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About the project

Doronir Nirola Poja is an independent Assamese film that showcases the aspirations & struggles of people in many Indian small towns. The film has been shot against the picturesque backdrop of Assam. It traces a family’s journey from finally settling into a dream life to being pushed into facing all of their nightmares.

Synopsis of the film

Hiranya Barua, a private insurance employee, shifts with his family of four to a new town. With his son Aditya excelling in studies, daughter Prerna winning accolades in dance, and wife Manju deftly managing the household as always, he decides to settle here for good. His long cherished dream of giving his family a simple, honest and fulfilling life seems to be coming to fruition. Aditya, ambitious, practical and thus a little sceptical about his father’s dream, knows that life in this small town may not be that simple and future not that rosy. However, even he isn't prepared for what is yet to come for his family. With elements of myths, facts and facets from the serene land of Axom, Dooronir Nirola Poja, is a stoic reminder of the struggle within many small towns of India.

What is unique about the film's theme - Home & family?

While many films have touched upon home and family issues in Assamese cinema, very few have actually been attempted to depict life of a unique family – a family which is always on the move, desires to settle for good, have a Home and be an active participant in the society. Their eventual success or failure can also be ascribed to the existing society, as home and family are its fundamental unit.

The film also touches upon the issues of migration.
The inherent desire of the majority to remain in the comfort zone stifles the growth of some of its individuals thus forcing them to rush towards the overcrowded big cities. Thus, towns continue to remain complacent and sometimes regressive. This has its influence on the families there, and that needs to change for a better future.

Why am I doing this?

This story is close to my heart because it is inspired by true events. Many of the scenes and situations in the story are quite nostalgic and hold high personal significance. It's an honest effort by a passionate group of young filmmakers, this project offers something for all, be it the regional, national or international crowd.

How has the progress been so far?

The pre-production started in August 2014, following which we shot the Film over a schedule of around 35 days in various locations at Dhekiajuli Town and Tezpur. The principal photography is over and the edit completed. Just the Post-Production of sound and final output are left. These include:
1. Background Score
2. Production of 3 soulful songs 
3. Sound Design (Foley, etc)
4. Dubbing 
5. Sound Mixing (5.1 & Stereo Mix) 
6. Color Grading
7. Subtitling 
8. Final Output (Export Quicktime, DCP, etc)
The planning and scratch work has already been done for the above and we are quite ready to carry out with execution of the same.

How has the film been financed so far?

So far, I have put my entire savings in the film and have also taken a loan against my father's Provident Fund. I wanted to tell this story in a certain fashion. The desired treatment didn’t have a precedence in the Assamese cinema and thus didn’t catch the fancy of the regular producers. However, being familiar with the real life incidents depicted in the film, I was very clear about how the story needs to be told. Deciding not to compromise with the soul of the script, I went ahead with the shoot, putting all my savings into it.

Why crowdfunding?

I am an experienced professional in this field. As for my background, I have pursued a degree in Mass Communication along with a diploma in Animation & VFX. I moved to Mumbai in 2007 & started working for an Ad Agency as an Editor. Eventually, I started my own Production House 'Pixelray Films' & have been associated with Documentaries, Ad Films,Corporate Films, etc. Finally, since last year, I have been actively pursuing my filmmaking dream. Now, this dream gets the ultimate realization with Doronir Nirola Poja- a story that I have been dying to tell since a long time. 

How will the money be used?

Rs. 75000 in Dubbing

Rs. 150000 in BG Music & Production (3 songs)

Rs. 125000 in Sound Design & Mixing

Rs. 100000 in DI and VFX

Rs. 25000 in Subtitling

Rs. 25000 in Final Output

What are the risks and challenges associated with your project?

Our project won’t be deficient in any respect; rather the challenge lies in promotion and distribution channels. Due to various reasons, the exhibition spaces in Assam are relatively less than many of the regional counterparts, which by all means is the most pressing issue. However, due to fewer budgets entailed in our project and its inherent global appeal suited to Film Fest audiences worldwide, we are confident of taking up the challenge with your timely support.

What happens when I don't raise enough money?

Wishberry follows a strict ‘All or Nothing’ policy, which means if we fall short of the target funding amount by even a rupee, your contribution goes back to your kitty. So, we humbly request all our contributors to ensure DNP doesn’t have to face that situation.

How am I going to prove that I won't just take all the money and run away?

All of us who have been, directly or indirectly, involved with this film so far, have given our every last bit to the project, in terms of money, time and effort. DNP is like a child borne of our passion and pain. Hence, running away with your money is unthinkable for us. Still, all our details are out in public and we have ensured absolute transparency with everything that goes on with the project!


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