Vasuda Sharma talks about the importance of Creative Collaborations

Posted on 23 October, 2015 by Team Wishberry

Image Courtesy: Prashin Jagger
Two or more ridiculously talented music artists coming together to create something epic is one of our favourite things to see! We also think that collaborations are an amazing way to not only continue to innovate and experiment with music but also enrich the community and bring it closer. With this in mind, we spoke to the sprightly and amazing Vasuda Sharma whose crowdfunded album Attuned Spirits featured over thirty musicians from around the world!   You’ve regularly joined forces with different musicians, bands and projects- what pushes you to do it? I have always enjoyed working with musicians who Iconnect with.It's very important to be on the same wavelength, especially when one is collaborating. I am very open to new ideas, when it comes from musicians I appreciate and admire. So, the collaboration part becomes that much easy and exciting. My crowdfunded album - Attuned Spirits featured over thirty musicians from different parts of the world.It was amazing because despite language barriers,they were in sync with each other and the music.What they brought to the table actually gave the album its unique sound.Since then I believe the right kind of collaborations,can take any music to the next level and it is extremely important to strive for better.   How important, according to you, are collaborations for any artist? I feel for artists to grow and evolve, collaborations are very important. It helps you learn so much from each other. It helps open up one's mind to different ideas and approaches to create music.More importantly, it helps musicians become better listeners and be more adaptive to each other. All of this eventually leads to building a cohesive community.
  You’ve worked with artists like Anusha Mani, Madari Mudgal, AditiIyer and Zoya. How, do you think, can artists collaborate in a way that there’s no overshadowing and everyone benefits from the process? The greatest benefit of collaboration is that it helps both artists expand their fan base. When one artist collaborates with another,they also share their listeners and audience.A lot of people discover new artist that collaborates with an artist they have already been following. So, it has to be done in a way that every artist involved gets equal footing in the project and has substantial contribution to the project. You obviously have to share the spotlight- which is great! It's a great way to mutually benefit from such collaborations! 11269103_870876776317362_8720789198336866257_n What's your advice for fellow artists when it comes to empowering each other and supporting the scene? The scene is already growing over the last few years.And a lot of collaborations are happening between different artists.An artist would have a certain reach and following on social media but collaborating with other artists maximises chances of building fan base and reach out to more audience.So, I would definitely encourage more and more artists to work on shared projects. It would not only help us grow as musicians but help build a strong community who support and empower each other and grow together. So we all shine together.

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