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About the project

Produce a film about four friends tempted to join an extremist group in Agia, Assam and see them find a better way.

What started us off on One Last Question?

After hunting for a good script for almost two years, the story of this film is the one that touched our heart. Once we caught the first glimpse of a blog written by Manjit Nath, we knew this was it! We got the permissions to make a film on the story and spent all our savings in this project. The decades old struggle, coupled with the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) have resulted in nothing but the killing of thousands of young men and women, loss of resources and the obstructive underdevelopment of the entire North-East India. The issue of extremism has led to violence, which is a very serious obstacle for development in the region, keeping the region years behind the rest of the world. North East India is still termed as a seat of unrest, fermenting in states of failure. Presently, around 40 militant groups are  active in the NE region with different goals ranging from secession to greater political autonomy. This diverse territory constitutes manifold cultures, histories and identities, all struggling for recognition or for mere survival. Although the region has immense talent and an abundance of natural resources, we believe real development can only happen through mainstream involvement.

What's it about?

Based on a true story, the 40-minute film revolves around 15-year old Tultul and his three friends. They are inspired to join an extremist group which has been fighting to gain independence from the Republic of India. But above all, the story is about HOPE. It's about Tultul's father (Adil Hussain) guiding him by informing him of a better way.

Why do we think such a film is important?

A project like this where great acts of goodness by a few people who would contribute whatever amount they can to make this project successful will make a difference. The struggle for an independent Assam is still continuing in bits and pieces. The Government of India has been trying to bring the militant groups on discussion table. The new generation of the Assamese community wants a developed Assam. Let there be peace and prosperity – this is our humble wish.

Where did we shoot the film?

The shooting was done in real locations where the actual story actually took place - the Agia Village in the Goalpara District of Assam. A lot of the movie will also be shot in a real cafe, with an urban setup. However, we are avoiding studios and opting for genuine and real locations.

Who's the team?

Let me try to give you a picture of what really goes on to making a film like this, when you have a sensitive story, you have to visit a sensitive area to shoot the film in real circumstances and there are lot of unknown uncertainties . A film like this can only be made when you have a team which is as dynamic as the story itself. Since we began the project, several people from unexpected places have stepped in to support us to make this movie. From talented friends of the crew, to the administration of the Goalpara district, the people of Assam and also other parts of India. We called in all our talented friends to see who is interested in joining in the team. After listening to our story, it was an unanimous agreement for the movie to be made. A month later, we ended up in Assam and started shooting the film. 

We auditioned more than 200 kids from the village of Agia before finalizing on our four main characters. A major turnaround happened when one of the greatest theatre activist from Assam, Mr. Sukracharya Rabha agreed on guiding the team with his immense experience. And even greater boost came through when veteran actor Adil Hussain from the 'Life of Pie' fame agreed to play the role of Tultul's father. We shall ever be thankful to these men of great thoughts & deeds. There is a reason all of us are coming together towards the same cause - the making this film. We all believe in each other, and above all we all believe in you.

Where do we see this movie being screened? 

We are very hopeful that this movie will sail smoothly into all the Major Film Festivals. We will keep you informed when and where will these movies be screened so that you can sneak in the nearby festivals.

If you want to know more about this movie, please email us at

Our Director will personally reply you.

Why crowdfunding?

By getting this project made, you are helping to bring the issue of insurgency, violence and their impact on people to film festivals, theatres, museums, universities, broadcast television, government and diplomatic offices and everywhere where the film will be screened. But above all, we intend to reach out and inspire young men & women of Assam to know that there is a world of possibilities waiting for them beyond all the borders. To reach thousands and if possible, millions of people. 

How will the money be used?

Rs. 50000 in 2nd Phase Shooting

Rs. 200000 in Film Festival Circuit

Rs. 100000 in Editing, VFX & Color Correction

Rs. 150000 in Music & Sound Design

What are the hurdles I'll face while chasing my dream?

Leaving aside the 'money' factor, we have pretty much gone through the worst in the first phase of production. It seems only brighter days are ahead.
If we imagine of hurdles, to take the final movie to as many people will be a huge task. But that is when the purpose of the film will be fulfilled. 

What happens when I don't raise enough money?

This is going to be an "All or Nothing" campaign. That means, if we raise the target amount, only then we (my team) are entitled to get the money. If we don't, we will stay back struggling, fighting with the giants and trying to make our mark with a very thin chance of success.
We will, hence, have to keep working on other projects, for the sake of money for a long time before we accumulate enough to get the kind of 'quality story' we want it to be.  But, if we do reach our target, you will have made many peoples dream come true.
On the other hand, if we raise the funds beyond the target amount, we will use this "extra money" to go for exclusive screenings all over Assam. 

How am I going to prove that I won't just take all the money and run away?

You have already watched the trailer, I hope. [If you still haven't, please do. People say it's awesome!!] :) It doesn't make sense to run away with the money halfway when we can complete this movie and start our new project. And the world has got too costly for this amount to get us anywhere. :p
And above all else, our team is way too passionate to make good movies then running away with the money. Secondly, we also thought of making a MOVIE about running away with the money. You can imagine. 
On a serious note, any person with an intention to run away with the money won't empty his own pockets  to make a film that he knows from the start  can't be completed without an extra monetary push. 


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Amit Bembalkar

ajay jadhao

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Vikkrant Shinde

Kedar Athavale

Manjit Nath