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About the project

Join us in creating a unique musical documentary that amalgamates classic Tamil literature with a refreshingly new style of music, to narrate a story

What is this musical documentary about?

The central theme of this musical documentary is the most celebrated Tamil literary work, Thiruppugazh , which in our film, serves as a bridge that spans two different time periods. One of these is the era that takes us 600 years back in time to explore the life of Arunagiri, a great mystic saint and troubadour from Tamil Nadu who wrote this masterpiece, and the other is the contemporary period that relates to our journey to discover the essence and relevance of Thiruppugazh in these changing times. Our expressions of this understanding are manifested through the character of the 8 compositions that form part of this documentary.

These songs, featured as a live music concert in this documentary, are so arranged to unravel three storylines parallely – the mythological tales of Lord Muruga in whose praise these poems are written, the historical background of the poet himself and the contemporary period.
Why do we want to tell this story?

The eternal truth engraved in the lines of these poems and the relevance of its underlying unchanging philosophy despite changing times, were so compelling that they needed to be revealed and acclaimed through the medium of this musical documentary.

What’s unique about this project?

The narration of the stories through Thiruppugazh, in a new collaborative 'musical form' that brings together Indian and American artists from all streams of visual and performance arts is the USP of our project.

How do we plan to execute this project?

Being a musical documentary, the live music concert of the selected 8 poems, already produced and recorded at Boston with a 16-piece orchestra, will be the most essential component of the documentary.

The video shooting and recording at various temples and locations across Tamilnadu, relevant to the theme subject, will be the other component. Recording the traditional rendering of Thiruppugazh at these locations will also form part of the documentary.

Finally, post production activities of blending all the components will form the culmination process in the development of this musical documentary.

Who are we?

Poorvaa Productions is a registered sole proprietorship entity founded by Pradeep in 2014. The mission of Poorvaa is to create a platform that enables artists to strengthen the connections between all cultures and art forms. Poorvaa aims at exchanging ancient wisdom through music between different cultures. The current Poorvaa team comprises of Indian and American artists from all streams of visual and performance arts.

Why crowdfunding?

The creator this project, Pradeep, is a direct disciple of J Venkataraman, (Sangeet Natak Academy and Sangita Kala Acharya Award recepient), who is one of the authorities of Thiruppugazh. J Venkataraman’s profound knowledge of Thiruppugazh comes from an orthodox gurukula system where knowledge is passed on from one generation to the other through Guru-shishya relationship and can be traced back to many centuries, maybe to Arunagiri himself. Also, Pradeep has done deep research in the theme subject with the support and guidance of several other renowned scholars.

Our venture will be a result of the unique contributions of highly talented artists from the east and the west. We have already tasted success with similar collaborative ventures in our earlier projects- Yodhakaa and La Pongal.

How will the money be used?

Rs. 150000 in Video equipment

Rs. 700000 in Production costs

Rs. 150000 in Post production

What are the risks and challenges associated with your project?

Getting permission for temple shoot and blocking musicians months in advance for our Boston concert and rehearsals, posed great challenges for our team but we have been able to overcome these with meticulous planning. Since this project involves foreign collaboration and extensive field trips throughout the schooting schedule, catering for travel and stay expenses of the entire crew, has always been our biggest challenge. Another concern is the foreign crew getting accustomed to our Indian climate, food and lifestyle. 

What happens when I don't raise enough money?

As you may know, we will receive your funds only if we exceed or reach our goal within the stated deadline. The money will be returned to the contributors if the target is not reached. This will inhibit the production of our documentary and we will be compelled to postpone its release.

How am I going to prove that I won't just take all the money and run away?

Poorvaa Productions is a registered sole proprietorship that started in 2014. Pradeep, the founder of Poorvaa Productions, is a musician who has worked on several independent projects in the past like Yodhakaa and La Pongal, and also in several mainstream Tamil and Telugu feature films. has more details about Poorvaa Productions and the Poorvaa team.