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About the project

No film has, so far, sought to tell the story of 1991 when India opened up its economy to the world, forever changing the landscape of the country. Set in 2004, against the backdrop of the India Shining campaign that was popular then, Mantra tells the intimate story of a family, and through it, the story of the New India.

So, what’s the story of the film?
The film is inspired by the buyout of an iconic Indian brand by a multinational. Kapil Kapoor, the owner of King Chips, is fighting a losing battle against the multinational giant, Kipper Crisps. But Kapil's wife and his three children, are also fighting their own difficult battles in a time of turbul ence.
What inspired me to write this script?
For me, the idea of Mantra was just so obvious. India was changing before my very eyes, and what could be more exciting than telling that story! I met tons of people - journalists, businessmen, columnists, sociologists; I pretty much devoured the many books on New India that came out then; and slowly worked towards creating some stories that would best reflect the changes this country was going through.
What makes this film special?
India, infamous for its License Permit Raj, changed dramatically after 1991, when the economic reforms were unleashed and the multinational companies descended upon the country. In the last 20 years, no country has changed as much as India has. And yet, no film has so far sought to tell the story of this change. There are films, like Kusturica’s Underground and Chen Kaige’s Farewell, My Concubine, that tell the histories of nations. Mantra seeks to tell the story of the New India that we are all a part of. It is a story that Indians across the globe will connect with.
What progress have we made with the film so far?
We have finished shooting the film. Currently we are finalizing the edit of the film. When that is done, work will begin on background music; sound including dialogue dubbing and effects, Digital Intermediate (to enhance the image colors) and a little bit of VFX.

Why crowdfunding?

It took me 8 years to get the script right, and another couple of years to reach out to the actors and crew. Kalki, who I didn’t know at all at that time, read the script, met me and agreed to do the film, without any talk of money. Rajat agreed to dedicate a month and a half of his valuable time for the shoot, once again without mention of money.

Plus, there are a lot of people who have worked tremendously behind the scenes- the ones who hosted the cast and crew from out of town, gave us their houses to shoot in, provided expensive costumes, paintings, cars and other on-set props; others helped us get permissions for shoots, run a million errands... the list goes on. Belief is the only reason why people have participated in this film. 

How will the money be used?

Rs. 300000 in Editing

Rs. 600000 in Digital Intermediate & VFX

Rs. 800000 in Sound

Rs. 300000 in Music

What are the risks and challenges associated with your project?

If we succeed in raising Rs. 20 lakhs we will definitely finish the film. The only risk is that film exhibitors and distributors might not be interested in tying up for the release of the film. But, this is incredibly unlikely for many reasons: the film is not an expensive film with high costs of recovery, the film has a stellar cast, there is already a buzz around the film because of its unique storyline, and last but not the least, we are convinced the film will fare well in international film festivals and that would add to its credentials. Therefore, any foreseen risks have been accounted for and all challenges will be dealt with.

What happens when I don't raise enough money?

If we are unable to reach our target within the timeline, the money will simply be returned to all the backers. However for us, it will be a huge setback. We will have to get down to looking for producers. We will, in all probability, not be able to make the film the way we envisioned it; there will be compromises. It will also mean that the film might not release next year. There is a fear that the immediacy of the film – the fact that it talks about India today and now – will be lost.

How am I going to prove that I won't just take all the money and run away?

Because there’s too much at stake! For starters, I spent 8 years researching and writing the script; and another two years putting together the cast and shooting the film. Why would I abandon a decade-long labor of love when I’m on the brink of bringing it to life? Besides, the cast and crew have given so much of themselves to me (time of many many months and that too for no money) that I am sure they will track me down to the farthest end of the earth, were I to run away with the money.



Rajat kapoor

Kalki Koechlin

Adil Hussain

shiv pandit


ayesha punvani



Nikhil Chaudhary

Ruchira Sharma

Amarjit Singh

Harjot singh khurana

dinesh gupta


Sushma Puri

All the best Nicholas! See you soon:)

... .com

Hi, We including our Mentor- Guruji Shrii Arnav are big fans of Rajat's work. This storyline connects with us on a personal level and we are glad that we contributed in a small way and our contribution which was the latest on page helped a bit for this project to achieve the target. We wish your team Well and are sure that the movie will have a message and will connect with people. We have a request though in all rewards/ credits the name to mention should be"". If the creative people involved in the project do get sometime then do browse our website and our facebook page to know what we do. We can do our bit to promote the movie on our social networks also if you are inclined because we are pretty sure that the movie will be socially relevant. Thanks and Good luck. Team Gemstoneuniverse


Sudeshna B Baruah

Best wishes, Nicholas...


Sanil Sachar

Great initiative by you and your wonderful team. I am very positive that "Mantra" will be an outstanding success.


Nikhil C

Veda Gurus's Deficit .Hope we meet out target!


Souma Das

Nicholas my humble contribution to your effort that appeared to me a unique story been told so far . Wish you every success .


Madhu Venkattan

Helo,I was to send this amount on behalf of Kalki's fan from France, near Monaco. She gave me Nikhil Chaudhary's name. However, I've sent it via this forum. Could you pls confirm on FB to Ms. Veda Guru, and inform Kalki about it too??Thank You!! Madhu


Ashok Kishore

Good Luck completing the movie. I look forward to seeing the final product!


Madhu Venkattan

Heard about this from Ms. Veda Guru, a friend and fan of Ms. Kalki Koechlin.Am a friend of Kalki's Mom!!Wishing you the very best!!


Iona Naylon

All the best, Nicholas!


