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About the project

“What if you were given a choice to change your life? Would you change anything?”

Kathi Pe Ghoda is a short film about an ordinary old man who is faced with this metaphysical question through an extraordinary experience. What becomes his choice, and how it ultimately impacts him in the real world, is what the film is all about.

The Story

I have always been in awe of this grand universe that we all are a part of and I often wondered, that there must be a sort of higher force that is making everything blend together and function in perfect harmony. I believe, that only when we truly look without judgement of right or wrong, its miracle presents itself and then our rational thinking rushes to put a nametag on this force, calling it by different names like God. 

But in my view, recognizing and accepting its limitless power is far greater than naming it. “What if the force is simply around us not interfering, but instead offering us to choose our life as we drift through time?” This is the question that laid the foundation work on which the film flows.

Tell us more about the unique rig you have created for shooting the film

Apart from a unique concept being told in a tiny 15 minute film, there is an actual mechanical device that I have created for shooting the film.

I wanted to take my audience into the psyche of the character for which I designed and constructed a rig system from scratch, where the actor wears it on his body with a harness. The camera is mounted on the rig pointing towards the actor. As the actor walks and moves, the camera translates that action as literally as possible into visuals while rotating 360 degrees around the actor. So the audience experiences the confusion, the madness of the mind just as the character is going through. Such rig is the first of it’s kind to be ever used in filmmaking.

Past work

I have had theatre training in New York and have been making films since 2017. My first film “Shoebox” was for Mumbai Metro festival that won the 2nd place grand prize. My 2nd Film “Turtle Boy” won the 1st Prize for Sadhguru’s Isha Foundation - Rally for Rivers contest 2017. 

Kathi Pe Ghoda is my third film and the culmination of all my previous winnings and experience into one work. From concept stage to final execution, we have left no stones unturned for this creation.

Why crowdfunding?

Until now I have been able to redirect the winnings from my previous two films into this project and also got friends and acquaintances who had seen by previous work and liked it to contribute any amount that was possible for them. But now since I have run out of all sources of funding I could manage, I am finally appealing to you guys - my audience. As an independent filmmaker, funding has always been a problem. But with your help, I can cross this hurdle and make you a dear part of my film in the process.

How will the money be used?

Rs. 120000 in Pre production

Rs. 100000 in Post production

Rs. 50000 in Miscellaneous

Rs. 30000 in Admin Fees

What are the risks and challenges associated with your project?

The biggest risk is to not have enough revenue to complete the cycle of making the film, it should self sustain enough that the creation process should not stop. For example, my last 2 films made enough revenue that I could bring this film to this stage. Similarly this film should open the next door for creating more content.

Why should people fund this project?

Through Kathi Pe Ghoda, I intend to use powerful imagery and sounds to tell a story that leave an everlasting impact, because one day I will wither away but the work I leave behind will remain to tell tales. I live and breathe filmmaking and this is my dream project. So if you like the story and want to see it come to life, please do help me by making a contribution towards the campaign.


Ashish Choudhary 

Writer and director 

Kavish Agrawal 

Director of photography 



Karan Choudhary Choudhary

23 July, 2018

Good Luck. Can't wait to see the film and you on the red carpet.


Kashish Vats

21 July, 2018

Hey Genius, I'm sorry I took a little long to contribute my bit, I hope you know how badly I was stuck in a miserable situation and was totally helpless even though was really keen to contribute as much as I could. Having said that, I really wish that we all make Kathi Pe Ghoda through this campaign and help it reach where it deserves to be. My best wishes are always with you. Cheers!! Regards


Jishnu Basu

10 July, 2018

All the best Ashish , I love the idea of the project, great things to come.


Soe Thet San

9 July, 2018

I'm donating on behalf of Mr. Aung Phyoe who knows the DOP of your project (something along that line). I wish for the successful and satisfactory completion of your project. All the best!