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About the project

Happy Anniversary is a short film about the beginning of a 61 year old married, retired teacher's journey of getting to know herself better. 

As an individual and as a filmmaker I have been very curious about the idea of marriage and the intricacies of that institution. Growing up in Delhi in a middle class household one is always privy to conversations and occasions where the oddities of this institution are on display.

My previous film which was a documentary titled Welcome Valentine 2017 was also an inquiry in this direction. That film was geared towards understanding the basic idea of two people wanting to come together and share a life through the point of view of a temple priest. 

In this film, I have taken that inquiry a step further. What happens when two people from a different generation (different than ours) have been together for 30 plus years. I have specifically taken into account the act of sleeping together in a marriage. What led to this very specific theme were a series of conversations with my friends about marriage, the man woman relationship and power dynamics within this institution. Some of those friends became a part of the film in a big way. Bhavna Bhasin and I co-wrote the screenplay (who is a collaborator on the project).

The Plot

For 31 years, Amit and Seema Arora have lived a life of ordinary joys, recycled struggles and an unvarying routine built around necessity and unquestioned responsibility. Amit Arora, 64, has filled the vacuum of retirement with tea, technology and a daily dose of dismissals. He consumes world news with a large side of namkeen and cynicism and is also an active member of his Resident Welfare Association. Seema Arora at 61, a retired home science teacher has treaded the foliage of marriage, work and motherhood to arrive at a clearing, unaccustomed to sun and space. On the outside, the Arora's appear to be a well-greased unit, replete with a daughter, Mansi, married to the love of her life.

The film begins with a slice of their reality, a family born on the cusp of stifling patriarchy, globalisation and the rise of a peculiar middle-class mindset with roles reigning over interests. Seema and Amit have worked in tandem to achieve the middle-class dream, they have a modest house, a car, savings to not just survive but to spare on a few indulgences, a successful daughter in a happy marriage and a spotless image in the society. But this dream is held together by several fallacies that are eclipsed from their heavily conditioned minds.

On the afternoon of their 31st anniversary, a debate triggered by their six- year old granddaughter’s sense of individuality even at such an early age, causes Seema to question her dependency, a coerced sense of satisfaction and a patchwork identity left on the back burner for 61 years. What gnaws at Seema, is not a lack of ambition, but a dearth of interests, an absence of the markers of individuality.

This realisation is strengthened under the heat of everyday dismissal of her needs and infantilisation of her opinions at the hands of her husband as well as her daughter. An introspection into her second-hand childhood shared with five siblings traced over the beautifully ventilated life of her granddaughter, leads her to recognise the need for space, both physical and metaphoric, to thrive.

Soaked in this realisation and a belated sense of purpose, Seema looks for a tangible shift, a room of her own, on their anniversary. A blinded Amit is shocked by this revelation and rejects the idea only to unearth his own insecurities.

In this great middle-class saga, there is no hero, no villain, just victims of circumstances guilty only of performing and perpetuating toxic traditions unquestioningly.

Puzzled, full of self doubt, and facing emotions and questions Amit and Seema had never dealt with earlier , they begin to negotiate and understand each other better and embark on another year of their married life with a (hopefully) renewed understanding. 

Watch the trailer here


The Crew 

I’m a final year film direction student at NID, Ahmedabad. I have been involved with film and media since 2010 when I began my under graduation at Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication Pune. After that I have worked as an Assistant Director, Art Director and Production Manager on film and TV shows, including three awarding winning films for the Discovery Channel.

My documentary film Welcome Valentine 2017 has been my most successful film so far.

I have been working on Happy Anniversary since January 2018.

Most of the crew on this film are either recent alumni of film and design schools across the country or are still studying. 

Vedi Sinha, a former batchmate from NID, helped me with the casting process, was the on set Acting Coach for the 7 year old cast member Sia and also used to step in as an assistant director.

Sachin Yaduvanshi did the cinematography and is an alumnus from State University of Performing and Visual Arts, Rohtak.  There could not have been a better cinematographer for this film. He is extremely professional, knows his work inside out and can honestly take a master class on cinematography and cinema. Sachin’s film had premiered at Busan International Film Festival last year.

Riddhi Jain, was the executive producer on the film. She is a textile design graduate from NID but was instrumental in the making of this film. Since the film was shot at her design studio in Delhi she was responsible for everything that was needed from the location itself. As she runs a textile unit, she was also taking care of the protagonists costume needs on set from ironing to basic stitching and repair.

Bhavna Bhasin is a lawyer by education but a writer by profession and also a school friend. She has been a content writer for more than 5 years and now has started to work on fiction projects for the visual medium for the last year or so. She has co written a series for Amazon Prime.

Devshree Nath, a fourth year undergraduate  Film and Video student was an assistant director on set. She came to Delhi about two weeks before shoot to help me with pre-production which included preparing the location and costumes. On shoot she maintained the log sheet.  

Gautam Gulati joined the film 4 days prior to shoot and helped us prepare the location and other running around that is needed to be done just before the shoot. On shoot he was giving the clap. He is currently in his second year in the Film and Video Department at NID.

