What's Cooking In The South Indian Independent Music Scene

Posted on 25 January, 2016 by Team Wishberry

After covering a whole list of crazy talented indie artists playing in regional dialects from the South of India, we decided to put together a definitive list of all independent bands from down south. Here's a heat map of the most active cities in the Southern states of India: Heatmap (1)  


  1. The Raghu Dixit Project

    Genre:Contemporary Folk Language: Kannada/Hindi City: Bangalore
  2. Swarathma

    Genre:Folk Rock Fusion Language: Kannada/English/Hindi City: Bangalore
  3. Thermal and a Quarter

    Genre:  Indie Rock Language: English City: Bangalore
  4. Agam

    Genre: Carnatic Rock Language: Kannada City: Bangalore
  5. Suraj Mani & The Tattva Trip

    Genre:Acoustic Rock Poetry Language: English City: Bangalore
  6. All The Fat Children

    Genre: Fat Rock  Language: English City: Bangalore
  7. Inner Sanctum

    Genre:Metal Language: English City: Bangalore
  8. Kryptos

    Genre: Old School Metal Language:  English City: Bangalore
  9. Live Banned

    Genre:Mass Music Language:  English City: Bangalore
  10. Galeej Gurus

    Genre: Grunge/Rock/Alt/Funk Language: English City: Bangalore
  11. Bevar Sea

    Genre:Stoner/Doom Metal Language: English City: Bangalore
  12. Mad Orange Fireworks

    Genre: Rock Language:  English City: Bangalore
  13. Solder

    Genre:Feel Good/Rock Language: English City:  Bangalore
  14. Distortion Culture

    Genre:Rock/Metal Language: English City: Bangalore
  15. Mystik Vibes

    Genre:Country Language: English City: Bangalore
  16. Chronic Blues Circus

    Genre:Blues Language: English City:  Hoskote
  17. Prodigal Return

    Genre: Rock/Metal Language: English City: Bangalore
  18. Drone From The Turbine

    Genre: Transcendental Language: English City: Bangalore
  19. Shades Of Autumn

    Genre:Rock n Roll/Country/Blues Language: English City: Bangalore
  20. Clown With A Frown

    Genre:Pop/Funk/Disco Language: English City: Bangalore
  21. Peepal Tree

    Genre:Pop Rock/ Funk Language: Hindi/Kannada City: Bangalore
  22. The Preeti Pillai Project

    Genre: Alt/Pop Language: Kannada City: Bangalore
  23. Mahesh and the Mix

    Genre: Acoustic Rock/Blues/Folk Language:English City: Bangalore

Andhra Pradesh

  1. The Black Sheep

    Genre:Rock n Roll/ Reggae & Commercial Language: English City: Hyderabad
  2. The Tapes

    Genre:Post Grunge Language: English City: Hyderabad
  3. The Tapeloop Page

    Genre:Free Language: English City: Hyderabad
  4. AlterEgoz

    Genre:Rock Language: English/Telugu City: Hyderabad
  5. Leenus Livingstone

    Genre:Rock/Heavy Metal Language: English City: Hyderabad
  6. The Upper Basement

    Genre: Rock Language: English City: Hyderabad
  7. Microtone

    Genre:Alt Rock Language: English City: Hyderabad

Tamil Nadu

  1. The F16’s

    Genre:Alt/Dance/Rock Language: English City: Chennai
  2. Junkyard Groove

    Genre: Alt/ Funk/ Rock Language: English City: Chennai
  3. Namma Ooru Boy Band

    Genre: Pop Language: Tamil/English City: Chennai
  4. Karthick Iyer Live

    Genre:Indo Soul Language: English/Tamil City: Chennai
  5. Skrat

    Genre:Hard Rock Language: English/Tamil City: Chennai
  6. Escher’s Knot

    Genre:Post Thrash/Death Metal Language: English City: Chennai
  7. Jhanu

    Genre: Rock  Language:Tamil City: Chennai
  8. Adam & The Fish Eyed Poets

    Genre:Rock n’ Roll/ Alt Rock Language: English City: Chennai
  9. FunktuaTion

    Genre:Funk Rock/Alt Language: English City: Chennai
  10. Tails On Fire

    Genre:Alt Rock Language: English City: Chennai
  11. Grey Shack

    Genre:Rock n’ Roll/Blues/Hard Rock Language: English City: Chennai
  12. Sean Roldan & Friends

