What Are Comic Book Trailers? And Why Should Artists Consider Making One?

Posted on 7 April, 2017 by Team Wishberry

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Comics and graphic novels are so heavy on the visuals that it seems like the most obvious suggestion that every graphic novel should have its own trailer. And why not? If movies based on comics can have their own trailers, then why should comic books themselves not have one!
To get you started, let’s look at some basic aspects of a graphic novel trailer.

What is a graphic novel trailer?

You add motion and sound to the existing visuals, to create a video representation of your comic book. In a way, comic book trailers are not too different from that of films in that you have to sell your story in the most interesting way possible and within a short span of time so that the reader actually buys your book.  

But why does a comic book need a trailer?

Why not? It’s an amazingly innovative way to create buzz for your work. “A trailer for a graphic novel?” “What’s it going to be like?” “What does it have?” “How did you make it? Wow.” These are just some of the questions that’ll pop up in your potential audience’s mind when they see or hear about your trailer. And if nicely done, it is bound to get people excited and talking, eventually making it viral. Additionally, it’s a quick way to get people’s attention and convey your message.  

So what does a graphic novel trailer look like?

Here are a few examples: This one’s a trailer for the graphic novel for Aghori by Holy Cow Entertainment. Worth noting is that the trailer relies solely on graphics from the novel, along with gripping music and text.

If graphics and stills from the book are not something you want to use, and think that actual footage would work, then take notes from Odayan’s live action trailer!

Among trailers for international graphic novels and comics, you should look at the following absolutely contrasting (in style and theme) trailers! This one’s for the popular web-comic Poorly Drawn Lines’ book by the same name:

Comic Trailers- PDL

And this hard hitting French trailer is for a graphic novel called Noah:

What are the qualities of a good trailer?

  • The most important thing to remember is that the trailer needs to be as close to the graphic novel as possible, thematically as well as in the subject it’s covering
  • It has to have a good balance of storytelling and surprise to actually get the viewer all excited about the book
  • It needn’t be  high on production value, but it needs to be tightly packed, short and hold the viewer’s attention
  • It tells the viewer to do next. In this case it would lead to a preorder link. Additionally, it will also mention where to go for more updates (Facebook, YouTube channel, blog, etc.)
So, what do you think? Pretty cool, right? Next time you’re thinking of creating and publishing your graphic novel, you might want to try this out!

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