Why You Should Talk About Your Film Way Before Its Release

Posted on 2 January, 2017 by Team Wishberry

The norm may seem to start promoting a film only when you’re in the post-production stage. However, in almost every case in life, the early bird gets the worm. The same applies to starting the promotions of your film early on. Even the Suicide Squad’s first promo was released more than a whole year before its slated release! Here are a few reasons why the earlier you start talking about your upcoming film, the better it is.

It helps build anticipation

Starting early means getting plenty of time to innovate, get creative and hook people onto what you’re working on. Additionally, fans will also spread the word for you, leading to a snowball effect over time. You can implement various tactics and strategies to- a. create buzz and start engaging with fans about your upcoming film, b. get their email ids and further expand your database. Raja Sen - Why You Should Talk About Your Film Way Before Its Release

You get enough traction for your film to get big guys' attention

Once you have created the buzz in all the right circles, gotten a lot of traction over the course of time and have a database of fans to show, you have established in tangible ways that you and your film have an audience waiting for consumption. Paired with some brilliant execution, it’s what you need to get the attention of big players in the market. After all, a brilliant film concept paired with a proven or established demand base is just the formula for the studios to take heed of you.

You get to learn something new along the way

Promoting your film essentially involves talking to your fans and followers about your film on a regular basis. And talking to fans does not just mean talking, but also listening. You get honest feedback straight from those whom you’re making the film for. You get a fresh perspective and new ideas. Above all, you learn something new and interesting along the way, which will ALWAYS come in useful. Through all of this, your relationship with followers only gets stronger, therefore giving you a more loyal and active fanbase. Arvind Kelkar - Why You Should Talk About Your Film Way Before Its Release You don’t need a yearlong plan written in stone to start promoting early on (we know you don’t have the time for that!), but just making small efforts to update and talk about your film regularly- even the seemingly trivial details- will help you a long way!

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