    Genre:Funk/Blues/Indian Language: Tamil City: Chennai
  13. Anthony In Party

    Genre:Folk Language: Tamil City: Tanjore
  14. Blues Conscience

    Genre:Blues/Rock Language: English City: Chennai
  15. The Captains Of Hook

    Genre:Rock Language: English City: Chennai
  16. Trojan Horse

    Genre:Metal Language: English City: Chennai
  17. Public Issue

    Genre:Prog Funk Language: English City: Chennai
  18. Circuit

    Genre:Blues/Electro Language: English City: Chennai
  19. Jack, Johnnie and the Ol’ Monk

    Genre:Urban Acoustic Language: English City: Chennai
  20. The Shakey Rays

    Genre:Postman Pop Language: English City: Chennai
  21. Groove #3

    Genre:Jazz/World Language: English City: Chennai
  22. Little Babooshka’s Grind

    Genre: Alt/Rock  Language:English City: Chennai
  23. The Nagore Boys

    Genre:Sufi/Devotional Language: Urdu/Tamil City: Nagore


  1. Thaikkudam Bridge

    Genre:Carnatic Rock Language: Malayalam City: Kochi
  2. Avial

    Genre:Alt Rock Language: Malayalam City: Trivandrum
  3. Baiju Dharmajan

    Genre:Carnatic Rock Language: English City: Kochi
  4. The Down Troddence

    Genre:Groove/Folk Metal Language: English City: Kannur
  5. Job Kurian Collective

    Genre: Classical Language: Malayalam City: Elleppey
  6. Masala Coffee

    Genre: Folk/Rock Language: Malayalam/English City: Kerala
  7. Vidwan

    Genre:Folk/Electronica Language: Malayalam/English City: Trivandrum
  8. Black Letters

    Genre: Alt Rock Language: English City: Kochi
  9. Thakara

    Genre: Alt/Rock/Pop/Folk Language: Malayalam City: Ernakulam
  10. Prayaan

    Genre:Classical/Pop/Rock Language: Malayalam City: Palakkad
  11. Motherjane

    Genre:Carnatic Rock Language: English City: Kochi
  12. Rocazaurus

    Genre:Metal/Rock Language: English City: Kochi
  13. Pathayam

    Genre:Psychedelia/Trance/Groove Language: Malayalam City: Trivandrum
  14. The Wooden Sheild

    Genre:Percussion Language: None City: Ernakulam
  15. Azazeel

    Genre: Metal Language: Malayalam/English City: Thrissur
  16. Bennet And The Band

    Genre:Alt/Folk Language: Malayalam City: Calicut
  17. Oorali

    Genre:Reggae/Theatrical Language: Malayalam City: Kerala
  18. Vethalaam

    Genre: Folk Language: Malayalam City: Kochi
  19. Njeralathu Harigovindan

    Genre:Folk Language: Malayalam City: Malappuram
  20. Traffic Block

    Genre: Alt Rock Language: English City: Kochi
  21. 4th Hue

    Genre:Alt/Psychedelic Language: English City: Kochi
  22. When Chai Met Toast

    Genre:Happy Language: English City: Kochi
  23. The Backwater Blues

    Genre:Raga Blues/Rock 'n' Roll/Psy Blues Language: English City: Alleppey
  24. Soulz

    Genre: Classical/Experimental/Fusion Language: Hindi City: Ernakulam
  25. Kolam

    Genre:Rock Language: Mayalam City: Trivandrum
  26. Naranath

    Genre: Alt/Rock Language: Malayalam City: Kochi
  27. Tricotri

    Genre: Experimental Rock Language: Hindi/English City: Kollam
  28. Asima

    Genre:World Music Language: Malayalam/Hindi City: Trivandrum
  29. Frijo’s Not Yet Jazz

    Genre: Experimental Jazz  Language:English City: Thrissur
  30. Charles Anthony

    Genre:Alt Rock/Pop/Blues Language: English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Mexican, Russian, African, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew, Sinhala, Indonesian and Malaysian City: Kochi
  31. Dasan & Vijayan

    Genre:Covers/Ballads Language: Malayalam City: Kochi


  1. Krishna’s Temple Rock

    Genre: Improvised Carnatic  Language:None(Sargam) City: Pondicherry
We are certain that there are many more bands who belong to be a part of this list. Do tell us all about them in the comments below.  

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