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About the project

The Spectacular Circus is a one and a half hour classical ballet production in which 64 children from the slums of Bangalore will dance alongside 300 students from mainstream schools.
The show will be held on October 3, 2015 at Jyothi Nivas College, Bangalore.
What is Spectacular Circus?
This ballet production is themed around the magical world of the circus and these children are playing the role of clowns. They have been learning ballet for three years now and practising for this perfomance since 9 months. This show is an opportunity to show the world how hard they have worked towards this.
Who are these 64 children and why do we want to help them?
Like everyone, when 64 children from the slums of Thilak Nagar and Sidhanagar in Bangalore started learning ballet with the Lewis Foundation of Classical Ballet under its outreach programme, they had dreams too - a dream to perform in front of a huge audience. These children from the Parikrma Humanity Foundation were ready to commit to 9 months of hard work and dedication and learn the choreography of a classical art form that was alien to them until then. To bring them out of their vulnerable backgrounds, it is important to utilize opportunities that will help them integrate with the 400 children from mainstream schools. An exposure to such environments will help them change their mindset and develop essential life skills to break out of their adversities. This show is an essential part of their ballet training to help them move into more advanced grades in ballet and, in a way, in life too.
What do we want to give them?
We, on our part, want to make sure they have exactly the same costumes as the other children. We want them to have the best ballet shoes and props especially, since the ballet shoes are such an important part of the dance form. A few children asked us if their parents would be able to see them perform? Why not? We want their parents to be in the audience, understanding and applauding their children too.

Why crowdfunding?

Yana Lewis and the dance faculty at Lewis Foundation are Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, U.K (ISTD) and Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) qualified ballet teachers. Last year, we conducted a ballet production for the children from Parikrma. We also organised a ballet show, where children from selected NGOs of Bangalore were invited as the audience. Seeing the positive effect in these steps, we have also expanded our programme in Snehadaan, a community centre for HIV positive children in Bangalore.

If you fund the project, it will give us the confidence to take the project across to even more children. We want to do away with the wrong perception that ballet is only for the privileged. It is an art form that will greatly benefit anyone who practices it.

How will the money be used?

Rs. 192100 in Ballet Costumes

Rs. 12000 in Transportation

Rs. 102400 in Venue Cost

What are the risks and challenges associated with your project?

The rehearsals are in full swing. The design for costumes is ready, materials sourced and garments are undergoing development. Getting everything done and the costumes produced on time within the budget we have is a challenge. 

What happens when I don't raise enough money?

We may not be able to invite the children's parents to the show. They won't get to see the amount of hard work their children have put in. The underprivileged children will have to manage with basic attire while all the other participants will have their ballet costumes and shoes. We will fail in our mission of providing an equal platform.

How am I going to prove that I won't just take all the money and run away?

Lewis Foundation of Classical Ballet is a registered performing arts NGO based out of Bangalore. These children are a part of the Outreach and Education programme being run by the NGO since 2006. You can always contact the foundation to understand how the money was utilized.


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We've got news

Featured in Times of India

11 September, 2015

Times of India, Bangalore wrote about our mission to take dance beyond studio walls and the efforts to help 64 children perform ballet.