Young theatre directors making waves

Posted on 21 June, 2017 by Team Wishberry

Theatre has been, for the most part, driven by the younger talent in terms of bringing in a fresh perspective and changing it with newer ideas of execution, content, and other aspects. Some of this young directorial talent makes a markable difference and gives a new hope and vigour to the theatre movement everytime the cynics claim the art form is dying. The stage will always be livened by stalwarts-to-be, who will appear time and again, like incarnations to prove the cynics wrong.

Here is the current crop of directors who are making a positive dent in theatre with their flair, innovation and incredible determination to do the best.

Alok Rajwade

Alok Rajwade told us in an interview that he knew he would end up in theatre ever since his first experience with the art form back in school. He went to Brihan Maharashtra College of Commerce (BMCC) in Pune for college and his life took a huge flight towards his dreams. He began acting first and at the behest of his seniors, directed a play for an inter-college competition. He has been directing some kickass plays like Sindhu Sudhakar Rum aani Itar, Geli Ekvees Varsha, Binkamache Samvad and many others. His plays have been appreciated by theatre lovers and critics alike.

He is a torch-bearer in the Pune experimental theatre circuit, and truly a legend in the making considering his quick progress from an amateur to a truly loved thespian.

Vipul Mahagaonkar

Vipul Mahagaonkar has directed two of the best experimental plays currently running - Khidki and Pai Paishachi Goshta. Both adaptations, done in his own special way. Both absolutely poles apart in terms of content and execution and even emotions. That has given us an idea of how versatile this man is with his handling of plays. And he intends to take theatre to every nook and corner of the country, especially the inaccessible ones. With such talent and such a remarkable thought of taking the art form everywhere, he is easily one of the best that experimental theatre has.

Raghav Dutt

When he was 17, Raghav Dutt thought theatre only meant movie theatres. Right after that he came to Mumbai and discovered a world where he would go on to flourish. After working as a backstage help, then as an actor, this young man has moved on to direction. His two plays, Baawla and Parey, have shown the audience of how innovatively Dutt has been able to utilise symbolism in his plays. He is one of the hands holding the fire of theatre amongst the youth. With intricate stories, written by himself, mostly dealing with the youth and their lives, he has made relatability easier amongst the younger audience and has won over the older demographic with his skill as a director. We are truly awaiting some more gems from this young man in the near future.

Pritesh Sodha

A late bloomer, as some might call him, Pritesh Sodha left his corporate job at the age of 26, and dove into the ocean of theatre with dreams as big as a galaxy. After spending some time with street theatre, he moved on to work with Gujarati theatre legend, Manoj Shah. He has said in multiple interviews that he has learned everything he has practically, by observing and practising. His Gujarati horror play, Mancha, has also been done in Marathi named Tee, and is directed by Sodha himself. His other critically acclaimed plays include Made in America and Korat, both in Gujarati. He is one of the modern theatre directors who has had a share in changing the face of Gujarati theatre.

This is our list of young theatre directors creating a huge wave with their plays. Who all would you add?

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