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About the project

The web-series follows the notorious antics of a mischievous five-year-old child as he creates chaos in his surroundings. It's a fun light take at life and growing up. 

A bit about the story

The plot revolves around a simple Bengali middle class family residing in the small town of Dhanbad. How To Deal With An Impossible Child is a series about the celebration of raw and unhindered nature of childhood. It shows how futile our attempts are to control the free flowing wild passions of a child.

And a little bit about me

My name is Samyo Ghoshal, I am a student of the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad currently pursuing my Masters Degree in Animation. I am making this series because I feel a need for looking back at our roots, dig up exciting stories that all of us have cherished and tell them. The stories in the series roughly revolve around incidents from my own childhood.

How much of the series is complete and what is remaining? 

I have finished the pilot episode including the animatics and animation. I am yet to finish the other two episodes of the series. 

Why did you choose this topic for the series?

Since childhood, I have been a very difficult child to control. But owing to the perpetual turbulence that my behaviour bore, most of my family members have had wonderful experiences that they still share and have a good laugh about. I feel amongst all those mischievous adventures remained an innocence of childhood that I miss today. 

What is special about the series ?

My experiences as a child have helped in moulding the characters featured in the series. You will find similarities between them and my childhood friends! In fact, I'm still in touch with one of my class teachers, on whom the teacher's character in the pilot episode has been designed and she can't wait to watch the series. 

Why do you want your series to be screened at Chitrakatha?

Chitrakatha Animation Festival is a platform where people from all over the world come to share their experience in animation. If my series is screened at Chitrakatha, I’ll be able to reach a bigger audience and people all over the world will be aware of the work that I am striving to accomplish. 

Why crowdfunding?

My project does not demand a huge sum to be made and I have tried to make it as low budget as possible. However, I am still a student and have to maintain continuing the project along with my studies. To complete the project the way I imagined would require a bit of professional help, and hence crowdfunding.  Also, crowdfunding is the only way I'd be able to get my series screened at Chitrakatha.

How will the money be used?

Rs. 10000 in Pre-Production Costs

Rs. 30000 in Animation

Rs. 37000 in Sound and Posting Processing

Rs. 4000 in Creating and managing Web-site

Rs. 8000 in Admin Cost

Rs. 11000 in Managing and Media Advertising Charges

Rs. 0 in sample

What are the risks and challenges associated with your project?

The project is a traditionally created 2D animation series, which means it is highly labour-intensive. And being a student I need professional help to complete it in due time. The only way I can manage to get the professional help is through this campaign.

Why should you believe me and why should you fund this project?

The people backing me will constantly be updated, as I’ll be uploading my progress on all my social media handles. Also, I am working on this series to pave way for my future animated films that I plan to make. So, there is no way for me to back out at all.

Wishberry and NID have shown their support in my work by selecting me to participate in this campaign. I do need you to come forward and help me get to the finish line to be able to showcase my work.

Animation and India. Thoughts?

Animation in India is in a perpetual state of utter confusion. Most of the stories that are turned into animated films narrate repetitions or variations of similar plots. On top of that, in a country where the value of our currency is 1/60th of a Dollar, comparison done with technologically advanced western animation seems rather unfair.

Chitrakatha, what's that all about ?

Wishberry and National Institute of Design (NID) have come forward with this initiative — Script 2 Screen. It encourages animation in the country by making sure students can screen their films at Chitrakatha, a biennial, international festival where the best of the Industry come forward to celebrate and notice talent. We entered the competition and some of us were selected to raise funds via crowdfunding. Through this we will be able to finish our student films and showcase them at Chitrakatha. This is a huge platform for college students as well as those who’ve just finished college! We will be able to show our work to experts and gain so much exposure!

Future plans for this project...

I want to be able to finish my current episode beautifully. Then, move on to working on the remaining two episodes, so that the web-series I had envisioned is complete. I would then like to show the same to the widest possible audience through film festivals and the internet!


Samyo Ghoshal 

Creator, Director and Animator



Prasam Pal

20 September, 2017

Jio pagla!



20 September, 2017

Toujours là pour mon copain d'enfance. Continuez à vivre la vie! Lionheart !!


sonali ghosh

2 September, 2017

yay!! all the best tatai :D



1 September, 2017



Sayoni Mukherjee

1 September, 2017

Hi, you might not know me personally but I know you as Nabarun Kaku's son. Your work is amazing and I'm so proud of you .


Atanu Gangopadhyay

1 September, 2017

Best wishes


Somnath Chakraborty

31 August, 2017

Let us back this effort


Atreyee Dutta

28 August, 2017

All the best dude! you will rock it! I know! ( =


Saumya Goyal

27 August, 2017

All the very best, Bongali Bwoy! No doubt you will shine :)


Aritra Chowdhury

25 August, 2017

Best wishes :)


Ind Rani

24 August, 2017

All the BEST !! :)


Ajoy Laskar

24 August, 2017

Congrats for the project, go ahead


Nandita Das

23 August, 2017

Best wishes for your web series. Wish you lots of success.


Nabarun Ghoshal

23 August, 2017

I heartily congratulate you for taking up this tough venture involving the pure human art expressed through the machine.


Ankita Thakur

22 August, 2017

Best of Luck Samyo! I'm sure it'll be an entertainer