3 Things To Do After You've Achieved Crowdfunding Success

Posted on 3 August, 2015 by Team Wishberry

EC16 First of all, take a few minutes off and do your happy dance. You made it! After all the struggle and the rush to raise the money within the deadline, here you are. Hurray! Go ahead, pop the bubbly- you’ve earned the celebration. Soon, however, the party will end, and you’ll be pushed back into business again. Not that we want to rain over your parade, but your crowdfunding campaign work still isn’t over. You may want to get started on your project right away, but hey, don’t forget your crowdfunding campaign altogether. Let us walk you through your brand new checklist post crowdfunding success. First, re-group and put everything into perspective. This should be done irrespective of whether your campaign fails or succeeds. You’ll be surprised at how much crowdfunding can teach a person- it’s a crash course in entrepreneurship, multi-tasking and surviving under pressure. Not to mention learning how to shamelessly ask for help and support because you need something done.
Understand. Evaluate. Incorporate. It may just give your work ethic a pretty cool upgrade.
Second, find the right people for your next step. The time to don too many hats at the same time is probably over. Identify the gaps in your project and find the right people to fill them. Most campaigners already have a team in place to take things forward. However, in case you need your favourite cinematographer or a whole new team of designers to handle your product design, now is the time to set the ball rolling. Third, go back to your funders. The crowdfunding campaign may be over, but trust us, your journey with your backers never really ends, and you shouldn’t ever let it end. Get in touch with each of them. Thank them (once again), update them on your next immediate few steps.
Basically, just keep in touch and let your funders know you haven’t disappeared with the money.
Moreover, backers are the ones who’ll be your early adopters. So, you have to put in extra work in turning them into your very own advocates! Fourth, get the rewards in place! Do not slack or procrastinate over this! In a rewards-based crowdfunding campaign, the only return backers get is the extreme satisfaction of supporting a great idea and the very cool rewards they are going to get. Update them about this as well- right from when you’re making the rewards to shipping them out. It’s bound to get backers hooked onto you even more! While you may find yourself being extremely busy trying to bring your project to life, but make time and space for the above mentioned things, and you’ll be reaping its benefits for the longest time!

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