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About the project

This film touches upon the farmer suicide issue plaguing our country — But from a perspective of a little girl.


BABA - a Short Animated Film 

A daughter of a farmer who commits suicide due to mounting debt establishes a relationship with a scarecrow. She considers it to be her now-lost father (hence, the name BABA). What do these two characters do when they see another child in the same scenario?

Essential facts

  • India is an agrarian country with around 70% of its people depending directly or indirectly upon agriculture.
  • In the past 22 years, mounting debt has pushed an estimated 3.30 lakh farmers to take their own lives.
  • This film explores this theme through a young girl and her scarecrow.

 Why did I choose this topic for the film?


Another farmer commits suicide — reading this headline in the newspaper every other day had become a habit of mine since childhood. Years passed and technology gained tremendous boost, solving 'all' the problems human beings had ever faced. But this ONE problem remains — and, it continues to claim the lives of thousands of farmers each year.

It was in the second year of my Master’s degree program that I came across the website of "NAAM foundation" founded by Nana Patekar and Makarand Anaspure for the welfare of farmers in Maharashtra. Their work and dedication gave me the inspiration to research more about this topic, which gave me exposure to lots of other factors related to these unfortunate events. After six months of research through different mediums and interviews, I decided to write a script for an animated short film and hence began the preproduction for the same.

A little bit about myself


My name is Akshay Malotkar. I am currently pursuing my Master’s degree in Animation Film Design from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. BABA is an animated short film, which is also my final year degree project.

BABA is a film which looks at the topic such as farmer suicide through the eyes of a little girl. This opens a wide range of possibilities because what children perceive is mostly different from what we can ever imagine.

I want to spread a greater understanding for the problem of farmer suicides through this medium. Hopefully, together we can help them fight their plight, a little bit.

How much of the film is done and what is left?

The production for the film is almost done, but a large portion of post-production and complete sound design are pending.

Stills from my film

Why do you want to screen your film at Chitrakatha?

Chitrakatha is a huge stage for students from all around the globe to feature their work. No other platform in India provides screening for films which are specially made by students on an international scale. It is a great opportunity to get your film featured in front of the best animators and mentors in the industry and to get their valuable feedback. My film and its topic will get all the attention it deserves thanks to Chitrakatha and its collaboration with Wishberry!

Why crowdfunding?

Issues such as low funds cause a lot of obstacles in the completion of a project. Having invested so much time and energy in research, pre-production and production, it is very unfortunate for a filmmaker if he cannot complete his film just because of this one reason. My film still needs One lakh rupees in order to complete the post-production and sound design and I think crowdfunding is a great medium for any artist to communicate directly with viewers, which helps them complete their courtesy the contribution of people. I need funds to finish my film, and to be able to showcase it at Chitrakatha. I'm also hopeful that crowdfunding, word will spread and more people come forward to support Indian animation as a medium for communication of hard-hitting topics.

How will the money be used?

Rs. 20000 in Reasearch and pre porduction

Rs. 40000 in Sound design and studio charges

Rs. 22000 in Post-production

Rs. 7200 in 3 Guide visits from ahmedabad to mumbai

Rs. 2800 in Degree document charges

Rs. 8000 in Admin Cost

Why should you believe me and why should you fund this project?

My work has been selected by the National Institute of Design and Wishberry, so that I can have the opportunity to show it at Chitrakatha! I am dedicated to making sure that this film sees its right end and will not rest till that happens. The extensive research that has gone into the film and the development of of the story and rough animatics has all led me to believe that this movie deserves to be shown to everyone. You should fund this project to support my work, support Indian animation and to spread the word about the issue of farmers' suicide.

What are the risks and challenges associated with your project?

This remaining work needs professional help to complete if it is to be done maintaining the best of quality. The failure to secure funds will lead to poor outcome, and there is also the risk of the project remaining incomplete.

Chitrakatha, what's that all about?

Wishberry and National Institute of Design (NID) have come forward with this initiative — Script 2 Screen. It encourages animation in the country by making sure students can screen their films at Chitrakatha, a biennial, international festival where the best of the Industry come forward to celebrate and notice talent. We entered the competition and some of us were selected to raise funds via crowdfunding. Through this we will be able to finish our student films and showcase them at Chitrakatha. This is a huge platform for college students as well as those who’ve just finished college! We will be able to show our work to experts and gain so much exposure!

Future plans for the project?

Getting the best possible professional help to complete the pending work of the film and entering the film at film festivals around the world once it is complete.

Animation in India: Your thoughts

The animation industry in India faces a number of problems halting its growth. The primary concern is the lack of faith that is present when it comes to animation being a medium that communicate well across all age groups. This makes the path for animators and through festivals like Chitrakatha, which is being supported by Wishberry, everyone is able to witness the power of this wonderful medium! like us very difficult. However, one hopes that slowly, but surely,


Akshay Malotkar 





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