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  1. We will send you a cast and crew selfie (5” x 7” matte), signed at the back by our headlining cast.
  2. A hi-res JPEG poster of the film with your name on it that you can share on Facebook, and even print and frame!
  3. A shout out on our Facebook page
  4. A personal thank you email from the director of the film

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  1. Your name in the end credits of the film
  2. A high-res JPEG of the official Kothanodi poster customised with your name on it that you can share on your Facebook page and even print and frame
  3. You get a shout out on our Facebook page

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  1. A free HD streaming link to watch Kothanodi as soon as the film secures its online release
  2. Invitation to the film's premiere or screening in your city
  3. A special edition 4-coaster set featuring stills from Kothanodi
  4. A postcard with a still from the film and a handwritten thank you note from the director
  5. All the previous rewards

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  1. A 24x20 inches poster of the film, printed exclusively for you and signed by the cast
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  3. All the previous rewards

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  1. A collector's edition photobook with stills and behind the scenes pictures of the film
  2. Hang out at the sets of Kothanodi for 1 day during our October schedule
  3. Regular production updates about the film
  4. All the previous rewards

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  1. Have dinner with the cast and crew of Kothanodi
  2. A copy of the final Kothanodi script (in English or Assamese), spiral bound and signed by writers Bhaskar Hazarika and Dr. Arupa Patangia-Kalita
  3. 20 copies of the exclusive limited edition DVD featuring an unrated cut of the complete film, a 'Making of' documentary, and a deleted scenes selection
  4. All the previous rewards

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  1. Credit on IMDB and the film's end credits as an 'Additional Producer' - you will be a film producer listed on the world's biggest movie database
  2. Join us on our October schedule, watch the making of Kothanodi up close, and interact with crew and cast
  3. All the previous rewards

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  1. You receive 'Associate Producer' credit in the opening credits of the film and on IMDB
  2. Enjoy the limelight with a special private screening at a theatre in your city (within India) for your friends and family
  3. All the previous rewards

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About the project

                                                              Join us in bringing out Assamese folk tales on celluloid!

What is this movie about?

Kothanodi (The River of Fables) adapts its story from four fables contained in the Assamese folk tales compendium – Buri Ai’r Xadhu (Grandma’s Tales). Compiled by our foremost literary luminary – Laxminath Bezbarua - in 1911, these folk tales are well known and much loved by generations of Assamese children. But while the stories in Grandma’s Tales have traditionally been marketed as children’s fables, Kothanodi pushes them towards darker, unorthodox directions - where the magic is real, illusions starker, emotions rawer, and horror more visceral.

What's the storyline like?

Kothanodi can be looked upon as another example of the dark undertones that lie under the surface of almost every children's story in the world; as part of the global trend of alternative adaptations of classic folk tales, such as Snow White and the Huntsman (2012), Jack the Giant Slayer (2013, based on the fable Jack and the Beanstalk), and Maleficent (2014, a deconstruction of the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty), visualising dark subtexts in familiar stories.

Who is in in the movie?

We have put together a great ensemble cast for Kothanodi that includes popular Assamese artists, internationally acclaimed actors and some serious new talent. Our cast includes Seema Biswas, Adil Hussain, Zerifa Wahid, Urmila MahantaAsha Bordoloi, Kopil Bora, Monisha Bhuyan and Kasvi Sharma.

Why make this film?

Why make a film based on obscure folklore from a little known place tucked away in the north eastern corner of India? But that is precisely why Kothanodi is being made. The world is getting smaller, and with it more homogenized. Contemporary stories are increasingly irrelevant to their setting. An urban love story set in Bombay is likely to have the same themes as one set in Guwahati. This is perhaps the perfect time therefore for audiences to enjoy the rich diversity of culture and folklore in the world.

In Kothanodi, audiences will be introduced to stories that have universal themes (fear, loathing, envy, love), but are expressed local style, influenced by storytelling traditions of the numerous tribes inhabiting Assam for centuries.

What happens after the film is shot?

After our shooting concludes, we shall enter post production studios for editing, mastering, special effects, music, and dubbing. Funds for this can be arranged from private sources or film grants, because by then - thanks to all of you - we will have a complete film on our hands, and that always helps when seeking completion funds.

By when will it be released?

We expect the film to be ready for censor certification by February 2015. Once ready, we will take it to festivals around the world, taking with us a slice of Assamese folkore. And then, we will bring it home with a nationwide release by the spring of 2015, hopefully in time for the festival of festivals - Bohag Bihu!

Why crowdfunding?

Fund this film because you will be a pioneer in taking Assamese cinema out of the financial constraints that stunts it's growth. If we are successful in our campaign, directors, writers, and storytellers in Assam may find a radical new way to fund their projects. They can be freed from the shackles of box office returns, the lack of which invariably leads to lower budgets and inferior quality. All this could be great news for independent Assamese cinema, and you would have been a part of it.

Also, you are funding more than just a film. Part of Kothanodi's proceeds will go to preserve the Xatras in Majuli island- unique heritage centres of Vaishnavite culture, and to organizations battling relentless erosion of precious agricultural land in the island. Proceeds from the film will also fund the creation and maintenance of a comprehensive web portal on Laxminath Bezbarua - his life, times, contemporaries and literary works - which is still lacking on the world wide web.

How will the money be used?

Rs. 575000 in Cast and crew

Rs. 700000 in Equipment

Rs. 350000 in Accommodation and catering

Rs. 200000 in Miscellaneous

Rs. 175000 in Transport

What are the risks and challenges associated with your project?

The big risk we forsee is our inability to gather the funds to complete the film. Smaller risks such as inclement weather are more manageable and we have planned for them.

What happens when I don't raise enough money?

If we don't raise our target, we get nothing from Wishberry. That is the deal - all or nothing. In such an unhappy scenario, we shall turn towards film funds, grants, and keep hunting for investors.

On the other hand, if we raise more than our target, the extra money will come in real handy for our post production. We can invest in better effects, better processing facilities, and better music production.

How am I going to prove that I won't just take all the money and run away?

Seriously? Is that even a question? We would have so much more to lose than gain by pulling a scam on people when half our film is shot!







Gulok SAHA