5 Simple Tips On Making A Crowdfunding Pitch Video That Gets You Moolah!

Posted on 28 January, 2015 by Team Wishberry

Crowdfunding Campaign
In a pitch video, apart from showing snippets and cool bits about your project, you will also talk about how much you’ve done so far, why you need the money, what is most unique about this project and why people should fund it. The challenge? Packing all of this into a video of less than three minutes and make it as aesthetically pleasing and engaging as possible. But, no need to freak out or drop the idea of crowdfunding already. We’ve listed a few tips that’ll help you make a perfectly sellable pitch video.

Less talking, more showing

Everyone appreciates the fact that there is an actual human behind the project and not some shady unknown spammer. After all, who doesn’t want to know where they are putting their money? Plus, not everyone enjoys reading, especially in the internet-triggered monumentally low attention span age of today. Also, it’s much effective to show people what your project can do. A video just promotes higher transparency and effective communication- both of which are crucial in crowdfunding.

Make them feel things

No, you don’t have to make them cry! If you’re working on a horror movie, scare them. If it’s a funny comic book, leave them in splits, if it’s a banger of a music album, then leave them grooving until the end. Your pitch video is effective only as long as you’ve made people feel something strongly enough to contribute to your project. So, let the sincerity, excitement and even the fun and hilarity around this project show in front of the camera!

Eyes on the quality

You don’t need high-end camera and professional filmmaking skills to make an epic pitch video. But what you do need is creativity and enough quality to not make viewers cringe. An interesting and well-made pitch video immediately sets the tone for the project as a whole.

Enlist help

Testimonials from people who’ve been a part of your earlier works, bytes from your team members about why they are a part of your project, and people vouching for you and your work in the pitch video, makes it easier for potential backers to trust you.

Keep it short, silly

Think of your pitch video as the first line of engagement, since it is the first thing visitors will see on your campaign page. If the pitch video fails to hold the viewers’ attention or hit them emotionally, they won’t waste an extra second before shutting the page and moving on with their lives. Given the pace at which content moves on the internet, you have to move quickly. Hook their interest in the first 30 seconds and sell your idea in the next two minutes! For more awesome pitch videos, check out our list of crazy crowdfunding pitch videos from around the world! There’s a pretty good reason why projects with a pitch video are 35% likelier to achieve crowdfunding success compared to those without one! So, don’t doubt this little 2-minute magic trick. Just go for it!

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