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Posted on 26 October, 2015 by Team Wishberry

back film projects Whether you’re considering crowdfunding to raise funds for your next independent film or want to understand how other indie filmmakers managed to do it successfully, one basic factor that will clear thing for you is WHY people fund films. What is it that drives people to put their hard-earned money on a film that will probably never be a commercial success? We boiled it all down to three reasons why people support crowdfunding for films.

They love the film’s idea

As one of our regular funders Sembian Vijaykumar says, “Any campaign that catches my interest, it’s mainly because I am attracted to its core idea and objective”.’ Passion for an idea is the most common ground with any funder. A lovely example of this is Punyakoti, a Sanskrit animatics film based on a South Indian folktale that went on to raise Rs. 41 lakhs from 282 funders.  80% of the money came from total strangers, who funded the film purely out of love for the Sanskrit language!  

They want to support the scene

Melanie LeForestier is a French researcher whose current study is Indian Independent cinema. Additionally, she’s also a consistent funder of indie film crowdfunding projects on Wishberry. She says, “I really like helping people develop their own projects, even on a small scale. Plus, I’m a movie buff and there are so many talented indie filmmakers who deserve the support and attention - I can’t help it!” Sometimes it really is that simple. People understand the struggle and challenges that independent filmmakers have to go through simply to tell the world their story. It doesn’t matter to them whether they know you or if you are the next big thing in town, people just want the indie film to flourish.  

They think you are credible at what you do

Before you even start crowdfunding, it’s important to create a good social reputation. It’s important for you to garner people’s trust in your passion. How do you do that? Start a Facebook page or use your own Facebook profile, put updates about your work, even your past work, share your opinions and thoughts about your idea, ask people questions or for their opinions on your idea, get people talking about it! More importantly, this is how your friends, fans and supporters will find out about your crowdfunding project. That should do it. Learn more about why people fund film crowdfunding projects straight from a repeat backer at our panel discussion on film crowdfunding at Jio MAMI 2015 on 4th November, 4.p.m at Citi Mall, Andheri! Sign up to book your seat! [gravityform id="16" title="false" description="false"]

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