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Album Download & Signed Audio CD

  • Get an (almost)INSTANT hi-res download of the latest release by Bombay Acoustic People. The album contains 10 tracks and is the first studio recording by the duo. 

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Est: 20 Apr, 2015

Exclusive Concert For Crowdfunders

  • You get an invite to the exclusive performance that we will be giving for our funders only! This will be a special show as most of our shows are in a unique, niche venue and will have that trademark BAP vibe that is hard to find at most gigs.
  • Oh yes! AND you get the CD plus download as well. 

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Thank You Polaroid Pin-up From One Of Our Gigs!

  • An exclusive polaroid "Thank You" in your name! We will be sending this to you from one of our gigs in Europe probably right before we go on stage. So all the electricity and pre gig nerves will be written all over it, in addition to a time and venue stamp!
  • Plus you can choose between the CD and the exclusive gig.

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Original Motif For You Shot On Location!

Most of BAP's songs are born out of what we call 'seeds'. These are short musical ideas or motifs that may last 45 - 90 seconds.

  • We will dedicate a brand new motif to each of you (we are bound to get a bunch of inspirations when we're travelling) and shoot it from a lovely location on tour to mail it across to you. Who knows, YOUR seed might be the one that makes up the next BAP song!
  • Plus you can come to the exclusive concert as well! And you get the download.

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Living Room Concert

Well if you are going to open up your heart to us with such a contribution, then we would like to open up ours too!

  • We will setup and perform an evening of music in your living room for you and your invitees only. Our living room concerts have been truly special as we are able to experience a unique energy in the composure of the listeners who are of all ages and backgrounds. It is quite an interesting social experiment in art discovery! 
  • Also, you can choose between a signed CD, exclusive concert or both! 

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About the project

Send Bombay Acoustic People to Jazzahead! Conference's Club Nights in Bremen, Germany!

What is Bombay Acoustic People?

Bombay Acoustic People [BAP] is a fresh, earthy sound from the Indian subcontinent that tells stories through beautiful acoustic guitar music. The conversations between the guitars of composers Sankarshan Kini and Anurag Shanker have resulted in a unique musical canvas that invites the listeners to paint pictures with their imagination.

What have we done so far?

We have just released a great sounding debut album called 'A Reclaimed Interval' featuring 9 of our original compositions that give a taste of the journey taken by this project. The album has been released on iTunes and was on the no.7 position on the iTunes India world music charts at the end of its first week. Sample the album at 

What is this crowdfunding campaign about?

We now have the opportunity to take this to the next level with a chance to be a part of the Jazzahead! Conference's Club Nights in Bremen, Germany. This will be a huge step forward for this form of music that falls into various international genres like world, jazz, folk, blues etc. We need a last bit of funding to knock off the final expenditures of their trip and this campaign aims to do just that.

What makes our music different from our counterparts?

BAP's music is truly one of its kind. As you will see in our pitch video, our intimate, acoustic performances have had a lasting impact on our listeners and they have all been a part of an experience rather than just another show. The songs aim to open up the listener's minds with our minimalist sound, which makes for a wholesome and fulfilling experiential trip. Hence, this is indeed a new breed of guitar music as it takes a step further from standard form of composition and song creation. Moreover, a steel and nylon string acoustic guitar have seldom been witnessed in such a marriage.

What should you expect from our trip to Europe?

We plan to travel to Germany to attend the Jazzahead convention where we will network with various promoters and organizers post which we will perform at one of their club nights in Bremen. After the conference, we will head out to perform at various jazz cafe/club venues in Berlin, Amsterdam, Vienna and Paris. We are already close to finalizing a number of these shows. We will be spreading our music in all these places and we hope to see it reach far and wide through the people coming to these venues.

Why crowdfunding?

People should support this project as the music of BAP opens a new chapter not just in the diary of contemporary music from India, but also in the diary of world art and music. This form of music will give rise to more such ideas and projects that draw inspiration from human experiences with travel, nature etc. and take art forward. Furthermore, in an age where people are constantly being overfed with information and overproduced entertainment and art, such a minimalist form of expression in music makes one sit back and think for a change. 

How will the money be used?

Rs. 150000 in Intra-Europe Travel Costs

Rs. 100000 in Accommodation

Rs. 50000 in Equipment Hire/Misc

What are the risks and challenges associated with your project?

The challenge is to raise enough awareness about the music by booking enough shows and appearances all across the cities on our itinerary. Another important thing is for us to find the right venues to have this music make the intended impact on the audiences, which will further propel our popularity in Europe.  

What happens when I don't raise enough money?

If we fail to raise the funds, we might have to cancel/postpone our tour of Europe as these budgets are the bare minimum for us to cover the average costs of travel and stay in Europe. Being three lacs short is a very big deal in such a project and will not only affect our plan but also pretty much bring it down!

How am I going to prove that I won't just take all the money and run away?

For one we have already booked our non-refundable and non-cancellable tickets to Europe, which kind of locks half this plan for us. Apart from that our whole team lives for music and discovery and this is pretty much the biggest creative oppurtunity that has come into our lives. Running away with the money and not doing what we are claiming to be doing would be the supidest thing, to say the least, and the raised money won't do much for us individually as well. Hence, we dont see any of us even dreaming of such a thing! 


Malini hariharan


Dipti Rao

Have an absolutely epic tour!


K Kini

Almost there!! :-)


Pratik Bajaj

All the Best


Shikha Kumar

All the best


Nithya Joseph

Enjoy your trip!!


Bantering Ram

I came to know of you through Guru Somayaji and man, your music's been a discovery! I really hope you manage to pull off this Europe tour and your music is heard by more and more. All the best!


Arya Ramachandran

Have a great tour, all the best and god bless


Sankarshan Kini

Submitted on behalf of Sanket Naik for Bombay Acoustic People


Ayesha DSouza

Have a great time in Europe! Hope Shanks gets enough food there.


MoWit JoyousAll

"Vincent! We cool ?""Yeah, we cool"....Royale with cheese :)


uma suresh



Subramanian Ramanathan



Raj Sharma

Malini -all the best !


Gaurav Mathur

Go for it!


Ankit Malhotra

King - Make the motif for Shilpa.


Padmanabhan NS

Great Music Guys!Keep up the good work!


Jasbir Cheema

All The Best...Regards Col Cheema


Deepa Aswani

Hey Shanks! Keep doing what you're doing. Much love and huge props to the Bombay Acoustic People effort.Dee


Vishal Kumaraswamy

Happy to see you guys embark upon your first tour of Europe! I wish you guys great success!


Vijay Benegal

Bruzzers blaze the TrailWash away the rain


kabilen sornum

All the best ppl! Special cheers to Anurag! See u in BLR soon!


Roopa Pai

Europe awaits you, Sanky and Anurag! All the best!


Dhrupad Jhaveri

Wish you all the best, and hope you guys meet your goal of touring Europe!


Jeevan Reddy

I do not know much about music; but I believe in you people for what you are and that defines you.Live your dreams !!Cheers,Jeevan


Niranjan R

God speed by dear men. I also volunteer the services of my camera with 24 hours prior notice :)


Sujoy Sen

Give it your best shot guys. Make the music you want, and the world will follow!Regards,Sujoy


Siddharth Mangharam

Dear BAP, Please continue to rock the world! Siddharth Mangharam