Bushra Faridi

Thank you for the creative media for effort to make us aware. Looking forward to see the movie :)


Mustafa Mun

Hi, I Loved your Vision and Mission !


Sourav saha

All the best


Ram Prasad

Wishing you


Pavan N Swamy

All the best. Keep making such more movies.


Jacob Varghese

Wish you loads of luck on your venture


Ankur Ortho

My name is Dr.Ankur Gupta (Facebook ID shows my nick name) and i am an Orthodontist by profession and a resident of Kurukshetra, Haryana. I loved watching the scenes and god willing your movie will come out in time and its gonna rock. Lets keep fingers crossed sir. Love you guys.


Rajesh Thakkar

Hey NicholasAll the Best.:)


Avinash Shandilya

This is a small "hope and faith" from my side to add to your "hardwork". Cheers.


Harish Ekula

Hope the idea turns out to be a wonderful product.I am eagerly waiting


Robert Smith

Best of luck, Nick!All the best,Robert Smith and Nupur Sharma


Rakshit Agrawal

I hope I can help with this contribution. It's really great that you're telling this story to the world. Somehow these events that have affected individuals slowly but significantly don't come up front much. I think Indian audience is starting to appreciate such stories and this project might leave a strong impact.


Alok Singh

Hey Buddy, congracts on your project. I hope you will be able to raise funds. All the best. keep up the good work.


Gurleen Kaur

Wishing you great luck for your effort..!!


Harsh Rohatgi

Hey Nicholas,All the very best with Mantra.Best wishes.Harsh


Prashant Bikle

God Bless You Nicholas


Kavita Iyer

Good luck Nicholas!Kavita and Sandeep


Shubham Soti

Hope you get the required funding, looking forward to the movie. Good luck.


Bansal Bros

in support to Mr Rajesh Thakkar.


Sal Ramaswamy

Best of luck with your project! By all accounts it seems like it will be turn out to be a great film! My special regards to all the wonderful artists and collaborators who have worked on the project for no fee! I hope the future brings about a change where we will have financiers and Production houses that will fund independent films like this without asking the Director to compromise on his/her artistic vision, which will allow the artists to also be paid a reasonable fee for their efforts.


Martine Basiez

All the best for you , your film , and all the people who work with you . A special thank to a woman I love and I admire , Kalki Koechlin , because she is a big big actress for me and because she does so much for the women in India . A French fan , Martine Basiez ( on twitter and facebook ) . Thanks a lot . Hope I will come again in Mumbai soon ...


Himanshu Sabharwal

Have done the needful Nicholas. All the best for a rocking success.


Apan Singhal

All the Best, Nicholas. Looking forward to the film. :)


Priya A

Goodluck for the project. Hope you make your target.


Kyoko Fukuda

We wish your success ! Really looking forward to seeing your movie :-) Kyoko


Jay Bajaj



Luana Ruggeri

for me it was a pleasure to help you ... a kiss from Italy


Om Srivastava

Hi, I am a filmmaker based at Mumbai. Wish you all the best. Would love to meet sometime. 09819812473 OP Srivastava


Aman Rishi

All the best Nicholas and Adil! Say hi to Adil, not sure if he remembers meeting a small family at Varanasi airport on 29th August. We just love such cinema and Adil. Pl pass this along to him.Aman Rishi


Steve Chatha

Hey Mr. Kharkongor, U have Kalki, so that's half the battle won :)Really hope that my little contribution helps!!All the best!Steve


Ana Tiwary

Best wishes! Cheers,Ana


Toby Sawyer

Good luck from the UK! Toby


Calvin Lyngdoh

Wish you all the success dear Nick ! This is your chance...and I'm glad to be a small part of this journey of yours.Keep soaring.....keep rocking !!


Melanie Le Forestier

I really love the topic of the film which also happens to be so close to my PhD thesis hahahaI wish you all the best for the project and the team and I look forward seeing the film in France! :) I'm sure it will be a great film! Best,


Shailendra Mudgal

Good luck Nicholas. Please keep me posted.


Philip Ollapally

Good Luck. We need more quality inde films and this project looks amazing.


B.Aiban B.Lyngdoh



Dev Karan Ahuja

Good luck with the post-production process and I wish you get the widest possible release! I don't need the goodies - you can use that money for the movie instead. Also, I would like to remain anonymous.


Siddhartha Bhasker

All the best, looking forward to the movie..nd my rewards :)


Abhi Goda

I wish your film does well. I am a huge fan of Mr.Rajat Kapoor. And I admire him as a director and as a great method actor. Also the story of your film is bery interesting. I know the amount which i contributed is very small, but as a fellow cinema lover I hope you would understand. All the best to the whole team :-)

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Designer Krsna Mehta creates paintings for Mantra backers

28 September, 2015

Designer Krsna Mehta is known for his unique and quirky style. He is creating exclusive paintings (paint/ embroidery on canvas, 3ft by 4ft) based on the theme of "Mantra" for our lucky backers. Check out his fabulous designs at

Luxury brand designer duo Gauri and Nainika design special silk scarves for Mantra backers

28 September, 2015

Luxury fashion label Gauri & Nainika has a dedicated fan base in the glamour world (Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone are loyalists). Gauri and Nainika are designing exclusive silk scarves based on the theme of "Mantra" for our lucky backers. To check out their fabulous work, visit

Kalki Koechlin, Shiv Pandit to act in ‘Mantra’

28 September, 2015

A look back at shining India- Bangalore Mirror

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Actor Rajat Kapoor back in action with 'Mantra'- Zee News

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