk on the path of truth under all circumstances; Punyakoti is India’s first-ever animated film in Sanskrit.

Rs 40,95,210 Pledged
Funded on
30 Aug, 2015