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About the project

Fund India's very quirky queer magazine - The Gaysi Zine.

What's the Gaysi Zine?

The Gaysi Zine, a queer themed magazine, was conceptualized by the founders of Gaysi Family. Gaysi Family was started as a blog ( in 2008, to provide a voice and a safe space to desis (people from the South Asian subcontinent) who identify as LGBTQ or Queer. What began as a simple idea of sharing stories about what it means to be gay and desi (thus, Gaysi!) has evolved into a space for an expression and dialogue about queer sensibilities in India. It is a platform to share opinions, activism, dreams, theories, confessions, and desires.

Why do you think this zine is important?

It is critical at this point that we understand what Queer means. Often, people understand that being queer means LGBT. But we must believe that being queer is a philosophy and a politics and a sensibility. And in order to expand these borders of queerness, and enable more people to relate to what it means to be queer, we launched a queer journal and magazine – The Gaysi Zine.

How'd The Gaysi Zine start off?

We released the first issue in 2011 to test waters and the feedback was overwhelming. We had printed only 200 copies from our pocket money and distributed the zine at free cost to people across India. In the following six months, we received emails from multiple people but what struck a chord was emails from Guwahati and Bangladesh asking for the next issue. That reconfirmed our theory that the online space continues to have its limitations and remain out of bounds to segments of our population. In order to explore what it means to be queer, we invited writings that capture the queer momentum in our regular lives. And that’s how the next issue came about. It celebrates queerness by breaking away from the queer label’s strict confines within the sexuality and gender vocabulary. It re-introduces queer as a more accessible concept – that of being more than just one thing, as being just a bit different and as being more about how one feels.

What do you aim to achieve through this project?

Through a print magazine such as the Gaysi Zine, we can reach out through offline spaces - institutions, libraries, bookstores and word-of-mouth social networks. Essentially the zine could become our way of connecting more people in the broader community to much needed stories and resources that explore what it means to be queer.

And now?

And now that the queer momentum has been witnessed, we are observing a timeline. A timeline that captures the evolving queer self! And this is the essence of our next issue. The Gaysi Zine issue 3 brings together photography essays, illustrations, words on hope, angst, queer politics, love, hunger, heartbreak, separation and ambiguity to its most primal form - the pages of a book, bringing forth the evolution of the queer lives in the last two decades.

Why crowdfunding?

We have proved ourselves in the past. You can see a preview of our earlier edition here. And can also read its review by The Hindu.

As per the consensus, 10.5% of the Indian population is LGBTQI. And this is just the number of people who are out and have embraced their orientation. Each one has a story. It is our stories that connect us to one another. To be able to bring about these stories in print is like writing queer history. Its maddening inspiring and we are passionate about it.

How will the money be used?

Rs. 70000 in Zine Printing

Rs. 30000 in Content Production

Rs. 40000 in Zine Promotional Expenses

Rs. 10000 in Logistics

What are the risks and challenges associated with your project?

In order to positions ourselves on the same level as all other globally available magazines, we have to ensure that our content and quality is up to the mark. Secondly, since the December judgement which reinstated Section 377, it is all the more essential for queer content to be published & accessable, which is what we are attempting with The Gaysi Zine.

What happens when I don't raise enough money?

It might delay the project but it won’t kill it. We may have to steal money from some bank and make-do until we recover parts of it after selling the zine. But we are not going to sit on this content. It is too good to be kept in the closet. These stories and imaginations deserve to be brought out in the open and celebrated.


How am I going to prove that I won't just take all the money and run away?

Gaysi Family has been involved & working with the LGBTQ community in India for almost 5 years. In the last two years, not only has our online presence (the blog) become stronger but we have also helped Queer support groups raise money via our offline events.

The team members involved in The Gaysi Zine project are part of several LGBTQ advocacy and sensitization programs in their individual capacity.

Gaysi Family and its team member’s continuous involvement in the desi-Queer community should be a strong enough reason for you to put your faith in us.



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