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About the project

Set across 3 decades, Kosha Mangsho is a short film that depicts the transformation of a modern independent women from the submissive women of the 70’s era. The film reflects the orthodox and irrational practices prevailing in our society and aims to inspire people to think before blindly believing in what the society preaches.


Our crowdfunding campaign has been funded by Mr. Imtiaz Ali! Here's what he has to say about the film:

"Kosha Mangsho’ promises to be a very interesting film. It is about food and culture and passing generations of a family. It had my interest from the word go and I feel lucky to be a part of it’s support team."


It was at MAMI (Mumbai) where I watched “Sahaj Pather Gappo” - a Bengali film with the magnificent duo of Mrinmoy Mondal & Chandradeep Goswami that left me spellbound! As Kosha Mangsho uses visuals and music a lot for storytelling, I decided to reach out to them and from there started our journey. Over the next months, we built together a strong production unit and cast based out of Kolkata.

In Kosha Mangsho, we have drawn inspiration from the ubiquitous tendency of following blindly what our elders pass on to us. 

"After my mother got married, she saw her mother-in-law always keep aside one piece of mutton (a peculiar Indian superstition). Her curiosity peaked and soon she found that there was no rationale behind it. It was just a tradition blindly followed by her family as just the customary way of preparing a mutton dish. The seeds for Kosha Mangsho were sown then and will now be culminating in over a year long effort in bringing it on screen." - Varun Khettry (Director)

Up until now I have used the entire earnings from my production house “Little Stream Films” and the financial support from my family to fund this project. So far, we have shot the 90’s era and now we just need to finish shooting the the remaining two era’s.

Why crowdfunding?

We approached production houses in Kolkata but most of them are heavily commercial and masala driven. For a thought provoking indie film like Kosha Mangsho, we need the support of cinema lovers like you who want to change the irrational and backward practices prevailing in our society.

How will the money be used?

Rs. 50000 in Film Festival Submissions

Rs. 300000 in Production

Rs. 100000 in Post Production

Rs. 50000 in Admin Fees

What’s unique about Kosha Mangsho?

The uniqueness of the film comes from the style of story telling which has a subtle treatment and relies on metaphors to convey its message. The film is also very personal as I attempt to inspire viewers to question authority and discover more of what life has to offer by being curious.

What are the risks and challenges associated with your project?

We are under a time crunch to complete the shoot or we will miss the deadlines for major International film festivals which are very critical for the film to get recognition. A creative challenge is going to be authentically re-creating a 70s Bengali home but one which my team is mitigating by scanning every nook and corner of this beautiful city for period artefacts.


Varun Khettry 




Craig Macgowan

26 July, 2018

All the best buddy 👊


Jaysmita Saha

6 July, 2018

Wish u all the very best!!! Extremely proud of you 🤗


Monita Mehrotra

3 July, 2018

Wish you all luck in making more n more meaningful films for all. Love Monu


Dhaawal Shah

28 June, 2018

Good luck bro!


Abhenav Khettry

25 June, 2018

Wish you the very best for the successful completion of this film!


slokarth dash

22 June, 2018

All the best! Manyu and Varun !


Preety Mohankumar

21 June, 2018

Sky is the limit for you 👍


Sonjoy Kshettry

21 June, 2018

Best of Luck!!!!


Mihir Viroff

21 June, 2018

Best of Luck Guys. Hope to see this film become reality soon.


Rushil Noronha

21 June, 2018

Best of luck guys!! Really looking forward to seeing this come to life :)