What Should Artists Be Doing On Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn?

Posted on 9 September, 2015 by Team Wishberry

MH 4 If you want yourself and your work to get noticed, it is crucial that you make some noise on social media. But, which platform should one pick out-of-the-sea of social media platforms available? How differently should one use all these new age marketing tools? Is updating them regularly important? Woof! Well, we’ve taken 3 of the most popular social media platforms and broken its usage down for you. So let’s take a look at what Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn can be used for.


Being just 140 characters, tweets are quick and easy to write! However, a tweet lives for hardly a couple of hours. So here timing is much more important than any other social networking site. There is no set solution to get all your tweets noticed, but these pointers will help you go about it:
  • #GetNoticed with hashtags. When you use a hashtag that's trending, you have a better chance of getting engagement from people who aren't your followers.
  • Be direct and simply add a call to action! Eg: Download, Retweet, Follow, and Reply.
  • Attractive visuals always stand out. Brownie points for Gifs and Vine videos.
  • Be a playa, after all twitter is all about showing off your personality while being witty.
  • Chatter is good, but keep it to a maximum of 4-5 tweets a day!


Insta is predominantly a mobile app, and you know visual representation is always good – it helps put a face to your work. The platform gives people a sense that you’re being transparent about yourself. But first, make sure that you have enough visual content to share. It could be anything- your work desk, quotes of the icons you look up to, team parties, the gadgets you use, etc. Share images that you’d want to be associated with.
  • Instagram uses hashtags, which makes content super easy to search.
  • Share experiences! Replace a post with a dialogue or short story.
  • Find beauty everywhere. Show how you see the world, make what you do meaningful to people.
  • Inspire people to capture life like you do, by creating a hashtag.


LinkedIn is your all time virtual resume. You have to keep it updated. Period. Unlike Twitter, people on LinkedIn are interested in your work. Posting your content on LinkedIn, will not only help you build a good portfolio, but also create a possibility for sales. It is a social platform dedicated to professionals; hence the market is very niche.
  • Rich media works. Spread awareness of your work with concise, attention grabbing headlines and visuals.
  • The start and end of a work day is the best time to post.
  • LinkedIn Analytics provides stats on the most engaging posts, demographics of followers, and performance of competitor brands' pages.
There are numerous social media platforms to pick from. Take one step at a time and spend quality time marketing through them.

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