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Mini Mercury

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Mars Medley

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● Get a download link to our entire soundtrack one day before the official release!
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Down To Earth

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● Get invited to one of our rehearsals! Come and jam with us.

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Saturn Surprise

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● Get invited to our next live performance this year. Bring a date along and enjoy the vibe!
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● Get an invite to an exclusive Pre-Launch Listening Party where we’ll play the songs from Before The Plunge!
● Get invited to a music masterclass, organized for all you crowdfunding supporters. (Outstation people can join us on Skype)

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Jupiter Jackpot

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● Get the Associate Producer title in the album credits.
● Get a chance to join us on stage after our performance!
● Get VIP access couple passes to any of our next 3 local gigs.
● Get a story booklet with pictures and short footnotes about our past performances and behind the stage scenes.
● Get invited for an evening of food and drinks with the band!

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About the project

We are a relatively new band in the Independent music scene and started our journey as a band in 2015 and since then we have been quite active in the performance circuit. We have been writing a lot of music together in this short period of time and been performing them live. 'Before the Plunge'  is an attempt to compile 5 of our most loved compositions into an E.P and reach to people who have been asking us 'Where can we find your music?' . The E.P consists of 5 tracks: - Close to my heart : A Pop-rock love ballad - Bombay- A bluesy track about a girl who reminds you of Good o'l Bombay. This track is written by Gaurav Parab (the author of Rustom and The last storyteller of Almora ) - Let the phase - A pop rock song about moving ahead - No fear only Love - A reggae country song about 'Who knows what's ahead in future, Live the present with love' - I can't have enough of you - Another song about madly being in love with a person.   Our Band consists of Kaushik, who is a vocalist and a producer with experience of more that 15 years in live performance, Rahul who is the bassist and a co-writer in the band been playing the bass for the last 7 years or so, Deepanjan our lead guitarist who has been playing for the last 10 years and Pruthvi a seasoned drummer who has been in the live scene for the most of his adulthood.

Below are some of our performance links:

Live Show-reel

Why crowdfunding?

Most of us are full time musicians and so to pump in all the money we earn from shows into the E.P wasn't really a feasible thing to do. That's where we thought of crowd funding not just as a way to fund our project but also a way to reach to as many people as possible and make them aware of what we are doing.

How will the money be used?

Rs. 10000 in Audio recording

Rs. 60000 in Music Video

Rs. 50000 in Audio Mixing and Mastering

What are the risks and challenges associated with your project?

To complete the project withing our target time of this year end and also be ready with the video.

Why should you believe me and why should you fund this project?

Independent Music industry in India lacks formidable number of backers or producers as compared the amount money being pumped into the more popular Bollywood music.It's a difficult journey for musicians who are trying to be creative while producing the music they believe in. And if you believe that we are creating something ,which tugs your heartstrings in some way then please support us and we wont disappoint you.


Kaushik Shukla


Rahul Chidambaram


Deepanjan Mallick


Pruthvi Raj Mangiri




Ipsa Khandagiri

26 November, 2017

Kaushik & gang, U folks rock!!!


Sandeep Patil

21 November, 2017

Wish you Luck Bhailog


Drashya Shukla

17 November, 2017

All the best Bro


Vani Subramaniam

14 November, 2017

Good luck you guys!


Santanu Patra

11 November, 2017

Many more miles to go.. all the best wishes


Chettiparambil sivaramakrishnan Subramanian

9 November, 2017

Great initiative. I wish you the best.


Sujoy Mondal

5 November, 2017

All the best Kaushik and the band! Make us proud!



4 November, 2017

Good luck Rahul , kaushik & the U I.. well done on staying true to who you guys are and what you represent and believe in... hope you make it .. !


Ramya Chidambaran

2 November, 2017

Good luck Rahul Mama! Lots of love from Zara, Ramya and Sreeku


Rasmi Chidambaran

2 November, 2017

All the best to all of you. Rahul ❤️



31 October, 2017

Wishing you all the very best, guys! Now, go kick some ass!


Sanket Mishra

31 October, 2017

Best of luck Babai Dada :)


Pranati Sahu

31 October, 2017

Good Luck from Ashish and Pranati! We're proud of you, Kaushik! Rock on!


Rahul Chidambaran

31 October, 2017

Let's do it man!!!