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This year, Chitrakatha, the biennial student animation festival from National Institute of Design, has partnered with Wishberry, India's largest crowdfunding platform for films, to run an exciting crowdfunding competition for students to help make their short animation films.

Wishberry will help students participating in Chitrakatha raise funds for their animated short films. The winning films will then be showcased at the festival. The goal is to get students familiar with crowdfunding and how it can help them become independent film makers in the future.

Crowdfunding Now

Ghost Electrons

By Amritha Warrier
This film explores physics in the most unimaginable form, from a little girl and a dog's perspective, while conversing with her red ball.

64% Pledged
Rs 63,803 Pledged
Days left

The Cure

By Kapil Gopinathan
This film is about a man’s journey to an unknown destination in search of a cure and his metaphysical adventure leading him to a path of self-discovery.

0% Pledged
Rs 0 Pledged
Days left


By Akshay Malotkar
This film is about a little girl and her special relationship with a scarecrow, which she built out of longing for her father — a farmer who commits suicide.

35% Pledged
Rs 34,803 Pledged
Days left

How to deal with an impossible child

By Samyo Ghoshal
This web series is a light-hearted take on the myriad experiences of a 'naughty' child as he moves from one life experience to another, learning along the way.

31% Pledged
Rs 31,202 Pledged
Days left

Dhamachakdi - Pilot Episode: Dhamako!

By Kaitav Patel
This TV series aims to show how life teaches valuable lessons to kids through everyday experiences and mistakes, which are essential for their overall growth.

30% Pledged
Rs 29,601 Pledged
Days left


By Dipantor Talukdar
Udaan is a 2D animated short film about a boy's dream of becoming a pilot by overcoming his own fears as well as strict opposition from an authoritarian father.

20% Pledged
Rs 20,300 Pledged
Days left

The One Way Journey

By Suyog Khadikar
An animated short film that reveals the emotions of a 10 year-old kid when he confronts the truth that his father is on a 'One-way Journey'.

22% Pledged
Rs 22,212 Pledged
Days left

A Strange Night for Mr. Shasmal

By Manisha Naskar
This animated short is a thriller adapted from one of Satyajit Ray's stories, and deals with a dishonest man who is haunted by the demons of his past crimes.

23% Pledged
Rs 23,200 Pledged
Days left


By Risabh Banshkar
This animated short deals with the tale of a 10-year-old boy, his fear of the dark, and how he manages to overcome his fear, and battle his inner demons.

35% Pledged
Rs 35,106 Pledged
Days left

The Deadlines


Last date call for submissions


Announcement of shortlisted films; crowdfunding prep begins


Launch of the crowdfunding campaigns


End of campaigns; winners announced


Submission of Work in Progress
(Film at current status)


Screening of work at Chitrakatha