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    About the project

    The Music Poetry Project is a unique album that takes some of the most precious poems of Hindi and turns them into soulful songs.


    Who am I?

    I’m Chinmayi, a trained Hindustani Classical singer and the lead singer-songwriter of Spice Route – a Delhi-based fusion band. After having dabbled in fusion-based contemporary Hindi music with a blend of classical influences, and collaborating with some of the finest artists in the country, I am now attempting to popularize and reignite the love for Hindi poetry among the people.


    What is The Music Poetry Project about?

    This is an album consisting of music based on some of the finest poems in the Hindi language. The album comprises of select poems from legendary poets of the modern era, such as Ramdhari Singh Dinkar,Harivash Rai Bachchan, Nirala, Mahadevi Verma, Anamika, Dharmaveer Bharti, Shivmangal Singh Suman, Bhavaniprasad Mishra and Maithilisharan Gupt. composed and  produced as songs.Some really renowned independent  artists are  supporting the project through their music such as Susmit  Sen, Sharatchandra Shrivastav, Baiju Dharmajan  and Deepak Ram.


    Why are we doing something like this?

    This album is a small step towards popularizing some of the finest poems of Hindi through music. The select poems will be arranged into songs and will be compiled into an album. Our objective behind such an album is:

    • To compose the best of Hindi poetry into songs so that they can reach out to masses and become popular. 
    • To bring together some of the finest musicians of fusion music who are considered maestros in their field of work so that the album created is truly a masterpiece.
    • Need for revival of Hindi poetry and poetic songs.
    • There is a rich heritage of poetry in Hindi literature. However, in the last few decades, there has been a steep deterioration of Hindi Poetry. There are many social and educational reasons responsible for this. 

    Why does The Music & Poetry Project need to exist today?

    In general, there is a decline in the number students who opt for Literature and Arts, as these are not considered economically secure streams. Writing in Hindi is not aspirational for the new generation due to excessive weight-age given to English as a medium. The vocabulary of Hindi is shrinking in the younger generation and therefore they cannot comprehend complex works written in earlier times. There is a dearth of fine writers in Hindi literature today. The quality has dipped, and the poets are hardly memorable. We need path-breaking initiatives that will not only popularize great works but also inspire more and more Hindi writers to pick up the pen.

    What can people expect from the album?

    The album mainly revolves around the themes of nature, beauty, joy of life, love and inspiration to fight against challenges in order to move forward in life. The album is going to consist of ten songs, which will be an eclectic fusion of classical, folk and contemporary music.

    Why crowdfunding?

    I believe that this project has a much larger significance and it is something that is close to the hearts of a large population. It is not only my project, but one that belongs to people at large. There are many who believe that there is a great scope of bringing back good poetry in mainstream music and the fact that it is not there, hurts them. There are not too many people who are trying to make this happen, I just want to be the one, but there is no way I can do this alone! I need the support of everyone who feel strongly for this, in any way possible. And that is why I want to do it only as a crowd-sourced album.

    How will the money be used?

    Rs. 100000 in Studio fees

    Rs. 200000 in Artists fees

    Rs. 240000 in Album production

    Rs. 60000 in Admin cost

    What are the risks and challenges associated with your project?

    Well, risks and challenges are a part of every game. Bringing together so many great, busy artists is one challenge. There may be other creative challenges, but I’m very confident that I can pull this off if I get the required funds, as I’m very passionate about this. And as long as the passion is burning bright, no challenge is too big to conquer.

    What happens when I don't raise enough money?

    Well at this stage, I’d like to believe that I should be able to raise the funds, as there are enough of such people who believe in it. I have been working on this project since the last six months. I have invested all my time, emotions and money into this album, therefore it would be heartbreaking to see this fail. Additionally, it would cause indefinite delays as I don't have a Plan B. But, I am confident that I can make this happen, with the support of all those who feel for Hindi literature and poetry.

    How scalable is this project

    The project is my first step in a series of activities that I want to pursue to bring together music and good literature. This is how I'm starting with poems of Hindi , tomorrow there can be nazms of Urdu or poems of other languages picked up by other artists. This project has the potential to grow into a movement which leads to music creation, events, workhops and even music festival.

    How am I going to prove that I won't just take all the money and run away?

    In this day and age, there is no place one can escape to for long. Moreover, I worship my music and there’s no way I would bring disgrace to it by conning people. I’m too excited to bring this album to light and have invested too much into it to run away.



    Singer, Songwriter, Composer



    Vandana Pant

    19 August, 2016

    All the best, I am sure the album is going to be great!!


    Sachin Saini

    17 August, 2016

    All d best


    Kaushik Dutta Gupta

    16 August, 2016

    All the best Chinmayi.....keep on doing the good work.


    Satyendra Singh Chauhan

    12 August, 2016

    This is for your DREAM Chinmayi :) You can make a difference


    Eunice Hagens

    11 August, 2016

    I think you are incredible and hope to hear more of your awesome music! Please say hello to Joel from all of us at the music group :)


    Vaibhav Kaushal

    9 August, 2016

    I hope you do them justice.


    Amit Garg

    4 August, 2016

    Chinmayi, I was really impressed to see someone as young as you is making an effort to promote indian poetry and its rich tradition. All the very best and god bless. Regrads, Amit Garg


    Maninder Singh Sodhi

    28 July, 2016

    Wish you the very best in your efforts.Hope to see it completed soon.


    Anshit Chandra

    24 July, 2016

    Best of Luck :)


    Priyanka Bhargava

    22 July, 2016

    Dear Chinu, I wish you all the very best for your project! May it become a gran success.. With Luv and beat wishes, Julie Didi


    Dr. Alok sao

    21 July, 2016

    My best wishes for your campaign and lots of love


    Paramjeet Gambhir

    21 July, 2016

    Find new horizons.... wishing you tremendous success......Stay blessed


    Mayank Vashishtha

    21 July, 2016

    Wish you all the best Chinmayi! Looking forward to this.


    Ajay Garg

    20 July, 2016

    All the best Chinmayi !!


    Pooja Shukla

    11 July, 2016

    Chinmayi I and Abhishek wish you a great success.


    Suman sharma

    9 July, 2016

    Wish you loads of success!


    gunjan tripathi

    9 July, 2016

    Hey chinmayi nice project


    Krishnan Vish

    3 July, 2016

    All the best and stay blessed


    Joell Mukherjii

    28 June, 2016

    Really look forward to see this project come to fruition ! Look forward to hear the album very soon and get a copy! :) Cheers


    Rupin Rawat

    26 June, 2016

    All the best Chinmayi May your project be successful



    24 June, 2016

    Once again, Superb Concept!!! Surely you shall be successful in this Endeavor... Luv, Shrey.

    We've got news

    So we are almost there !!

    15 August, 2016

    I dint know I ll come this far on the Music & Poetry Project! Its 90% achieved only about 10% left now! :D Thank you all who have backed the project:) Would be great if you can help me reach the full target on this .. Please share and spread the word, any one wo may like to back it- only 7 days remaining .. Click here to pledge support and make it happen-