What Happens When Law Meets Comics?

Posted on 31 July, 2015 by Team Wishberry

10850001_748747471872568_6316966955975455262_n Lawtoons is a first of its kind comic book based on Indian laws, designed to simplify understanding important Indian laws for kids. Conceived by sisters Kanan and Kelly Dhru in collaboration with National Institution of Design (NID), they crowdfunded for India’s first of its kind comic book in June 2014! More than a year later, they bring us up to speed on everything- right from the crowdfunding experience to what they’re up to now. Check out their pitch video HERE!  

What made you go for crowdfunding?

We always wanted to try making a comic on law for kids! When we spoke to the director of National Institute of Design, he was keen to get involved. We got very excited - as a collaboration with NID would be so fabulous! He said that the designer from NID will require honorarium as a part of this project. We were wondering how we will obtain funding for this idea and thought of crowdfunding!  

What kind of preparation did you do before you launched your crowdfunding campaign?

We took careful measures in making our campaign video! We reached out to people through social media, started uploading interesting posts regarding the project and got the momentum going.    


How difficult was it to get people to contribute?

Getting the word out was mainly done through social media and through reaching out to our networks. The moment we launched the campaign, the same day we were able to raise around 25% funding - which was so encouraging! Thereafter, to maintain the momentum was some work – we had to get the word out to secondary networks, and reach out to the right media portals, which actually proved to be very helpful.  

If you had to crowdfund again, what would you do differently?

Next time around, we would make sure we have more offline events - as that would help create a lot of buzz even online, as well as strengthen our network of supporters!  

A word of advice for creators who want to go for crowdfunding?

Make your campaign full of visuals - they go a long way! Plus, research the communities where you can get the word out and reach out to them without hesitation. 11209487_838320186248629_4080538903996419183_n

What has Lawtoons' impact been on the real world?

Lawtoons has excited NGOs from around 5 to 6 different countries and we are hoping to make the comics available internationally. We are now working with different children’s rights NGOs and reaching thousands of kids across villages of Gujarat through our cartoons.  

What are you up to now? 

We are currently working on making the entire compendium on fundamental rights as a part of Lawtoons and are really excited about it. Curious to know how you can raise funds for your next comic like how Kanan & Kelly did? Just submit your details below and we will teach you how you can crowdfund successfully! [gravityform id="14" title="false" description="false"]

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