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This year, Chitrakatha, the biennial student animation festival from National Institute of Design, has partnered with Wishberry, India's largest crowdfunding platform for films, to run an exciting crowdfunding competition for students to help make their short animation films.

Wishberry will help students participating in Chitrakatha raise funds for their animated short films. The winning films will then be showcased at the festival. The goal is to get students familiar with crowdfunding and how it can help them become independent film makers in the future.

The Rules


We will shortlist up to 10 animation film projects for crowdfunding


The films will be shortlisted based on their work in progress; we will need to see the storyline, the character sketches etc.


The films also need to be only up to maximum 7 mins of duration


Students will be allowed to raise only up to Rs. 1 lakh through Wishberry to complete their films


The teams will only get up to 30 days to raise funds on Wishberry. The ones that are are able to collect their funds within this timeline will win & will be screened at the Chitrakatha festival

The Deadlines


Last date call for submissions


Announcement of shortlisted films; crowdfunding prep begins


Launch of the crowdfunding campaigns


End of campaigns; winners announced


Final films submission


Screening at Chitrakatha

So if you're a student with a film idea and want to make it happen, click on the button below and submit your project today!