Want to make your own music? Use crowdfunding as a marketing tool

Posted on 21 March, 2017 by Team Wishberry

Marketing is communication at its core — Communication which leads to recall and an affection towards your brand. In this case, your band.

Crowdfunding gives you an elevated marketing strategy without you having to think about it much. Your communication is more funding-oriented, yes. But there are newer guests knocking on your music’s door, and so is a whole new media.

Here are a few things that crowdfunding does to your marketing.

Stronger bond with fans

Crowdfunding requires you to consistently communicate with your fans — right from making them aware of your campaign before it launches, till the time you release your album or music video. Such regularity in communication has your fans updated, happy and makes them feel like they're a part of it. And they are, since they contribute a major portion of your funding.

An inclusive treatment like that will have them be more affectionate towards you and that strengthens your bond with your fans.


For many patrons, crowdfunding platforms have sort of become a secondary source of seeking and procuring art. They constantly scour through platforms, fund projects and become patrons for an artist while getting their work in return.

The other group you reach is when your network of family, friends and fans share your campaign in their own, individual circles. It doesn't matter whether they have funded you or not. People tend to share a campaign for music, more than the music itself, out of love for the musician.

This helps you reach a variety of interlinked networks and a variety of people, thus, increasing your fan base by a large extent.

You become more organised

You will most probably be crowdfunding while you are perfecting songs for the album. A crowdfunding campaign might seem like easy and little work, but that isn’t the case. A lot goes into making a crowdfunding campaign successful. From constantly communicating with people to a good social media strategy, and talking to journalists to get press coverage to managing your own constant stress about how and when you will achieve your target, there are a lot of things to take care of — All this while you are working on your music. 
But, this is a good thing. You end up managing things and doing them well. Organisation becomes a key aspect of your life.

You become more responsible with your communication

There is a whole new audience, new contacts made with mainstream journalists, and that brings in a certain responsibility with what you do. There are people awaiting your release, and you ensure you communicate it to them. You become more responsible with the dates you announce and you make sure everyone knows. Your social media presence becomes better due to that and so does your overall marketing strategy with emailers and other forms of communication.

Do you think crowdfunding helps in more ways than this? Do let us know in the comments.

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