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About the project

Udaan is a story about ambition, that requires one to overcome their fears and achieve one's goal.

Sounds fun? Here is what the story is all about!

Kanhaiyyalal has always wanted to be a pilot, but his father disapproves of his son's aspirations. The film follows Kanhaiyya's struggle to achieve what he believes is his destiny.  

A bit about me 

My name is Dipantor Talukdar, I'm an illustrator/animator with a Bachelor's Degree in Multimedia and Animation from St. Xavier's College, Calcutta. I grew up in Assam and am based in Calcutta, I've been extremely passionate about design and animation since I can remember.

On the film and how it all began

This project started out as my graduation film, but I didn't manage to finish it on time for submission. Therefore, here I am, trying to collect funds so that I can finish it ASAP!

This film is extremely personal, it is loaded with numerous personal experiences. And, another reason why I'm making this film is because it addresses the issue of child abuse. I believe as an artist, we have the power to influence, motivate and inspire individuals. And as artist, it is my responsibility to make an effort to leave a positive impact on society through art.

How much of the film is complete and what still requires work?

A rough cut of the film is ready, but there still is a lot left to be worked on. The music needs to be changed, some scenes need to be reanimated and each and every frame has to be coloured (there are more than four thousand frames in this film!)

Why did you choose this topic for the film?  

Child abuse is rampantly being exercised in the society today. In every racial, ethnic, and social class cases of child abuse have been recorded. It is considered a key reason as to why children become emotionally and mentally unstable. Recognising the abuse and spreading awareness about the same are essential elements for effective prevention. 

What is special about the film ?

Initially, the film started out to be completely different and after a lot of discussions with my mentor the script transformed. The film is also aimed as a dig towards my father who used to beat me up because I was bad at Mathematics. Lol. Take that, Dad!

Why do you want your film to be screened at Chitrakatha?

I want my film to be screened at Chitrakatha because it is the biggest animation festival in India and is attended by numerous artists and animators. Most of those animators have been my idols and have influenced my life choices.

Why crowdfunding?

I am crowdfunding because I've seen some amazing ideas come to life through the process. I feel this method is very effective as it is a humbling experience for both, the backer and the campaigner.

How will the money be used?

Rs. 50000 in Graphic Tablet

Rs. 30000 in Animation

Rs. 12000 in Sound and Editing

Rs. 8000 in Admin Cost

What are the risks and challenges associated with your project?

The biggest challenge I've faced so far is time! One second of animation requires animating 24 frames, and it is essential that each frame is detailed and looks visually appealing. So far, this has been a solo project which is what led to the delay of this project. Also, I do not have access to professional equipment and have to make do with what I've got.

Why should you believe me and why should you fund this project?

You should believe me as I've been invested a lot of time and effort into making this film and have already completed a good amount of animation. Crowdfunding will not only help me bring this film to life sooner, but will also help addressing this very important social issue. Wishberry and NID have already selected me to participate in this initiative. I was selected amongst numerous participants to get this honour. Now all I need is all of you to come forward and support my film.

Future plans for the project?

I plan to work on this film until it looks exactly how I imagined it to be. While some scenes need to be reanimated, all the other scenes need to look visually stunning. I plan to use originally composed music, as sound design would play a very significant role in a film like this.

Animation and India. Thoughts?

I've encountered some crazy talented people around me, but the saddest part about animation in India is that all the ideas that these talented people posses mostly goes to waste. In our country, animation is still not taken seriously. Animation courses are very expensive and many cannot afford to pay such an amount to learn this skill. Moreover, making a film requires funding and in a country like ours, people are very hesitant to invest in animation. But, thanks to the internet, there is hope.

Chitrakatha, what's that all about ?

Wishberry and National Institute of Design (NID) have come forward with this initiative — Script 2 Screen. It encourages animation in the country by making sure students can screen their films at Chitrakatha, a biennial, international festival where the best of the Industry come forward to celebrate and notice talent. We entered the competition and some of us were selected to raise funds via crowdfunding. Through this we will be able to finish our student films and showcase them at Chitrakatha. This is a huge platform for college students as well as those who’ve just finished college! We will be able to show our work to experts and gain so much exposure!


Dipantor Talukdar 




amritha warrier

26 August, 2017

From a fellow Campaigner, All the best!