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About the project

Watch the film about a deaf wrestler and his journey to reach the Rio Olympics 2016!

What's Goonga Pehelwan?

Goonga Pehelwan is a documentary that follows India’s most successful deaf athlete on his quest to reach the Rio Olympics 2016 and become only the second deaf wrestler in the history of the Olympics to do so. A captivating account of an incredible athlete, largely unknown and snubbed by the bureaucracy, this is the story of Virender Singh that follows his grit, fierce dedication to fight against restraints and hopes. What would take someone a better part of his life to attain, Virender has and continues to do so in a third of that time. Popularly known as “Goonga” in the wrestling community, Virender is a three-time Deaflympics (Olympics for the Deaf) Medallist, having won gold twice out of these three medals, and a World Champion.

What motivated us to make this film?

Now the first time ever that the story of Virender caught our attention was this very interesting article that we came across about this deaf wrestler who has such prestigious victories to his credit at such a young age but the respect and accolades these achievements should attract were completely lacking. We found ourselves even more titillated when we tried to Google him and found no information or mention of Virender. Baffled at the complete absence of his existence on the virtual world, we were driven to meet him. When we approached him, he greeted us with such warmth and with great affinity we hit off with each other and struck a rapport. Listening to him talk about his struggles and all that he dreams of, it was his motivation and dedication to make it big, which inspired us to take on this film and bring to light this gifted wrestler and the issue that existed regarding the discrimination amongst able-bodied and disabled athletes. There have been no precedents in the Indian sporting history where differently-abled athletes have made it to the able-bodied Olympics. The film delves into his journey from the by-lanes of a village in Haryana to becoming India’s most successful deaf athlete. On the way, it looks at all that he has endured and achieved through a glittering decade and a half long career.

And what's Mission Rio 16?

Mission Rio 16 is an attempt by us to help fulfil, for differently-abled athletes, what is considered to be their greatest dream - to be at the pinnacle of all sporting contests. It was introduced with two major long term objectives - to create a system where there are equal opportunities for all athletes, both able-bodied and disabled, to represent themselves and the nation at competitions within the country and abroad. The second objective is to ensure that the awards and/or rewards received by winners are the same. There should be no discrimination between an able-bodied athlete and a disabled one for an equal achievement. Fighting for all that Virender deserves today is the medium through which we hope to achieve this. Virender stands for a lot more than just an individual who has been wronged by the laws of his own country. He stands for the long overdue social and political transformation that is desperately required today. Through this film and the advocacy for this cause, we want to make sure that he has a place on the wrestling mat in Rio 16.

How did we come together to shoot the film?

After having worked together previously before, we came together with a vision to create an impact in only the field of film-making but also within the communities and largely, the society to be able to create awareness and bring about the changes about how differently abled athletes are treated. Backing us up was a strong team of assistant directors, cinematographers, editors and content writers who made the entire pre-production and production as smooth as it could get for a documentary film of this immensity. The entire team is extremely talented and are strongly motivated to see this film through. The film-makers owe a huge thanks to them for their undying faith and support at every step through the way.

What's our goal?

While the policy level change that we're aiming for is seemingly the more focused, targeted objective, the social awareness goal is just as important because if every person around is acutely aware about the problems faced by their fellow citizens, then there would be no need for such an uprising. We plan to maximize the film's reach manifold. To make sure it reaches that level, help is required in the areas of post-production which covers editing, sound design and colour grading. Also, the money that we raise will be used in helping to screen it in various spaces, nationally, so that we can develop a consciousness about the issue. This will go a long way in fulfilling Virender's dream of making it to the Olympics in Rio 2016.

Where do we plan to screen the film?

As important as the captivating story of the film is, the need for it to reach the right masses in a large number is equally imperative. The process of distribution of a documentary film is quite different from the conventional channels used for that of a commercial film. Since our main objective is to maximize its out-reach and make sure it appeals to audiences from all walks of life, we plan to send this film out to international film festivals, hold screenings in schools, colleges and other such educational institution and are trying for a possibility of a theatrical release. Covering all the major distribution channels will ensure that we realize our aim of widening our audience reach and put this film on the map.

Why crowdfunding?

Since we started this climb, we've received support from a lot of platforms such as schools, corporates, individuals and many more. This has strengthened our morale and encouraged us to keep going. But, for our project to start evolving in other arenas as well, we've reached out to you.

An idea, a cause, can create ripples in society. We're aware of the potential that you hold which is why we're reaching out to you directly. No other means, no other channel will be more effective than the power of the people. We trust that passionately supported ideas and people who strongly believe in them lend more momentum to a cause than anything else. The people, by funding this project, can act as a catalyst for our mission to bring about a change in the lives of the disabled sportspersons in India.

How will the money be used?

Rs. 60000 in Shoot 2nd Leg

Rs. 25000 in Colour Correct

Rs. 75000 in Edit

Rs. 30000 in Sound

Rs. 60000 in Dissemination

What are the hurdles I'll face while chasing my dream?

What started as a very interesting documentary slowly turned into our passion. Now, we want to chase the ultimate dream - that of seeing a differently-abled athlete make it to the Olympics in 2016. In order to reach out to more and more people and make the film attractive to a wide audience in the country, we need help with the editing, color-grading and the sound design. We plan to start screening Goonga Pehelwan in lots of community spaces so more and more of you can watch it and start a dialogue about disability and sports. 

What happens when I don't raise enough money?

In that case, none of the things we've planned for, happen. And our plans are kind of our future. A lot of people are connected to this cause and they'd all be at a dead end in case the funding doesn't come through. This is about all of us backing this amazing athlete and in the process send a heart-warmingly strong message to people all over that when people come together, beautiful things happen.

How am I going to prove that I won't just take all the money and run away?

We're banking on you, absolutely and completely. We'll give you all the details you need, be it our future plans or where we stand currently. It will all be up on our website and you can follow up on us and see what we are upto. In case you're not completely assured by what we're telling you here, you can contact us at 918511556894 at any time of the day. We'd be more than happy to talk. :)


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Prateek gupta

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7 August, 2014

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