YouTube's role in making your music career

Posted on 11 April, 2017 by Team Wishberry

YouTuber Vidya Vox completed her India tour recently. Lilly Singh aka Superwoman’s songs including the Cleanup Anthem and #Leh became raging hits. Shirley Setia made a name for herself after winning a competition organized by T-Series. Today, she has millions of subscribers on YouTube and a loyal fan following. Mumbai-based band Sanam found fame on YouTube, and today, perform all over the country. The list is long when it comes to musicians who made it big thanks to YouTube.

The Role of YouTube

YouTube has had a huge role to play in making the musical careers of many musicians over the past decade. Not only has it made careers, but also changed scenario. As can be seen with examples of Mumbai rappers Divine and Naezy, both of whom were discovered via YouTube when they began releasing homemade videos for their original songs. Their arrival gave the Indian hip-hop a new lease of life and people got over Honey Singh and the likes. Divine also scored a contract with record label Sony Music India.

So, what can you do? How does all of this happen? Is there a secret to the success of these YouTube stars? There isn’t a secret, but there is a pattern. Here is how it goes.

Good Quality Content: Audio

Whether it is covers or original songs that you are releasing, ensure that the recording is of the best quality. The video, though, can be basic and homemade but with interesting visuals if not with a plotline. People are going to latch on to your song more than anything else. Plus, there are way too many people uploading their music on YouTube so there is a fierce competition. The only thing that will have you stand out will be how good your song is. So concentrate on maintaining a high quality on that front.

Good Quality Content: Video

The quality of the video can be bettered once you have enough funds and enough subscribers. Since it is a visual medium, it is imperative to keep upgrading your video quality in terms of the content as well as its visual. Ensure a gripping visual line, which complements your song. A happy track should have bright and light-hearted video. Similarly, a darker song should have a dark video, of course. Basically, the themes should match. Engage the help of professionals and be involved in the process of coming up with the script — it is, after all your vision that is to be brought to life.

Social Media Strategy

This is a two-fold method and they work in tandem. To begin with, engage with your subscribers on a regular basis on YouTube. Start with small things such as saying ‘thank you’ in the comments section to all the people who cared to listen to your music. You can also launch small contests and giveaways so that peeps keep coming back to your channel. For example, Vidya Vox seeks suggestions from her subscribers on YouTube when it comes to choosing a song that she mashes up with another! It makes her fans feel like they are contributing to her work! Moreover, along with working on their YouTube channels, these musicians ensure a good outreach program on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Doing the same will help you gain more subscribers on YouTube and vice versa. That’s why you need to concentrate on social media channels, as well. That is where the mass is and that is where you will be able to communicate effectively with your followers.

These are the most basic things you will need to get on your YouTube journey. Once you nail these, you will see an overall growth and then you can proceed to moving to the intricate details of online marketing.

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