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Astronaut Aryan

By Aryan Mishra
With the aim of becoming an astronaut someday, this young achiever needs funds so that he can go to space camp in Huntsville, Alabama in the US.

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Rs 15,670 Pledged
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Ek Betuke Aadmi Ki Afrah Ratein

By Sharad Raj
This film will portray the alienation & degradation of the human spirit in times of communal & caste violence, through the story of one man dealing with guilt.

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Rs 7,63,000 Pledged
Days left

Tiffin Box

By Supraj Kerkar
This Konkani film talks about opportunities. Will Caitu, an exploited employee, grab a unique opportunity to break free from the clutches of his abusive boss?

39% Pledged
Rs 46,500 Pledged
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Team Ojas, a Formula Student Electric Venture

By Team Ojas
Team Ojas, a Formula Student Electric team from VIT University, is building an energy-efficient vehicle to participate in international events.

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Rs 2,96,171 Pledged
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By Karan Kadam
Bhamasur is an independent feature film shot entirely in the backdrop of majestic landscapes in rural Rajasthan. It deals with a story of love and sacrifice.

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Rs 4,19,503 Pledged
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By Sumedha
Pebbles is all about exclusive, handcrafted and customized shoe collections. It features vibrant yet classy designs that are unique in their appeal.

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Rs 2,31,702 Pledged
Days left


By Anuj Rawra
Doorbeen is a short film based on the life of two street children and their pursuit of happiness in the little things in life that most adults are unaware of.

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Rs 2,03,500 Pledged
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By Ketan and Helly
Rhoya the film, is the story of an optimistic 'dream-seller' who has to face her own demons—will she give up on dreams, now that the journey seems tough?

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Rs 7,08,501 Pledged
Days left

Hermes Racing - Dream.Design.Drive

By Nishant Pati
Hermes racing is a Formula Student Team which designs and builds Formula Student cars and participates in national events with the objective of winning.

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Rs 40,803 Pledged
Days left

That Guy with a Yellow Plate - Film

By Himanshu Sehgal
Here's a 'Yellow Plate'— 29 significant dishes from 29 states, and a film that will showcase a 'new' India while traversing the length & breadth of the country.

34% Pledged
Rs 1,71,737 Pledged
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Rainbow Fields

By Harish K R
Set in the turbulent Assam of the '80s, this Assamese feature film explores the effect of violence and brutality on young impressionable minds.

Bajra vs Burger and Happiness Recipe

By Shakti Badole
With this project, the filmmakers want to use entertainment to communicate the secret of happiness and health, and help people lead a more 'conscious' life.

Woodium Eyewear - Handcrafted Polarized Sunglasses

By Abzal
Woodium Eyewear is a collection of handcrafted sunglasses and optical frames made of 100% wood sourced from well-managed and sustainable forests.


By Krishna MV
A one of kind, emotional comeback story of a teenage kid who goes through a tsunami of hardships to now inspire over 1lakh underprivileged kids globally


By Terence Fernandes
"The universe is very big and I am very small," a comet would think every time she would pass by earth. What happens when this comet gets to visit the planet?

Formula MITE Racing

By Chrysostom Watson
This team wants to design and build a Formula 3 style car in order to participate in both national and international UG design competitions.


By Jennifer Alphonsse
A documentary about India's ancient most nomadic tribe called Gonds and their ancestral dance form called Gusadi, which is on the verge of extinction.

The Manganiyar Mahabharata

By Dinesh Yadav
A musical based on selected episodes of Mahabharata incorporating Manganiyar, Meo and Jogi music from Rajasthan.

MIND CONTROL - A Night Of Illusions

By Anushka Chugh
Preveen Pandita is one of India's best-known illusionists and entertainers. His shows have been huge hits and he is also known to be an expert at mind reading.

Nairohma - The one man band

By Rohan Marwaha
This project is about raising funds for a looping pedal — A looping pedal enables a solo act transform into 'a band', thereby ensuring artistic liberty.

Indian Music Experience

By Indian Music Experience
Indian Music Experience will be India's first interactive music museum aiming to rediscover various genres of Indian music that hint at our cultural nuances.

Aas- Every Life has some Value

By Rahul Singh Bora
Aas is a children's film about a boy and his beloved goat. It is also about animal sacrifice and how this threatens the special bond that the two share.

Izahaq — Smoke on the altar

By Charles Kollannoor
It is a film portraying how war questions a man's hope when he loses his job overnight, and is forced to return to his native country with just one suitcase.

The Pickup Artist

By Rohit Arora
The Pickup Artist is a full-length feature film. In its core a philosophical thriller, the film (bilingual— Hindi, English) has been shot entirely in Delhi NCR.


By Mahesh PNVS
This project is about the manufacture of a hybrid vehicle which runs on both petrol and electricity, intended for India's first ever hybrid vehicle challenge.

The Ghantas Awards 2017

By Gagan Takyar
The Ghanta Awards honours the Worst of Bollywood every year. It is loosely based on the Razzies (Hollywood) and nominated and voted for by the online audience.

Ayomayaa - The illusion of Love

By Tejus Venkatesh
Ayomayaa is a short novel. It will be published in two languages — Kannada and English. It deals with the experiences of an Indian doctor practicing in Europe.

Successful Projects


By Payal Sethi
Fund a film based in the chaotic old city of Hyderabad, where a 16-yr old girl searches for an old wive's remedy that will make her a virgin again.

Rs 9,51,901 Pledged
Funded on
14 Aug, 2014


By Bhaskar Hazarika
Dark, unorthodox tales of motherhood right out of popular Assamese fables! Kothanodi brings the stories of four mothers in one film.

Rs 21,55,000 Pledged
Funded on
3 Oct, 2014

Punyakoti - A Crowdsourced Sanskrit Animated Movie

By Ravi Shankar
Based on a legend that inspires people to walk on the path of truth under all circumstances; Punyakoti is India’s first-ever animated film in Sanskrit.

Rs 40,95,210 Pledged
Funded on
30 Aug, 2015