Why It's Important For A Musician To Keep In Touch With Their Backers

Posted on 8 February, 2016 by Team Wishberry

Why-It's-Important-For-A-Musician-To-Keep-In-Touch Once you’ve crowdfunded for your dream music project successfully, you’re sure to get busy with bringing the project to life, among other things. However, don’t make the mistake that most people from all around the world do – forgetting to keep in touch with all those who made your crowdfunding campaign a success.  But, in reality, keeping in touch with those who put their money on you is one of the most important tasks post the crowdfunding campaign. Here’s why.

Transparency lends you brownie points

In a time when it’s so easy to con people, your fans have put their faith and money in you. Therefore, you owe it to them to explain all about what happens after you’ve gotten the money, when they can expect to see your album or that tour, what hiccups you’ve been facing along the way, etc. Moreover, because your fans are now your backers, they’re going to keep an eye on you all the time. So, be honest, even if there are delays. Any communication is better than cold, dead, silence.

It goes a long way in building and strengthening your community

Crowdfunding, if done well, will transform strangers into fans and fans into super-fans. You’ve not only got your audience in one place, but you also got them to fund you. Continue maintaining a relationship with them instead of just thanking them for the support and moving on. These are the guys who will pre-buy your music, line up for your gigs and shout out from the rooftops about you. They will also rally funds and support once again, if and when you need it – only if you give them the love and respect they deserve. For an independent artist, a strong and active community is nothing less than a superpower.

What you do reflects on the scene

One small step for an independent artist, one giant leap for the independent music scene. The experience you offer your fans and backers during your crowdfunding campaign, will set a precedent for other artists too! Think about it – if you do it well, other artists will follow suit and emulate you. But, if you somehow mess things up and leave a bitter aftertaste for your backers, they might think twice before supporting another artist. What you do, reflects on the scene too.

Having explained why you should keep in touch with your backers, here are a few things you can communicate regularly:

- Every step of progress your project makes - If you've promised something, you cannot deliver; acknowledge it, apologise for it and find an alternative that’s equally appealing - Ask for feedback and suggestions! Backers who offer feedback are rare. Wondering how you’re going to do all of this? Check out some of our ideas: 6 Fun Ways To Stay In Touch With Your Backers)

What not to do?

Number one would be taking the spam vam thank you ma’am route! You’ve already mastered the art of communicating; that’s how you succeeded at crowdfunding in the first place. Staying in touch doesn’t work when you don’t PERSONALISE your method of communication. Number two, over-promising and under-delivering. If you promised an album launch in two months’ time, make sure you’re there a month in advance. If there are delays, communicate the same. Making backers impatient won’t increase anticipation, it will only frustrate them. Come through on your promises. Finally, asking for feedback and not incorporating it without justifying the same. Got more questions? Ask away!

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