4 Signs It's Time To Crowdfund Your Idea

Posted on 16 June, 2015 by Team Wishberry

You’ve heard about crowdfunding more often than you’d like to admit. Every now and then you’ve even been curious enough to find out what all the noise is all about. And then, it happens. You go from curious to amazed to excited. People ACTUALLY fund? (Yes, they do) The next thing you know, you’re already imagining yourself as a campaigner. You have an idea, but, how do you know you actually need the crowd- their time, efforts, support, money, everything? These are the telltale signs.

You need the money

That’s it. Plain and simple. You have your idea, you have started executing it, you have a prototype or a roadmap in place, you have that crazy fiery itch to make your idea a real thing. Now, the only thing that’s stopping it from coming to fruition is the money. You don’t want to go the investors, because you need the creative freedom. There’s only so much the parents can help. And how much are friends and relatives going to chip in? No, you need to cast a wider net. Who are you going to call? The crowd, of course.

You need validation

Anyone can get a thousand likes or more on Facebook or get it upvoted on a forum to a pedestal. But true validation, the most relevant and the only kind that matters, comes when people actually put their money on you. Because nothing makes it all realer than a bunch of people (who don’t even know you and probably never will) putting their money where their mouth is, for the sole reason that they love the idea and strongly believe it should exist. Plus, what better way to add credibility to your project, than through this?

You need to build a community

Independent artists in this country need this more than anything else ever. What and where are artists without the community that’s always got their backs? As a norm and convention defying individual, you are going to need strong loyalists- people who believe in you and root for you no matter what you do or where you are. These are the guys who’ll save all the publicity trouble for you by being your unofficial, unpaid ambassadors and promoters.
No matter how far technology and marketing strategies have gotten today, word of mouth is still the best and the most potent form of promotion.

Moreover, they’ll always be there to give you honest feedback, exchange ideas and keep you going, even when things look pretty haywire.

You do not intend to sell out

Here’s the harsh truth- those who are in it for the money, fame, glory and glamour, will find it. Unfortunately, often at the risk of giving up the very essence of their creation, or to put it bluntly as most people would- by going commercial. You, on the other hand, just want to create something beautiful- exactly the way you see it, instead of having someone else shove mandates down your throat. You want to stay true to your craft. Guess what? So do your fans. And gaining backing via community is the best way to do that. If you find yourself thinking about crowdfunding more often than you’d like to admit, then it’s about time you stopped thinking and started doing something. The crowd is waiting!

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