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  • Keep a photoframe ready because we will be sending you a signed photo of a refugee. When you flip it over, you will find his/her life lesson and the story behind it to brighten your day
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About the project

FUEL stands for: Forward the Understanding of Every Life Lesson. Through Project FUEL we collect life lessons from people of all ages and backgrounds around the world. The organization seeks to build a community of young adults who live, learn and share through real experiences in order to make meaningful psycho-social and emotional contribution to their own lives, and the society at large. The vision is to fill the need gap of advices and solutions using the human experience and by making each life count.

What is our project about?
In the third year of Project FUEL’s exclusive annual program, The Masterpiece Tour, we plan to take life lessons to people affected by recent migrant crisis - both refugees, and citizens of the countries that have provided asylum to them. We plan to travel to Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, France and Hungary for 100 days. Through an exchange of life lessons, we will not only document learnings that arise out of this experience but also share it with the rest of the world in an unbiased, non-judgmental and creative way. Last year, we travelled to Nepal post the earthquake and conducted workshops for over 800 Nepalese people.
What is the ultimate goal of this program?
The program will focus on the creation of a knowledge base to bring a twofold benefit. Firstly, to have people relate to someone, by tapping into our natural curiosity in the lives of others. Secondly, for a long-term understanding and analysis of experiences to navigate through challenges. It will also be crucial in bringing human-interest stories out of a statistical-quantified characteristic of the conflict. These stories will increase reliability to the problems and put people at the heart of the event. Most importantly, it will facilitate the understanding of the conflict from a human point of view. Understanding the application and need of life skills in times of conflict is another goal of the program. While it's nearly impossible to relate to "four million refugees", it is possible to understand the life of one. To do that, we must have enough learnings they have had from their situations to apply to our own circumstances. By exploring ways to not just "admire a problem", we will be able to send a powerful message of hope and that all pain is the same and relevant.
How is this relevant in today's world?
There are more than seven billion of us on Earth, and there will be no sustainable development if we cannot manage to live together. We must believe in it because it concerns all of us and because it encourages us to take action. Through the Masterpiece Tour, we will be able to facilitate an effective multicultural collaboration, which will get everyone to the table. Because most groups have some community-wide concerns, it's essential to get them to the same table, uneven or not, to emphasize common interests rather than differences.
How did we get the inspiration, about documenting life lessons of refugees?
In the process of helping people open up and reflect on testing times in their life, we have built and polished a beautiful approach- one that makes people feel safe and powerful when sharing and addressing their vulnerabilities. This humbling journey highlights that every person in the world is either seeking solutions or hope or validation in an unbiased, truthful and personal way. The more diverse the perspectives the more choices it presents, and appeals to the person in a unique manner. While every refugee's story is different and their anguish personal, they all share a common thread of uncommon courage – the courage not only to survive, but to persevere and rebuild their shattered lives. Therefore, we are determined to do this tour.

Why crowdfunding?

From the woman in Kathmandu, Nepal who lost her house to the devastating earthquake to the young girl in Kabul, Afghanistan who ran away to Iran after Taliban’s intervention in closing her school and the graduate student from Kohima, India shifting base to a new city for his first job— everyone is trying to find their place in an unfamiliar and uncertain environment. The struggle to hold on to one’s roots while accepting a new world is both humane and critical. 

The refugee crisis in Syria that forced nearly 4 million people to leave their homes and homeland, to find shelter in Europe, is a magnified view of the homelessness we all fear. It’s an extreme scenario that highlights what human beings can go through due to multiple reasons and overcome it despite the challenges at every step.

The refugees—those who survived—are mostly young and driven. They’re skilled and many of them are highly educated. The documentation and designing of their life lessons into interactive and performance-based model, which is easy to interpret and personalize, will help us develop the art of seeing us as more alike than unalike. 

How will the money be used?

Rs. 400000 in Equipment

Rs. 1000000 in Accommodation

Rs. 700000 in Travel

Rs. 400000 in F & B

Rs. 300000 in Admin

Rs. 200000 in Miscellaneous

What are the risks and challenges associated with your project?

The biggest challenge associated with the project is the scale of its execution. It demands proper planning, coordination and timed interaction with institutions, individuals, refugees and government bodies of five different countries over 100 days. But we have done extensive research over the last six months and have found reliable on-ground partners to help us achieve our goal of documenting the life lessons and passing them on. 

What happens when I don't raise enough money?

If we don't reach our target of 30 lakhs, within 40 days, then all the money goes back into your accounts, and we do not get to execute this tour. Thousands of refugees will not have an opportunity to voice and share their learnings.

We plan to leave in June and not raising the full amount will be a major setback for us. While we will not give up trying to raise funds, what's most important is for us to have you as an encourager, a supporter, and a collaborator, and for that, we need to reach our target. 

How am I going to prove that I won't just take all the money and run away?

We have been running this project for almost seven years now and have been listed as an innovation in education in the database of Centre for Education Innovations. We have been living this tour through our research and prep for more than six months now and to have it see the light of the day will give us the ultimate happiness.

Also, we are partnering with institutions and NGOs of more than five countries who are expecting our arrival for the documentation and workshops. There is no chance we can run away with the money assigned to the tour. 

So, what's your life lesson?

Take a moment to reflect and share your life lesson and what all it took for you to understand it. 

Now, think of four million people and what they would have learnt. As writer Mary Lou Kownacki rightly said, "Frankly, there isn’t anyone you couldn’t learn to love once you’ve heard their story."


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