What Is A Crowdfunding Campaign Page and What Goes Into It?

Posted on 17 June, 2015 by Team Wishberry

crowdfunding campaign
Running a crowdfunding campaign is actually pretty much the same as marketing a product, except here you also build a community of people who actually care about your idea. And it all starts with your campaign page. That’s where all the action’s at. So, what exactly is a campaign page? Is it a Facebook fan page? A website? What goes into it? We’ll answer it all. A campaign page is the page where potential backers and curious cats will see what your crowdfunding campaign is all about. It’s the one stop spot for people to learn everything that there is about you, what you are doing and why you’re doing. Now, down to the specifics, here’s what goes into it.

About section

In this section, you give a brief about your idea. What is it all about? Why you think this idea deserves to see the light of the day? What motivated you to do it? How will this change the current scene in your genre? This section paired with your pitch video should give visitors a very clear idea on what you are all about.


No, this will not involve selfies and abstract motivational posters. The gallery section is where you put up pictures that show a prototype about your product/project, work in progress pictures and the like.

Pitch video

Not many fully understand it, but this is THE most important part of your whole campaign. You may argue, your idea is genius enough to carry the whole campaign on its shoulders WITHOUT a pitch video. But, honestly, the closest people will get to feel your idea and connect with it is when they see it. Not through images, but through a good video.
Well, there’s a reason that campaigns with a good pitch video are twice more likely to succeed than those without one.


Here’s the other extremely important part of your campaign- the rewards. Rewards are what you’re going to give backers in exchange for their funding. So, you have to make sure that the rewards are cool, fun, tempting and budget friendly. And no, you can’t simply choose to give them a percentage of the money.


Because who doesn’t want to see the great minds behind an idea they love! It’s absolutely important for people to know that there’s a human and a hardworking team attached to a project, and that it’s not some fly by night scam they might be falling prey to. Moreover, this is the perfect space to show everyone you are the right people to do what you’re doing.


Well, you can’t just wake up and say you need a truckload of money and expect people to hand it to you.
Remember, crowdfunding is all about transparency.

You have to show a breakup of the total funds you’re raising and how you’re going to use it. This will also help you maintain clarity and set a realistic target amount.

Frequently Asked Questions

For the sake of transparency, which is the cornerstone of crowdfunding, there are some questions- doubts that people are most likely to raise before they put their money on your project. And you have to answer them as honestly as possible. A lot of people think (and we honestly can’t blame them) that crowdfunding is all about going on a website posting their project and BOOM- campaign funded. If only, it worked that way. A campaign page is the packaging and the bow. Make it look good!

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