Why Do Ridiculous Ideas Succeed?

Posted on 1 July, 2015 by Team Wishberry

crowdfunding campaigns If you've had your eyes on the crowdfunding scene for long enough, you might have found your jaw dropped to the floor on multiple occasions. Thanks to some of the most seemingly ridiculous campaigns not only succeeding at crowdfunding, but over-exceeding their targets by a landslide amount (read: The Potato Salad Project, The Menurkey, How Do I Land? and the like). Now if you've ever done crowdfunding for your own projects, we're sure you were staring at your computer screen in stunned silence which eventually snowballed into pure frustration bordering on madness at the sight of something like this succeeding. Like, WHY IS YOUR CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN SUCH A STRUGGLE? Calm down. Fan yourself. Breathe. Even though we're not one to take something lighthearted and turn it into a life-altering existential theory, plenty of gems can be gleaned from this crazy universe we call the cyberspace. We're here to break it down for you to six important factors.

The element of surprise i.e. your idea

  The secret to anything memorable is the element of surprise.
You've always laughed harder at a joke when you did not see that punch line coming.

You go "Holy Hell" at a book with the plot twist of the century. The same goes with a crowdfunding campaign. It may be ridiculous, but it's fresh as a cucumber. The newer the perspective (if not the idea), the more attention you're likely to get.  

The Honesty

  Of late, it seems to us that nothing gets to the crowds the way honesty does. Be honest about what your project is, what you plan to do with the money and why you are really crowdfunding. Like the Potato Salad guy said, "Basically, I'm just making potato salad. I haven't decided what kind yet." Why wouldn't you want to help an honest guy out?  

The Cool factor

  Of course we all want to look cooler on social media no matter how far from the truth one may be in real life. You will obviously love your project with all your heart and soul. But it won't hurt to take a step back, shift perspectives and think: "If someone else was doing this, would I want to be associated with it?" If there's anything the people of the internet love, it's bragging rights to having had something to do with something really cool/witty/hilarious.  

Realistic goals

  People know. They always know. They can do the math to make sense of whether your target amount is actually justified. Setting realistic goals not only adds more credibility to your campaign, but also makes sure you're not breaking out in hives over the prospect of a failed campaign.  

The fun element

  When you’re having fun with your project, it's going to show. You'll have a fun pitch video, fun rewards, fun messaging, which will- a) make you look like a fun person, b) keep your crowd hooked. Because, everyone wants to be friends with the guy who's fun at parties. (It is worth noting that we used the word 'fun' in each sentence. Just goes to prove how important this is.)  

The Connect with supporters

  You're not a robot or a shady person running a campaign from the dark recesses of a dilapidated building that makes dogs howl and children scream.
You are a good person (yes, you are!), and there are people who want to help you make your dreams come true!

Talk to them. Build your community of friends, well-wishers and supporters. Make them happy. Give out some really thoughtful rewards- a mix of fun, customized and things that actually take efforts. Make people like you and believe in you. The rest will fall into place. In closing, we'd just like to say- people will always put their money where their beliefs are (even if it's a ridiculous belief. Who are any of us to judge?), and while your product might be ingenious, how you package it is more often than not, crucial too!

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