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Green 2016

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Greenopia Virtual

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Greenopia Uno Kit- Super Early Adopters

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Greenopia UNO Kit

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  • The kit includes the smart pot, mobile application and also a Surprise Seed Kit to get you started rightaway
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Greenopia Duo Kit - Super Early Adopters

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Greenopia Duo Kit

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Greenopia Mini Farm Kit

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Greenopia Visionary Farm Kit

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About the project

Are you concerned about the quality of food your family eats? Have you tried kitchen gardening but given up after initial confusion and failures? Are you too busy to take care of your plants? Or just a great gardener who wants to take it to the next level?
We have just the solution for you - Greenopia.
What is Greenopia?
Greenopia is an award-winning smart gardening kit that knows exactly what is going on with your plants and assists you at each step to make sure your plants are healthy.
What's a 'smart gardening kit'?
It consists of one or more smart pots and a mobile application downloadable on any smartphone.
What will I do with these Smart Pots?
Once you plant something in the Smart Pot, your mobile app becomes your Personal Gardening Assistant. Here's what you can do with it-
  • Water your plant with one click from anywhere in the world.
  • Monitor its well being.
  • Share its pictures, your experiences with friends and other Greenopia users.

Wow, how does it do that?
Greenopia Smart Pots have sensors that detect sunlight, soil moisture and electrical conductivity. These are the three most critical 'vitals' that indicate a plant's well being - does it have enough sunlight, water? Is the soil too acidic? They will send you these values on your mobile app and suggest what actions you might need to take.
But how can I water my plants from far away?
The smart pot has a motor and a reservoir, which you can fill with water once in a while. It is connected to the internet. So when you press the 'water' button on your app, it sends the signal to the smart pot, which actuates a motor in it.
How big is it? Can i get this for my own pots?
Our smart pot is roughly 2ft(L)X1ft(B)X0.5ft(H) in dimension. This is the standard size of the pot. But we also understand that you may like our system in your already existing pots. If thats the case, we can very well do that also. Just choose the rewards with the smart pots and share photos and details of your already existing pot and we will get a custom module done for your already existing pots. No problem at all. We are here to help you.
What if despite all this, my plant looks sick?
The Greenopia app gives you preventive information so that your plants are healthy. However, if your plant still looks sick, you can always share your problems with other users on Greenopia Community through the app. As the number of users increase, the app will learn from data from thousands of smart pots and offer you more and more intelligent suggestions.
So it is great for beginners. But what about advanced gardeners?
If you have never grown your food, this is reason enough to begin. If you already grow your own food, you can take your understanding to the next level. Imagine how much richer discussions on plants will be, with quantified data along with your practical experience. It will also help you diagnose other people's problems better.
How did you come to this idea?
Some of us come from small towns where we used to have kitchen gardens at home, and actually grew up on fresh and healthy food. But this was an experience difficult to replicate in cities, where we are now. When we tried growing food ourselves, we failed, because it was really hard to make sense of what was going on with our plants. Information on internet was not always relevant to our plants and our geographies. And experts were not always easy to find. Work and family commitments made it even more difficult to keep up with it. These challenges, eventually, gave birth to Greenopia.
What motivated you to start this project?
Greenopia started to evolve, from a solution to a vision - of an urban farming system that is simple, scalable and learns on its own. And that is a vision that drives us.

Why crowdfunding?

Greenopia is not just a product. It is a vision, for which it won the prestigious Indo-Russian MTS Innovatsii 2015 award, where it was acclaimed by industry experts.

The first ones to adopt Greenopia will literally be co-innovators. Everytime you grow a plant, you create data about it ,which makes Greenopia more intelligent. So you become pioneers of what could be the first intelligent food library.



How will the money be used?

Rs. 450000 in Manufacturing Smart Pots

Rs. 400000 in App Design and Development

Rs. 50000 in Human Resource

What are the risks and challenges associated with your project?

It is one of India's first Internet of Things Project, and that's both a challenge and a huge motivation for us to make it successful.

We are prepared, with all the right experts empanelled and rigorous prototyping done.

What happens when I don't raise enough money?

We will receive your funds only if we exceed or reach our goal within the stated deadline. The money will be returned to the contributers if the target is not reached. Of course this would inhibit the project and delay the vision of smarter, scalabale urban gardening.

How am I going to prove that I won't just take all the money and run away?

We are a team from the most reputed institutions in India. We are no fly-by-night operators and have a very real presence in the design community. And we are serious about forming a long term relationship with you.

We'll communicate often and clearly with our backers on where we are in the delivery process. We'll also be here to answer any questions you have about how things are going. If delays occur, we will keep backers updated to let them know when they will receive their Greenopia Kits.

What about maintenance of smart pot? Is there a warranty?

Smart Pots are designed for easy maintenance.

To keep our crowdfunding prices to a bare minimum, we have not passed you on any servicing costs. However, as an appreciation of your support, we will offer you free replacement of electronic parts and virtual troubleshooting for a year.


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sudhakar (teddy)

devyani jain

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sujil kodathoor

R. Thejha (TJ)

We've got news

Greenopia Partners with MeraGarden !

28 April, 2015

Now Greenopia is more than a smart garening kit. Now you can order any plant online from the wide selection of plants from, our premium partner for plants.

Site link:

They ship plants all over India and provide same-day delivery in Delhi NCR region. 

Starving Foodie of Toronto writes that greenopia can be a boon for busy city folks

22 April, 2015

It's great for people that don't have green thumbs like me and busy people that travel or spend a lot of time away from home but want to be able to grow herbs or other kinds of plants but just don't have the time to keep up with taking care of their plants.

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iDiva writes about greenopia

22 April, 2015

This smart gardening device is a godsend. It is an electrical pot that works on WiFi and detects the three most important variables that help a plant flourish - water, soil and sunlight.  Read Full article

BoredPanda is not bored with Greenopia

13 April, 2015

BoredPanda features Greenopia and seems excited about the internet of gardens aspect of it. Check the full article here

UK's Garden Culture Magazine talks about Greenopia

13 April, 2015

"Its a sleep modern style that will look great with anyone's decor" Read the full article here

Vijay Anand backed Greenopia

13 April, 2015

Great to see a project like this come out of India. Wishing the team the very best of luck!

NextBigWhat gives their big verdict :)

13 April, 2015

(this) could be disrupting the way a community eats or grows their food...

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Best Project in Indo-Russian Innovation Challenge

31 March, 2015

The Hindu writes about Greenopia & The Goa Project

31 March, 2015

Developed by NID designers, the app marries gardening to technology, creating a tech-enabled pot that tells you when a plant needs to be watered, when the sunlight level needs to be adjusted and what species will thrive best in a particular region.

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Team Greenopia featured in

31 March, 2015

e27 - Asia's leading Technology Magazine talks about Greenopia

29 March, 2015

This smartpot helps monitor the growth of the sapling in your garden

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Rajan Anandhan Backed Greenopia!

1 January, 1970

Want to be "Green and Smart"? love this: #Greenopia being crowdfunded @Wishberry_in Lets get this done in India!

Tweeted Rajan Anandhan, MD & VP of Google India 

[Link to original tweet here]

With him as one of our early users, we are a bit anxious to deliver a top quality product. May be its a good problem to have :)