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About the project

A chance to bring light into the lives of the people of Pongging - kickstart the first ever energy access program.

What is Lights in Pongging?

We are lighting up little hill villages in North East India and we need your help to fund the very first one. Lights in Pongging will help us kickstart a larger scale program covering the states of Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram and Meghalaya. This very first one will showcase our potential for developing local technolgies, creating platforms for cooperation between communities and encouraging small scale programs to contribute to the development of infrastructure. The people of Pongging have pledged to pay back as much as 50% of the cost of the turbine in installments so that we can light up the hamlet next to theirs. If this model suceeds, we have investors and government subsidies that can ensure another 100+ hamlets have access to basic energy

Why is this important?

A large amount of people in India do not have access to basic amenities- one of which is electricity to light their homes. Either due to remoteness of location or poor supply, people in many parts of our country live in complete darkness.

Why Pongging in Arunachal Pradesh?

Arunachal Pradesh faces even bigger challenges for infrastructure development compared to other states because of its size and miniscule population density (the lowest of 17 per sq. km). Pongging is not as remote as other hamlets in our scale up program and is ideal for us to study our financial model, community reaction and potential difficulties we may face.

What is Energy Access and what technology are we using?

We are using a simple 3kw hydro turbine which will be powered by diverting water from the village sewerage and streams. Water is diverted through canals and stored in a reservoir dug by the community. Using pipes this water will be channeled through a grated drum to remove suspended particles and then dropped from a height with sufficient pressure into the turbine to make it run and create electricity. Poles will be made by the community and simple wires will be used to distribute electricity to each home. Two light points and one plug point will be provided for each home, one shop, a church and a 'Naam Ghar' or meeting room. When there is sufficient water, the turbine will also be able to support approximately 4 television sets in the hamlet. A committee of 2 men and 1 women will be elected by the people and 2 linesmen will be trained to look after the machine and lines. Spare parts and extra holders are also provided for. The linesmen will be taught to recycle plastic bottles and other waste material to create plug points and street light covers

Where are the turbines from and how reliable are they?

The turbines are manufactured by NEPeD (Nagaland Empowerment of People through Energy Development). NEPeD has installed over 25+ turbines in remote parts of Nagaland. Some of their installations have been running well for over 3+ years.

How do we intend to scale up?

Lights in Pongging will kickstart the creation of a revolving community fund where communities will pool in funds, manage it and help us seed fund the next installation. We have commitments from local government officials to host us and reduce our cost of stay. We are also training local youths (who have been working with us) to do the initial baseline survey and pre feasibility to cut down our cost of travel. Combined with various subsidies already available we are ready to scale up substantially once the communities are convinced of the turbine's potential.

Who is Lawma & Visco?

Lawma & Visco is a firm whose mission is to understand, capture and project the needs of communities in the North East region within a framework that delivers mutual benefit to the communities; and to the private enterprises, civil societies, governments and development agencies who want to engage with them. We are  experts in socio-economic development enriched with experience in clean technology, sustainability and climate change.

Why crowdfunding?

All the money raised will be used to fund the project and videos of us setting up the turbine, digging canals and reservoirs and going live will be constantly posted on our facebook page.

The village members of Kinjong (close to the Nagaland Burmese border) will travel all the way to Arunachal Pradesh to help us make this real. They are already using the turbine to light their homes

We have already invested our time and finances to design this program and we are confident of the technology and its suitability. All the rewards have been designed and contributed or supported by the people we work with and we are sure that your contribution will be much appreciated.

How will the money be used?

Rs. 50000 in 3Kw Hydroger

Rs. 15000 in 3kw Electronic Load Controller

Rs. 54077 in Civil Work

Rs. 58865 in Transmission

Rs. 93800 in Installation - Kinjong Travel etc

Rs. 28258 in Contingency

What are the hurdles I'll face while chasing my dream?

Development and social impact projects can have innumerable delays due to the remoteness of locations we work in, disagreeable climate and cynical communities. The trek route to Pongging with the rains can be slippery and dangerous. We will have to tie all our equipment on bamboo poles and carry them to the hamlet however, bad weather may slow us down but not stop us. 

What happens when I don't raise enough money?

Wishberry has an All or Nothing policy, meaning if we don't reach our target, all the funds are refunded to our funders. If we can't raise our target amount, we will ask our contributors if we can postpone the project until we can raise funds from other sources or internally. The money raised will not be used for anything else

How am I going to prove that I won't just take all the money and run away?

We are available at all times and are ready to speak with our contributors, respond to questions and even meet them if possible. We are a registered company and have an established track record in sustainability. Our people come from respected institutions and we have documentary and video evidence of our work so far to prove our committment and time invested into ensuring that this project will be succesful


Feli Visco

Prof t lawma

team neped


Yanger imchen

kinjong village volunteers

Keso and moa


Vainik Shetty

Best of luck !


Dikdyuti Sen

Thanks for all the good work! :) A big hello to the folks out there in Pongging, hope to see you guys someday soon


abhinav tandon

pls keep this anonymous.and all the best,God bless you


Payal Sethi

You are doing a wonderful thing - power to you!


