A prototype has already been created by us and shown to the audience. Revolving around Freedom of Speech, this pilot was loved by children from a variety of backgrounds. We held workshops in a municipal school as well as an international school in Ahmedabad, asking children about what they know about the law. We then showed them the Lawtoons prototype and asked them what they'd prefer to study from - their textbooks or the comic. The answer, as you can guess, was a unanimous vote for Lawtoons!  

Since it was received with great enthusiasm and excitement, we now need the funds to create and publish a series of these comics and also launch a great mobile application of the cartoons. Some of the legal elements we’re already excited to start working on are laws concerning women, the rights of children, equality in our society, laws against exploitation as well as various rights such as the RTI and right to education.

We need the funds to pay our designers from NID for partnering with us and helping us design and illustrate the comic, to consult child psychologists who are going to develop the story with us and to finally print and publish.

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