Shrutika Jain, a visual communication graduate from NIFT, Mumbai was in charge of the daily expenditure and logistics on set.

Adisha Khandaul is a textile design graduate at Srishti School of Design but secretly has a passion for cinema. She also started working on the film one week prior to the shoot. She was instrumental in tagging costumes and preparing lists of action props for next days shoot. She took behind the scenes photos on set and did make up when needed.

Debjit Samanta is a fellow cinematography student at State University of Performing and Visual Arts, Rohtak. There is no imaginable kind of lighting that this guy cannot do (with the least possible resources). Atleast our crew thinks so. 


Why crowdfunding?

So far, I’ve self funded the project. The film has been completely shot. The entire post production process is still left, which includes the edit, sound design, music, subtitling and colour correction. And that's where I need you all and your trust. As cliche as it might sound but this is ‘Ghar Ghar ki Kahani’ and what better way to tell this story but by ourselves. I am only making this film but the story really belongs to every household. Also I would request you to see the value in the narrative. If you see the worth in the story and its need of being told, then I would be forever indebted to you if you trusted me and funded the project.

How will the money be used?

Rs. 135000 in Post Production

Rs. 104000 in Paying back crew

Rs. 50000 in Sound Post & Music

Rs. 20000 in Festival Entries

Rs. 24000 in Remaining Rentals

What's so different about this film?

We don’t see films or stories about the older generation very often. There are a lot of coming of age films about teenagers or even people in their 20’s but the older generation has always been picturised as people devoid of any desire or imagination. In most slice of life films senior citizen characters are either reduced to objects of pity or their only concern is the marriage of their children. I have tried to break that mould. I would consider it safe to say that this film is the coming of age film of a 61 year old woman.
The films is deeply personal as it is literally inspired from things that I have seen my aunts, buas, chachis and mausis go through.
Every person that I have spoken to, about the film has also been able to resonate with my protagonists concerns because of someone they know.
I plan to dedicate this film to ‘our mothers’ and I really want all of them to see this film.

Why should you believe me and not think that I'll run away with all the money?

I’m a filmmaker. We don’t run. We sit on a chair and order around. On a serious note, I’m not running away anywhere. I’ve spent a year preparing and shooting the film. I’m still enrolled at NID.

What are the risks and challenges associated with your project?

Every film runs the risk of not being ‘liked’ by it’s viewers but one cannot get bogged down by that. But since I have shot the film, most of the risks are past us. Now the challenge remains to edit the film in a manner that it conveys the soul of the story.

What's the release plan?

The release plan is simple. Since this is a short film, a theatrical release is out of question. The plan is to send it to reputed festivals in India and target South Asian diaspora festivals in the US, Canada and Germany along with other international festivals which are dedicated to showcasing student work. A portion of the crowdfunded amount will also be used to send this film to these festivals. Once the film has done the round of festivals, I will be approaching online channels which feature such content.


Dhruv Satija 


Bhavna Bhasin

Screenplay Writer

Riddhi Jain

Executive Producer & Costumes

Vedi Sinha

Acting Coach

Shrutika Jain

Production Manager 

Gautam Gulati

Assistant Director

Devshree Nath

Assistant Director

Sachin Yaduvanshi


Adisha Khandual

Assistant Director

Debjit Samanta

Assistant Camera



Oshin Satija

28 January, 2019

Good luck. Complete the project and hope it takes you places. :)


Cana Jimo

25 January, 2019

Best Wishes.


Akanksha Saran

24 January, 2019

Wishing the film and the team behind it all the success! :)


Ankita Thakur

17 January, 2019

Another great film :D


Kaitav Patel

12 January, 2019

Dost hai mera tu...!


Ujwal Batra

11 January, 2019

Knowing Dhruv and his work, I'm sure he'll do a brilliant job. It's an idea that deserves to be explored and brought to life. Good luck!


Vandana Madan

31 December, 2018

Hi Dhruv, congratulations & Blessings


Alok Grover

28 December, 2018

@From Kanta Bua!! With Love to Dhruv


Alok Grover

25 December, 2018

Hi Dhruv Wish you a million success. Keep going. Love from All of us



22 December, 2018

Dear Dhruv and the team, Our best wishes for the success of your film! Keep it up!! The Satija Family from Boston


Suparna Mendiratta

19 December, 2018

All the best Dhruv Satija


Nitin Satija

19 December, 2018

All the best. A great script.


Ishveena Singh

19 December, 2018

All the best, Dhruv! Cannot wait to watch this :)


Harshita Grover

19 December, 2018

Lots and lots of best wishes and so much good luck for this awesome film.. eagerly looking forward!! Very proud of the hard work work of Dhruv and the entire crew!!!


Vishakha Jha

18 December, 2018

All the very best!!! Excited for it :)


Karan Singh

17 December, 2018

Fodd denge Bhai!


Abhinandan Sridhar

17 December, 2018

All the best Dhruv. ♥️♥️


Prabhanshu Kajala

17 December, 2018

"that of all the arts the most important for us is the cinema" ~ V I Lenin