Deepshikha Baisya

Hi Feli.A great initiative.. Its refreshing to see take people conversations around social change away from beer tables into the fields. Good stuff. Love, Deepshikha


abhinav tandon

keep up the good work,God speed and best wishes to you....May God give you all the power necessary to execute a noble cause like this....All the best


Abhijeet Nayak

Wish you all the best! May lights glow up your lives..


Sireesha Panchakarla

Thank you for letting us help you.Hope you succeed in this wonderful journey of yours.


Saurabh Vajpayee

A small contribution from me towards such a noble cause. Please accept the same and I would be willing to help further too!!!!


Novel Chakma

Feli wish you great success in this project.


koyal roy

Hi Guys,Just wanted to let you know that you guys have great vision-hopefully your project takes off and all the best for the futureCheers


Liz Zadeng

Hi Feli and Lawma (u TL): Im glad to b part of this project! I am so proud of you both! Zualbawihi, USA


Sadhana Deori

I belong to Arunachal n live in Pasighat n have served nearby Pongging many years ago. Great to know that people do care for conservation n environment.Hope u will succeed in yr mission n just to let u know that in case u need a helping hand feel free to call up at 09436638555. Goodluck.


abhinav tandon

Dear L


Rohitashwaa Agarwala

Hello Mrs. Visco. Its a small contribution from our end. Wish you success in your campaign and efforts.


Neha Thapliyal

Hi Feli-more power to you girl !I am so proud of what you are doing , some day i would like to personally help with more :)Loads of luck and love -Neha


Coretta Christy

Hi Feli


Jayesh Bhardwaj

All the best


Annu Vishwanathan

Good luck with your project Feli! Wish you all the success! - Marut, Annu and Kabir


Medha Prabhakar

Wish you all the best. Hope your efforts see the light that you strive for.


Vaivhav Todi

Great stuff. Best wishes to you guys.. Will surely connect once I reach Assam. Hope to see more villages benefit. Cheers!


Tanisha Sinha

Wish you all the very best for this noble campaign!


Rajiv Sethy

Wish you the best in your difficult endeavor!


Vishwanath Palagummi

Good luck!!!


Neelima Kapuganti

I hope the campaign is successful and the people get electricity at the earliest.


jean rao

Looking forward to meeting you and visiting the hamlet.


jean rao

Looking forward to meeting you visiting the hamlet.


Hemanth Shekar

You guys are awesome! All the best!


Raj Kiran

Good luck and bless you all for helping the underprivileged. Simple things like these make the world go round. I will be happy to volunteer in any capacity i can to help this noble cause.Raj


Susmi Sengupta

You guys are doing an amazing work and there is much to learn from this initiative. I am thankful and grateful to you for giving us all the opportunity to contribute and become a part of this!! THANK YOU!!Feli - Very Proud today to be your school friend buddy!! Keep it up!


Sarala Prakash

Best wishes and prayers from my side to get the project going and bring it to fruition.Good Luck with the Funding too.


Shiv Kumar

Helping a village by providing some electricity is a very noble idea. Wishing you all the best and hope the village benefits light very soon. Do send pictures once its all done and keep us posted on how it goes . Shine on!Shiv


Purba Bhattacharjee

Love the work you are doing so thought should be part of the initiative..keep up the good work..


Prenita Bajaj

Good Luck on your quest to bring electricity to this village.. Our best wishes are with you.My nephew, Neekunj truly believes in your cause and through him, so do we..


Amardev Gandigudi

Good luck with your efforts!


Payal Jhaveri Saha

All the Best!


Neekunj Todi

wish u all the best! may you light up many more villages :)


Vinod Stephen

All the very best, Hope you receive enough funds to LIGHT up the TOWN... cheers........ :)


Gaurav Shetty

Hey Fel,I just saw this and loved the idea of helping set up lighting in remote villages. Hope this helps and you do really well.Gaurav


Minakshi Pandey

Very proud of you Feli and the entire team behind this project. May you light many more homes in India...


Manish Aery

All the very best Feli. I'm sure your project will bring a lot of smiles to people. Take care !!


Vishal Pereira

All the best Feli. Will try to do a larger round again within the 60 days.

We've got news

Yamne-Siang Confluence

17 May, 2014

Pongging is located near the confluence of rivers Yamne and Siang (Brahmaputra). It is also one of the controversial sites for a large hydro project. This picture was taken from the hanging bridge leading to Pongging

Enriching Local Knowledge- Resource Persons

17 May, 2014

Kenpok has been a valuable local guide right from the beginning of our project. He is now being trained by us to be a resource person. He is learning how to conduct surveys and simple feasibility site visits.

He has been accompanying us on our surveys and site visits since August 2013

Durga Panyang- Committee Member

17 May, 2014

Durga Panyang and his family (wife-son- daughter in law and grand daughter in the picture) are one of our host familes. They are generous and take really good care of their guests