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    • 1 special invite to Bangalore Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2015 followed by a meet & greet with me
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    • I will be your personal stylist for a day and will help curate your closet
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    About the project

    Hi, I’m Nisha Natarajan, owner of Zariya. I am a self taught designer who quit her corporate job to follow her passion i.e. fashion designing. I started Zariya in Bangalore about 2 years back. I’ve been designing and creating exclusive custom made bridal and festive wear for women. I source my fabric from a unique and farmer-friendly organization called Microspin Machine Works. Incubated by IIT-Maredras, this organization has invented a microspinning machine, the first of its kind in the world where a farmer can enter the gates with a bale of cotton and walk out with a finished fabric. This fabric which has the look of linen and the comfort of pure natural cotton goes by the name Crafted Yarn™. The yarn has a characteristic “neppy” look with a semi-combed feel. These result in creating khadi-like and linen-like fabrics that are very soft, breathable and drape wonderfully.Our Crafted Yarn™ fabrics are grown, spun and woven entirely by people from agricultural background. It is naturally slubbed, in a manner different from mechanical slubs produced in the conventional industry.

    Bangalore Fashion Week

    I am very excited to launch my label at Bangalore Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2015, which is a huge and expensive milestone for me. This is why I have now decided to take my skills up by a notch by combining them with this cutting edge technology, to bring about a major change in the fashion industry and along with it give farmers a showcase at this prestigious fashion show. Thus begins my journey called, Farm to Fashion.

    Why natural fabrics?

    Being a designer, I have worked with a variety of fabrics to create exclusive bespoke bridal and festive wear for women. In addition to just silks and conventional fabrics that make an outfit festive wear, I wanted to introduce pure natural cotton in this segment.

    Livelihood for farmers made possible, thus Farm to Fashion.

    By the time the cotton reaches the end user, it undergoes 30-50 fold value addition, of which the farmer receives no share. We want to fill this gap and come up with an alternative source of income that farmers can rely upon. Our Crafted Yarn™ fabrics are grown, spun and woven entirely by people from agricultural background. When you purchase these garments, you are not just doing yourself a favour. The value that accrues to the farmer is 300% more than if he had just sold the cotton.

    So, who is the team behind all this?

    We have, of course, our highly trained team of farmers and their families who spin, weave and make sure the highest standard of quality is ensured during the entire process of making the fabrics. Then come the skilled craftsmen who have years of experience with various embroidery and surface techniques, spending hours to get the right designs. Our master-tailor along with his team work under my watchful eyes and get the perfect fit for the garments. I make sure the right kind of materials are used for the embroidery and stitching and oversee every single aspect that goes into making these garments.

    Why crowdfunding?

    This project, if successful, will not only help redefine conventional fashion trends but also help blend technology and agriculturally grown hand-woven fabrics with high-end fashion as we know it. The last two years have been overwhelming in terms of learning about new processes, fabrics and technology that can change the fashion industry. I want to launch an alternative line of clothing that looks beyond just silks and other cliché fabrics when it comes to festive wear. With your support I'm hoping to make this dream a reality.

    How will the money be used?

    Rs. 85000 in Registration fee at BFW

    Rs. 30000 in Fabric Production

    Rs. 40000 in Embroidery and Handwork

    Rs. 30000 in Stitching and Labeling

    Rs. 15000 in Marketing

    What are the risks and challenges associated with your project?

    According to me there are no big risks involved in the project. Challenges, are a part of any new journey and that’s what keeps us on our toes! These could be in the product development stage, marketing and finally gearing up for my debut on the fashion ramp.

    What happens when I don't raise enough money?

    I’m trying to be extremely optimistic here! However, in the worst case of not reaching our target amount of 2 lakhs in the stipulated time of 45 days, we would not receive any of the funds and it will be refunded back to the funders. This will only cause a further delay in our project, and will force to spend time looking for other alternatives. But will definitely not hamper our spirit!

    How am I going to prove that I won't just take all the money and run away?

    The show is scheduled to take place in the last week of July and that gives us very little time to get everything ready for the show. But don't you worry! Your contributions are in the right hands and we will make sure they are put to right use. You can always reach out to me at any point to know any updates on the project. Check out the Zariya page and buzz me. I will be more than happy to answer any of your queries.

    How am I going to plan the one day visit to our Microspinning unit at Buldhana?

    Once these rewards have been claimed, I will fix up convenient dates, in the month of August after the Bangalore Fashion Week and plan the trip for a group of 7-10 members at a time. Stay at the nearest 3 star hotel, local transfers from the hotel to the unit and back will be taken care of by us.

    How do I get the right size of Crafted Yarn shirt when i claim this reward?

    I get all your contact details when you claim the reward for shipping. I will personally get in touch with you to get the size details from you.



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