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About the project

Audition Room is a book about casting processes and auditioning techniques straight from the horse's mouth.

I'm Manoj Ramola, a casting director with about six years of experience via renowned production houses like Star TV, Disney, UTV Bindass, Endemol, etc. I am now writing this book to impart all the knowledge I have gained over the years.

What am I doing here?

Working as a casting director for the last six years I felt the need to make a tangible contribution to the industry. I decided to create something that will help actors understand the ambiguity of the casting profession in detail. My book will eliminate all misconceptions people have before appearing for an audition.

What motivated me to start writing this book?

There is huge information asymmetry between professional acting aspirants and the reality of entertainment industry. Such information asymmetry often results in frauds and exploitations. On many occasions actors ask innocent questions and due to the hectic schedule it is not always possible to answer their queries. And this very inofrmation gap was the motivation to write "Audition Room."

Why is this book the need of the hour in the world of casting and production?

While working as a casting director with different production houses, I often see better actors give bad auditions and average actors with better auditioning skills land up with the role. I have observed that most of the actors are not able to differentiate between acting and auditioning. Auditioning is like the marketing of your acting skills. I feel this book will illustrate the difference and help all aspirants.

What do I aim to achieve by publishing this book?

My objective behind this is quite simple. I want more and more actors to be professional and to understand auditioning techniques. Once they know the process of casting, it helps me spend less time dealing with non-professional actors and get the best choice for a certain character.

What are the contents of the book?

“Audition Room” is not only for newcomers, but also for relatively experienced actors. In the initial part of the book I have laid emphasis on explaining professional acting, keeping in mind new comers or dreamers. It will also tell them how they should avoid exploitation and fraudulent practices. The next part of the book focuses on understanding the mindset of a casting director. The third part of the book deals with the art of auditioning, which is the most important part of the casting process. This part covers basic as well as advanced concepts of auditioning techniques. In the final part of the book, I have covered topics like how to build a strong profile and how to nurture a network which will increase the chances of getting a dream role.

Why crowdfunding?

It is a Unique Book! There is no other book on casting and auditioning from an Indian film industry perspective. There is huge knowledge gap which no Indian book or blog fills or even tries to fulfill.

In this book, I have put all my knowledge I gained throughout the course of my career as a casting director.

I have also incorporated experiences of my directors, other casting directors and actors. And without your support, this book might not exist.

How will the money be used?

Rs. 55000 in Editing and Proof-reading

Rs. 10000 in Book Formatting

Rs. 60000 in Printing & Distribution

Rs. 25000 in Marketing

What are the risks and challenges associated with your project?

My biggest challenge is to give readers a good quality book within the budget constraints. Though I have given my best, content-wise, I hope the reader experience is great. I want to incorporate all possible doubts and questions about casting and auditioning. Another challenge is to successfully reach as many actors as I can!

What happens when I don't raise enough money?

There is a significant amount of money required in bringing this book to life. I have been working on this book since the last one year, mostly on my own and with help from a few friends. So, if I do not reach the crowdfunding target, this book might not see the light of day, my dream will go unrealised and precious time and resources will be lost.

How am I going to prove that I won't just take all the money and run away?

 I love casting! It is the only profession I know. If I do not fulfill my promise to the backers of this project, it will be the end of a career which is far more valuable to me than money.


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