Why college students should try crowdfunding at least once before they graduate

Posted on 15 February, 2016 by Team Wishberry

Why-College-Students-Should-Try-Their-Hand-At After working with my fair share of student teams on Wishberry and seeing them all cross the finish line with flying colours, I’ve come to strongly believe that crowdfunding whilst you are in University is a great bet! I mean, think about it. In many ways crowdfunding is that final exam you prepare for. Sharpen those PR skills instead of your pencils, erase out any traces of shame, rehearse your pitch video script instead of going over the periodic table and break a leg! I’ve compiled a list of reasons as to why students are capable of being straight-A crowdfunding campaigners.

Your team is right here! No need to assemble the Army

You can’t run a crowdfunding campaign alone! One cannot underplay how essential it is to have your team in one accessible location when you have a mammoth task such as raising funds for your dream project at hand. Luckily for you, your college is a watering hole of diverse talents. Where else are you going to find a drama queen, a photographer, a genius marketer and an accountant, all under one roof? That too for free! Plus, isn’t college all about getting different personalities under one umbrella and doing something crazy?

You have a ready toolbox!

Take advantage of the sea of amenities you have at your disposal. The college auditorium is perfect for having that large scale discussion with your faculty, peers and team. The campus is perfect to shoot promotional videos and conduct activities. You get to stick your campaign posters for free, EVERYWHERE. Word spreads like wildfire without much effort. Trust me, in the big bad world, getting eyeballs and ad space is not cheap.

When else? It’s the best time to test the waters

When else will you be as ballsy, as creative, maybe even as foolish, than now? You’ll be cut a lot of slack even if you do fail. And if you succeed, well, your genius has been attested for, even before you step out into the real world. Plus, people will support you not only because they know that you basically sustain on Maggi, but also because you’ve taken the initiative to go the extra mile for a project you believe in. Who wouldn’t want to be associated with that?

You get to sharpen those entrepreneurial skills

Honestly, running a crowdfunding campaign is like running a small business. You need to have a team covering every aspect of regular business, like accounts, marketing, management, product designing and building, etc. You need to be good at strategy and willing to take risks. But, you also need to be patient and ready to hustle it out when things don’t go as planned. It’s an awesome boot camp for your future career endeavours.

You have a hidden goldmine – your alumni!  

If you’re worried that no one’s going to fund you, don’t worry. You know, who your knight in shining armor will be? The very successful, nostalgic and equally enthusiastic alumni from your college. We have seen a constant trend of students’ alumni associations coming forward to support new student teams for a variety of reasons, most of which include: they want to see their Alma Mater do well, they love how enthusiastic you are, or they know what it feels like to be young and enterprising over cutting chai. Need funds to kick ass at that competition or build the most memorable college festival ever? You know what to do. Happy Funding!  

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