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About the project

The ‘Other’ Love Story is a web series of 12 episodes (Season1). The story is set in an urban Indian city back in the 90s, when our world was yet not exposed to the infinite possibilities and exposure brought about by the internet or the smartphones.

What is the story of The ‘Other’ Love Story?

Aadya and Aachal fall in love during an era that still rejoiced in handwritten love letters and conversations over land lines; an era where you discovered things by experiencing them up close instead of logging into Google. Their journey into each other’s hearts and the drama that surrounds it forms The 'Other' Love Story.

Which language is the web series going to be in?

It will be primarily in English and Hindi, and a bit of Kannada.

Why are we making a web series on this subject?

Through "The 'Other' Love Story" we attempt to dilute the taboo of same-sex love by portraying how an original, innocent, intense love story transcends gender and conquers hearts. When you are in love, the kind of love that is inexplicable in words or feeling, you feel like screaming out to world about how madly you love your special someone. But for someone who is feeling all this about a person from the same sex, in all probability, the world they scream out to will scream back saying they need psychiatric counseling!

What was our inspiration behind such a story?

The story itself is my biggest inspiration. We have been in love and we know what first love can do to somebody. Also, we can’t help but feel that our country is on a threshold of new beginnings. These are just some of the things that inspired me.

Why did we set it in the 90s? Why not any other time?

According to us, it was an intense romantic era in the Indian film industry. Growing up watching those films inspired us to recreate that romance again. Also placing a story in an era when the modes of communication were so limited and information was not so easily accessible makes the connection Aadya and Aachal find in each other more natural and intuitive. Production-wise, we wanted to challenge our limits and create an essence that transcends time, on a tiny budget. It would be quite an achievement to be able to accomplish this.

What has our approach been towards a subject that’s been considered rather unconventional?

Strangely, till date, I have not been able to categorize things as conventional and unconventional. This story struck us as an innocent intense love story. And that is how the story is treated and narrated as well. The story has its own life; it knows how it needs to be presented, the film is just a medium the story has chosen to present itself. We are just letting it out, in the way it is yearning to come out.

Why web series? Why not any other format?

The web is widely accessible by people of all outlooks and spans across geographies – so it seemed the obvious choice to tell our story. Also the format of the narrative fits in perfectly into the episodic form.

Some more details about the web-series…

The first season of the web-series contains 12 episodes and the duration of each episode will be 10-12 minutes. The drawing board for Season 2 is underway too, and we will execute it based on the response Season 1 gets. The main medium of the web-series release would be our YouTube channel (theotherlovestorywebseries), in addition to other video broadcasting websites (viz. Vimeo, Metacafe etc.).

Why crowdfunding?

Well, because I am certain that we have not witnessed a love story as original, fresh, innocent and pure between two girls in Indian cinema yet (and trust me when I say this! Because I eat, breathe and live cinema). So we would like you to partner with us to be a part of something ORIGINAL yet pathbreaking and invest your money on a passionate team who is ready to pour in their heart, soul and life energies into this webseries. We have relentlessly worked on arriving where we are today. With the inception of this script 8 months ago, working through the odds of finding the right team and turning every challenge bit by bit into a mini victory we are standing tall to plunge into a 35 days shooting schedule and give the story its form. Our journey with this project so far, challenges we have encountered forming the core team who truly believe in the story has embedded the fire in us to make this movie happen now.
We are ready to tell the story – with a heartfelt narrative, choosing the right tunes to provide the background score, immense rehearsals, authentic locations, artists living the characters during and after the workshops and are now just waiting for your ‘Get, Set, Go’ for the artistic release. We believe in us and in our story – Do You, Now?

How will the money be used?

Rs. 180000 in Camera & Sound Equipment

Rs. 60000 in Editing

Rs. 60000 in Music

Rs. 30000 in Sound Mixing

Rs. 40000 in Admin Costs

Rs. 30000 in Graphics

What are the risks and challenges associated with your project?

We, as a society, surely are evolving and now are more educated and inclusive towards the LGBTQ community. However, our biggest challenge continues to be the social taboo related to the subject of this story which reemphasizes our need to convey that love happens between two beings and gender truly has no part to play in it. We look at this challenge as our opportunity to give the world an innocent love story.

What happens when I don't raise enough money?

Releasing this web series has become the sole mantra of our lives for the past one year. What happens if we don't raise enough money - we really don't know. For a while our dreams will be shattered, we will be frustrated, but we will bounce back again and think about how to pool in the money we need to make this happen. Giving up on The 'Other' Love Story is not an option at all in any of our minds. We are committed and devoted to this web-series, it almost seems like we are married to it.

How am I going to prove that I won't just take all the money and run away?

We will share details of the expenses on a periodic basis. I will also keep you constantly updated with all that is happening on our end – pre-production, post-production, the release of the web-series and also the after release stories. We are here to stay, to make movies - every penny raised here will only go towards what it is raised for! It’s a promise.

Drop us a message anytime with questions you may have, we would be happy to put all your doubts and clarifications to rest.


Roopa Rao

Vijayan Muthu

Bharath M.C

Aparajith Sris

Santhosha Poojari

Malay Vadalkar

Sneha Menon

Satish Kumar


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