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About the project

This is us!

We are an ordinary group of aspiring engineering students with an extraordinary hunger and passion for building and racing our Formula style car. The sparks of our passion have lit all the national level formula student competitions since 2011. This year we will be carrying the responsibility of representing INDIA at the place where the grassroots of racing lie, “The Silverstone Circuit”; having done that profoundly in Formula Moscow 2016 where we ranked 7th globally.

What we do?

Comprising of 40 enthusiasts, we are India’s premier formula student team: Acceleracers. We eat, sleep, rev, repeat and of course design, fabricate and race our hearts out. What we do is an ultimate compilation of knowledge from various engineering streams and all our efforts are channeled towards building the most reliable, lightest and fastest car.

"Every component in our car is tuned to sing the song of speed in perfect harmony."

Formula Student: The Challenge

Formula Student is Europe’s most established educational engineering competition, organized by ImechE: Institution of Mechanical Engineers. The format of the event is such that it provides the students with an ideal opportunity to test, demonstrate and improve their capabilities to deliver a complex and integrated product in the demanding motorsports culture. Amongst the thousands of highly skilled engineers, we are ready to take on The Challenge.

"Formula student is raising the caliber of engineering that we see in Formula 1"

Paddy Lowe

CTO (William Martini racing)

But what are we really looking for?

We need vitamin M!

Everyone wishes to be amongst the stars, but very few are willing to take up the hardships. We want to land on the moon and take the stars along with us!

All we want to do is “create a dent in the formula universe” and wish to be noted amongst the greatest that have walked the track.

It’s the dedicated and hard-working students, the key ingredient and finally the support of our beloved donors: that makes us the winner.

Since the team's inception in 2011, we have consistently been ranking among the top 3 positions in all the events in the national circuit.


The year 2016 proved to be immensely successful for us since our efforts borne fruits at the international circuit in Formula Moscow 2016 where we were ranked 7th across the globe, our team being the sole team from the country to represent it at the international level. 

We secured an AIR-3 with many other achievements in SUPRA 2017.

Why crowdfunding?

“Alone we go faster together we soar higher” Crowdfunding is the most transparent platform for reaching out to greater masses and to support individuals like us. It is the integration of small elements that makes big victories and it is made possible by donors like you. Winning the most decorated title of Formula racing is a mammoth task, which can definitely be achieved with your support.

How will the money be used?

Rs. 55000 in Engine

Rs. 20000 in Composites

Rs. 55000 in Racing Tyres

Rs. 35000 in Logistics

What are the risks and challenges associated with your project?

The biggest risk we face despite the year-long hard work, sacrifices, and all the hardships we face, is not being rewarded and also losing the support and belief of our supporters, well wishers, and fans.
Your trust is our most valuable possession!

With the finances of a student team worth millions, another challenge we face is that of not being able to compete to our standards and expectations.

Despite many such hardships, challenges, and hazards, we focus on the positive, and are able to overcome all obstacles due to the strong foundation on which the team is built and our will to succeed.

Why should you believe me and why should you fund this project?

Winning is not just about achieving podium finish with gold, real victory lies in earning trust and making everyone a part of the celebration.
The amount of trust you put in us, is of paramount importance.
We are amongst you, from the same crowds as yours, we just have a hunger for victory that takes us to different paths.


Aditya Shah 

Team Captain

Mukul Bhagat


Amit Deshpande

Tech Team Manager

Manav Patel

Vehicle Dynamics Lead

Vishwajeet Holkar

Powertrain Lead

Anup Nimbalkar

Drivetrain Lead

Gaurav Kelkar

Electronics Lead

Suhrud Purohit

Brakes Lead



Vijay kumbhar

3 June, 2018

all the best


Neha Gupta

2 June, 2018

All the best !!


Rithwik Shinkar

2 June, 2018

Go, win that race!!!


Vikram Nagare

2 June, 2018

This is my 2 cents worth to provide your campaign a turbo boost across the fundraising target finish line. Live your dream folks! Godspeed...



2 June, 2018

All the Best, You all are getting gr8 success, Shilpa.


Tanmay Gadgil

2 June, 2018



Sadanand Patil

29 May, 2018

Hi Priya. Hope your Project will be a great success



27 May, 2018

All the best


anagha deshpande

26 May, 2018

Guys proud of wishes for your venture.grab the golden opportunity👍 keep it up!


Milind Jagtap

26 May, 2018

Wish you all the best!!


Kunal Manoj Giridhar

18 May, 2018

I am Chaitanya Giridhar's brother. I wish you good luck for the event..!!


M K Paul

20 April, 2018

Wish you all the best. Go and do it.