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Box of Joy

You are so kind. We would like to give you a free pack of 10 prints, crafted to perfection & will leave you begging for more!

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Box of Double Joy

You just made our day, we want to send you a free pack of 20 prints.  Also allow us to return the favor by shouting out your name on our FB, Twitter and Instagram to thank you. 

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Box of Bonding

Welcome to Printajoy community of angels. You will get our prints and stickers and you will also be listed with your photograph on our website’s angel-list section alongside with your testimonial. 

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Greetings from Printajoy

OMG you just got us drunk in a dry state! We will send you limited edition handcrafted Printajoy greetings and all the rewards mentioned in the ‘Box of Bonding’ package.


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Hey favorite!

You just scored our full attention. You get to share with us your favorite Instagram pictures and we will showcase it exclusively on the real-time feed on our website homepage. Isn't that cool? We are so psyched about your contribution that we will also give you a personalized 12 months calendar, with Instagram photos and also our prints & stickers. You deserve it. 

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Printajoy Legacy

A big fat thank you to you. We are just out of words, acts and expressions. You deserve much more & here’s all you get – An Instagram Canvas, exclusively for you made by us, you get to be the first league of funders who will get a sample of all of our future products before they are launched in public, you also get an update of our milestones in future. And that’s not all! You can also ask us to give you as many Instagram prints as you want before we go live.

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About the project

Our Story / हमारी कहानी / 
અમારી વાર્તા

Three dudes from Gujarat with one thing in common, passion to create something. We bring to you Printajoy, India's first affordable, online printing tool that converts your Instagram photos into beautiful lifetime memories. 

We believe in the immense power of photography; it captures all your memories and freezes a moment of time forever! Being avid Instagram users, we were seeing this trend where people would take tons of photos, upload it, get a dozen ‘likes’ and then forget about them. So we thought, why not print the photos? Touch them? Rekindle those awesome memories? Or gift those to your loved ones? Call us old fashioned but a physical photo print will beat a digital photo memory anytime!

So, one fine afternoon, after looking at the Instagram photos of our college days, we decided to get them printed. It was definitely a pain in the ass; downloading those photos, arranging them properly on a paper, converting it into PDF and then sending them to a printing shop! The end result was simply mind blowing! We remembered all those memories and laughed a lot that day! This is what led us to start Printajoy. We want you to experience that same joy without all the hassles we went through. Leave the trouble part to us. You enjoy your photos.


How does Printajoy work? 

1. 100% Upload Free 

We all have been there. Slow Internet speed, large photos, a huge disaster. With Printajoy, all you need to do is just log in with your Instagram account, select your favorite photos and we will print them for you.


2. Easy and simple to use interface

In just three simple steps get your awesome photos delivered at your doorstop! Yes, just like ordering a Dominos Pizza but without the "30 minutes nahi to free" guarantee instead "Zordar Print Nahi To Free"!

A simple and elegant UI is of utmost importance at Printajoy. Our intuitive interface will easily help you find your favorite photos. A lot of photos to choose from and getting confused? No problem. Used the liked photos or hashtag option to filter out the best photos.

Rest assured, using Printajoy will definitely leave you speechless!


3. Beautiful Prints

4x4" beautiful square prints. No bullshit! Period. We understand the importance each photograph holds to you and as a result we are working with the best printing companies to guarantee top notch quality.


4. Fast and Free Shipping anywhere in India*

No conditions applied! Yes, this is not a dream. Shipping is and will always be free! It’s our way of saying thanks to you for being such awesome backers/customers!

Why crowdfunding?

We had a vision, an idea to bring indias most affordable and reliable printing to reality. And we are almost done. We need you now to believe and chip in to make this vision come true. We won't only justify your expectations but will strive our best to go beyond it. So we believe in spreading joy, do you?

How will the money be used?

Rs. 15000 in Packaging

Rs. 25000 in Printing

Rs. 30000 in Infrastructure

Rs. 30000 in Marketing

What are the hurdles I'll face while chasing my dream?

There are a lot of things going on behind the scenes at Printajoy. First and foremost, of course, we need to raise enough money through our Wishberry campaign to launch our product. We are hopeful that you will place your faith in us and back us! We won't let you down, thats for sure! Then, there is the logistics part - printing, packaging, design etc. We are working hard day and night to ensure that we can deliver the products to you asap. At the same time we don't want to compromise on the quality of the product. Marketing - yes, lots of it! We are working on a couple of campaigns to promote our product and are hoping to get more backers to our Wishberry campaign. We are almost done with our website design and will soon start testing it for bugs and make sure that it is quite robust. We don't want to leave any stone unturned. 

What happens when I don't raise enough money?

 Well, in a nutshell, it will shatter our dreams and will stop affordable Instagram printing in India from becoming a reality. 

The campaign amount that you are seeing - is the exact amount of money that we need - each rupee is accounted for. We could have posted an amount of Rs. 2,00,000 and tried to manipulate our backers and raise more money than we needed. But we did not do that. We understand and are highly grateful that you are backing us and it should not be taken for granted. That being said, we always welcome more money. 

We really want to make Instagram printing in India affordable and available to everyone. So, please back our campaign. 

How am I going to prove that I won't just take all the money and run away?

Well, if we decide to take all your money and run away, you will definately find us in the VIP section of Sunburn in Goa on New Year's eve. Feel free to say 'hi'!

On a serious note, all our social media accounts are linked to this campaign. By all means, ping us. Don't worry, these 3 gujjus will get the maximum bang for each rupee you invest in us and strive to deliver you with great products. 

Why just 4x4

Due to the resolution that Instagram stores your photographs at, 4x4 is the largest size that you can print your photo without reducing the quality.

What do I get when I fund you guys on Wishberry?

When you fund us on Wishberry, we will send you a promo code via email. You can use that code on our website to get your free reward. We will send the promo code once our Wishberry campaign is over.

When will you start shipping the orders?

We will start shipping the orders starting from the third week of January, 2014.

So, I am allowed to print other people’s Instagram photos?

Each individual on Instagram has copyright ownership of their own photos. But this doesn't mean that you cannot access other user's photos! If you select photos that are not yours to print, by purchasing you agree that you have the users permission to print the photo. If you have more questions about photo privacy etc., feel free to visit Instagram’s official privacy policy and FAQ

What type of paper are your photos printed on?

We use a premium quality matte photo paper. Each photo is inspected for quality before being shipped.

Will I received a confirmation email?

Yes! Upon processing your order you will receive a confirmation email with details about your purchase.

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately, not at the moment. :-(





ManoRanjan M

Awesome idea and execution guys! May your venture prosper!


Sanjay Patel

Best of Luck Sohil!


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I love photographs. I love prints and poloroid. Hope this helps in bringing up more joy. Keep it up.


Lorem Golder Yarasi

Hope you guys are able to pursue your dreams with success!


Harish Dalal

Best of luck for the campaign!


Mahima Kukreja

Wishing you good luck.


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All the best :)


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Hey Sohil ,Go ahead with your deram . Wish you best luckRegardsSameer Jethvani


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Hey bros,All the best dudes.\m/


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Kem cho, Sohil ?All the best.


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All the best guys.!!


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KUDOS.. Great Idea... :)


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All the Best... :)


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Awesome idea :)Best Luck :) :)


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You guys rock!


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Best of best wishes.


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best of luck man..i am proud of you....


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hello dude


Mehta Jainam

Thank You for this product.

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