Why Crowdfunding Is A Great Way To Get Feedback and Improve Your Idea

Posted on 26 October, 2015 by Team Wishberry

EC 7 Whether you are making a film, music album or comic book, feedback from people is crucial, unless of course, you’re a narcissistic, cooped-up-in-his-own-glory kind of an artist, filmmaker or musician! But you need to find the relevant audience to get feedback from as you cannot be listening to anyone and everyone. Crowdfunding gives you an opportunity to not just raise funds but also feedback from the people who have funded you and you can trust their opinions.

You get feedback from people who matter

These are people who have taken the effort to spend 5 minutes on your crowdfunding campaign page, go through the payment process and contribute those 500-2500 rupees or more, when they could have perhaps bought themselves something of utility with that some money. But they chose to back you. What better an audience to trust with opinions right? Here is your market, right in front of you. Here is the opportunity to talk to them and closely gauge their behavior. You really don’t need to go anywhere else.  

You learn to communicate your idea better

People today have short attention spans. So you literally have 2-5 mins max to get their attention on say, Facebook. In this time, you cannot afford to write long, boring statuses explaining your idea, and you need to sum up your idea in max 5 sentences, or 140 characters if you’re on Twitter. The more you write and get people’s reactions via shares, comments, likes, retweets, the more you will know if they are understanding your idea. Less no. of likes or retweets about your idea, means no one is really understanding what you’re doing and why. Take this as an opportunity to improve your communication.

People take you more seriously

The ability to ask people for honest feedback takes courage. Not everyone can do that. In an ideal world, we’d love if people could keep their opinions to themselves. But when you open yourself up to public opinion, people respect you more and take you seriously.

Crowdfunding leads to collaborations

Someone out there could have that one tweak that could make your idea much better than it already is. Or, it could just be with how you’re running your crowdfunding campaign. It could also help with filling a skill need you may have. For instance, you may not be a pro at marketing, so you’re winging it as you go. But what if someone in the lot you’re talking to is? If they love what you’re doing and you’re open to it, this could be the start of something new. All said and done, what’s also crucial is finding the right balance between your vision and what the audience will accept.. The way you handle the crowdfunding feedback alone can teach you so much about idea testing and communication.

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