Why Co-Working With Wishberry Will Benefit Your Start-up?

Posted on 23 April, 2016 by Team Wishberry


The journey of an entrepreneur is often quite tricky and loaded with negative vibes and isolation. On top of it all, being a founder is tough, it sucks the life right out of you, and working out of your cramped bedroom office all day can be extremely discouraging. A good way of guaranteeing productivity every single day, is renting a fancy co-working space.

Why co-working?

To save them monies! Office spaces in general are pretty damn expensive, especially in major cities like Mumbai. Plus you don’t have to bother about decorating the space up, investing in tables, chairs, fancy décor and let’s just not get started on the bills – electricity, internet, rent and so on. Also, co-working spaces tend to offer a whole range of facilities, amenities, introduction to new services and daily interaction with like-minded, talented people which give rise to a rich learning atmosphere that simply uplifts you to work harder to reach your goal. Note: Not all co-working spaces offer an interesting vibe, so be sure to check them out before you sign anything.

Why Wishberry?

For starters, Wishberry is India's largest crowdfunding platform for creative projects, spanning across genres such as film, music, comics, apps, theatre, dance, design etc. The company just oozes of creativity and awesomeness.

Amenities apart from the desk space, chair and drawers include freshly brewed coffee/tea, a pantry full of snacks - healthy (baked munchies) and un-healthy (Maggie, Oreos, Chunkies, fried munchies); internet with a 50 Mbps speed, printer, an office boy with a never fading smile for running errands and a dart board to vent that frustration away.


Railway Station: 1.7 km from Vile Parle Station, approx 7 min.
Metro Station: 1.5 km from Western Express Highway Station, approx 9 min.
Airport: 2.6 km from Domestic Airport, approx 12 min.

Here’s what our existing co-working connections have to say:


 We’re looking for entrepreneurs who are working in pairs or in groups of 4. And, here are the pricing details along with terms and conditions. Cost: Rs. 15k+14.5% service tax per cabin per month (min. 1 month) Office hours: Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.; Saturday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.


- No meeting room available, but a table with 4 chairs in the cafeteria can be used for internal meetings
- No usage of the office address anywhere official such as email, visiting cards, etc.
- If there are any extra people who come to work with you for a day then you will need to pay the per day cost for the same
- No personal usage of the internet for downloading movies/shows, etc.
For further inquiries call: 8451888300

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