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Kanooni Keeda

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About the project

Come join us in making the learning of laws joyful and fun through Lawtoons - Law + Cartoons!

What really is Lawtoons?

Lawtoons is a cartoon series on the laws of India. One of the first of its kinds in the country, the comic book is going to illustrate laws and legal rights of every individual to make it easier to understand and fun to learn.

Why is Lawtoons a necessity?

We felt that the civics curriculum in most schools is dull and boring, often putting off young minds from understanding the laws and rights better. This, unfortunately, results in a society where most people find it difficult to relate to the idea of laws and legal systems. Through our experience we realized that most people don’t understand the nuances of the system and how it works, and it takes great amounts of time for justice to be served to anyone.

Lawtoons is going to help solve this problem by making the legal system easily understandable to everyone it affects. Through the comic, we will make interesting and inspiring cartoons on different laws and rights, which children and grown-ups will really enjoy reading!

How are we going to make Lawtoons a reality?

The project is going to be drawn and illustrated by designers from the National Institute of Design (NID) and the legal input shall be provided by the both of us – Kanan and Kelly. The story development is going to be done in consultation with child psychologists to make sure we're communicating the law in an easy and understandable way, using the right colours and are reaching the audience in the most optimum fashion. We plan to complete and launch Lawtoons by November, 2014 and are waiting to explore the endless opportunities it presents.

Who are we?

Kanan has a masters in Public Adminstration and has graduated from the London School of Economics. She has a great amount of experience working in the legal space including being a part of the Prime Minister’s Advisory Body in Delhi, working with the World Health Organisation in Geneva, being a visiting scholar at Stanford University and an external consultant at McKinsey and Company.

Her sister, Kelly Dhru, graduated from Gujarat National University before going to Oxford University to do her Masters in Legal Philosophy. She went on to teach in Oxford University as well and has also worked on research projects with the World Bank and Harvard School of Public Health.

They have both founded the organization Research Foundation for Governance in India (RFGI) 5 years back, dedicatedly working on legal reforms in the country. Their incredible journey has given them a great understanding of the Indian legal system. What started as a humble initiative to reflect the legal system became a voluntary movement on legal reforms in the country.

Why crowdfunding?

We feel that children should grow up embracing laws and feeling empowered rather than overwhelmed with the legal system. This is what will enable a fundamental change in our mindset, paving the way for many positive changes in our country affecting all of us! Therefore, it is important for us that we involve you in our journey from the very beginning. And that’s not all; the exciting rewards provided to you are a great reason for you back this project!

How will the money be used?

Rs. 150000 in Cartooning & Animation

Rs. 30000 in Story Development

Rs. 40000 in Website and Mobile App

What are the hurdles I'll face while chasing my dream?

The development of the idea of Lawtoons has been organic and things have automatically fallen in place thus far. The right people have come along - as if this project is meant to take a shape. 

I am sure the journey may have certain hurdles on its way - be it glitches with the story development or publishing hurdles - the way the project has been going so far, it will not be difficult to overcome these challenges.

If two lawyers can chance upon the world of cartoons out of nowhere and find a space for themselves, anything is possible! :)  

What happens when I don't raise enough money?

The money is being raised mainly for designing costs and the costs attached to development of the story. Honestly speaking, if we don't raise money we will not be in a position to leverage best of the designers to work on Lawtoons. We will have to try for grants and donations which are often very bureaucratic and time-consuming. However, as you can see - some parts of the costs we are hoping to collect outside of the crowd-funding campaign as well. We are really hedging the risks here - so that the project really takes a beautiful shape! :)

As you can guess by now, we will of course continue to pursue the project but its execution may get delayed if we don't raise enough money. 

How am I going to prove that I won't just take all the money and run away?

If it was about money, RFG would have been thriving in pots of cash! If it was about money, me and my sister would be sitting in some plum lawfirm in New York or London minting money by the hour. But the truth is, that we have relentlessly pursued the cause of legal reforms since last 5 years in India because we believe in it. 

The money we are raising is going to go to the National Institute of Design as we are hoping to make Lawtoons a Diploma Project of a student starting from June. We will continue to provide full accountability of the money put to use on this platform so that you know where your hard-earned money given to this project is going!


Kanan dhru

kelly dhru

We've got news

Lawtoons gets its first intern!!

6 May, 2014

Sriraman Jha from the National Institute of Juridical Studies (NUJS), Kolkatta becomes the first intern @Lawtoons! Hurrah! Sriraman brings with him a curiosity of law and a funny bone to make really interesting stories! 

Pics from our Prototype!

14 April, 2014

It brings us immense joy to share with you the pictures from our first proto-type created around the idea of freedom of expression and right to privacy! 

We have already taken the prototype to different schools and have received a positive feedback from the students!

Pics from our Prototype!

14 April, 2014

Another snapshot from our prototype! 

Making of the Lawtoons Video!

10 April, 2014

As we excitedly see all of you supporting the campaign, we could not help but give you a sneak peak into this wonderful 1 minute video of what went behind the making of our pitch video!! Hope you have as much fun watching it, as we had in making the video